Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Reborned Wings

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Kira Yamato Wallpaper

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

hmm... what to say? maybe you can say this is the improved version of my previous Kira wall....well...so little differences...but hope u'll like it.

Any feedbacks and critics are welcome and appreciated.

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  1. audeaya Jun 27, 2005

    kira I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD
    lacus is so lucky !!!! it's unfair (It's a joke!)
    Kira is cool with freedom on the background!
    really good job Rai1e :)

  2. kira18 Jun 27, 2005

    Huh? there is another previous version of this wallpaper? I didn't notice though... XD nvm, this wallpaper looks quite good. Although, I think you maybe can change the look of this Kira.... He looks so sorrow here.... Makes me feel uncomfortable lol! >.< Well, just jkjk. Great wall.

  3. yo-chanbokura Jun 27, 2005

    Good job raichie!! nice bg color. really fit with kira n freedom, nice effects n nice extraction also!

  4. Elvandro Jun 27, 2005

    look like u trick the riffle again
    you always can make good background and yeah good wallp ^_^ ganbate ;)

    hoi yo no chara bashing here, or i will send you a yuri pic.

  5. Spystreak Retired Moderator Jun 27, 2005

    Cool. That's just so frickin awesome I don't where to begin. I'm speechless. >.<

  6. gundamknight Jun 27, 2005

    The colors are blended really well. This is some of your best work. Keep it up :)!

  7. Asuka27 Jun 27, 2005

    What a cool wallie you have, Keep it up BRO! And thanx for ur comment for my wallie too^^. I hope I can make nice wallie like you did ^___^

  8. kouta84 Jun 27, 2005

    wooooowwww kira i like it nicepicture thanks for a pic ^^ , keep it up ^^

  9. F6Thunder Jun 27, 2005

    I love it. It's a very nice image, and ... one HUGE SFreedom O_O Where did you get that image? Keep it up ^^

  10. Athrun Jun 27, 2005

    Nice. The scan of the Kira quality is kinda whacked, but other than that, this is an A-ok wall. Too bad it's not Kira in his pilot suit instead of the Orb uniform...

  11. 3deqi Jun 27, 2005

    Nice cut of the Freedom. Did it lost its shield or what, there is a flash at the place ? Maybe Shinn destroyed it :)

  12. ayane-heine Jun 28, 2005

    XD another gundam wallie from you..
    this time is kira.. ^^
    nice wallie there.. :D kira in that uniform is pretty new to me.. :)

  13. chibi-lizard Jun 28, 2005

    ooo ... kira looking cool XD

    aahhh .. nothing much to say .. just that i think kira somewhat looks a lil dark .. especially his hair .. maybe because of overlay or contrast .. ^_^'

    anyway .. good job .. keep it up :)

  14. Coordinator Jun 28, 2005

    Hi there Rai ^_^
    Your new wallpaper looks sooo great :D, I consider it your the best work ;D, even though I dislike Kira :D.

    Take care my friend ^_^

  15. Gundam1 Jun 29, 2005

    yea this wall is cool....... i like keras jacket and how you put his gundam in the background........

  16. Itsumo Jun 29, 2005

    OMG. ITZ MY loverboy IN YET another wallpaper!!!! I LOVE YOU FOR doing THIS ...AHAHAHAHAHHAA...hez with his new gundam...*dances* *dances* now he can beat shin *dances* dances* i am nuts *dances* *dances*

  17. kuchikidesert Jun 29, 2005

    wew.. it's difficult for me to crop the gundam.. the colour also nice.. good job ^^

  18. newtype2010 Banned Member Jun 29, 2005

    kira is the best the picture is not beautiful but kira gives it that beauty

  19. anakaneh Jun 30, 2005

    well, the idea was nice. the color pick is great. i just think that the gundam picture is a bit "rough". agak kasar gitu. mungkiin perlu di-touch pake blur dulu apa semacamnya biar tambah keren. but in all, it's great.

  20. cerena Jun 30, 2005

    dah ada kemajuan nih hahahahaha

    the bg is so nice n verysuit to kira n the gundam ^^ u did a good job here n yeah i will fav it. hope ya make the more exciting one hahahahaha

  21. Deen Jul 02, 2005

    No matter, although this wallpaper is your improving from your previous wall, because i see the impressive blue effect... hihihi.. you are really gundam fans.

    Quote by Elvandro
    hoi yo no chara bashing here, or i will send you a yuri pic.

    bah... maniac ^^

  22. Diabound00 Jul 05, 2005

    This wally is done very good. Although it looks a bit simple I really like it, especially with this background.

  23. kikutamaster Jul 05, 2005

    Yea! luv your wallpaper...looks sooo cool!!! kira is also cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nicce wall!

  24. Mavrick Jul 05, 2005

    you done it . You truly show how kira tier from fight. You also stronge the new freedom will be. Cool - keep up the work

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