Neon Genesis Evangelion Wallpaper: Evangelion: Deiner toten Seele..

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rei Ayanami, Vector Art Wallpaper

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Since the thumbs didn't work yesterday, I submit it today. It's been a long time since I made a wp xD
Did I say that I love Neon Genesis Evangelion? Actually I haven't watched the end yet, so if you spoil something, I'll throw you into this Red Hot Chili (c) soup Rei is sitting in. Nah, not really. Well I thought it was time for a new Evangelion wallpaper, the fourth already, after I watched the fourth high quality DVD with crappy German dub. It's not crappy though, just the names sound so weird... Anyway I chose a manga cover from chapter 65 of Sadamoto-sensei's NGE version. I colored it in some kinda vector style, but don't dare to say it's a vector. You know what'll happen then, don't you?

I'll eventually turn into a vampire, if I don't stop making bloody wallpapers. But blood is easier than water. And with this light I didn't need to make any shadows. The spear is some kind of imagination or hallucination. I mean if you wonder about the smudged end. That's why there are White Shadows (c). Let's see... what else? I thank anybody who clicked on this wallpaper and left a comment with(out) a favorite. I won't write in each and every guestbook anymore because then I'll keel the server by opening many userpages.

The title is German again. I chose this language because it's the easiest for me and because of the word 'Seele', one organization in NGE. The title 'Deiner toten Seele Innerstes' is more formal German and means 'the inside of your dead soul'. The title below is a lyric by Our Lady Peace - If you believe. And the white shadows were inspired by Coldplay's song White Shadows from the new album X&Y.

The black/white scan is here: http://uchiki.de/ko/forum/eva65cov.gif
More resolutions can be found at Yina's and my wallpaper site: www.uchiki.de

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  1. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jun 26, 2005

    Whoa this is great, wish i can spoil you with the ending but no... ill just leave you panicking. Anway the wall is gorgeuos since blood is thicker that water! For the most part i thought it was shattered glass whcich would be cool but its just long, wires or strings with lots of blood dripping which is more deadlier! XD Rei is beautifully made into the scne, plus the text! And the spear of Longinus is always the killer icon in there as well.... Great job Chibi and you will love the music "Ode the joy" cos its the music of death and destruction! hahahaha! XD

  2. tian82 Jun 26, 2005

    Great job !!!! Nice and great !!! Awesome work !!! Thank for sharing !!

  3. Mizu-kun Jun 26, 2005

    I'm sorry that I have to write in German, but this makes it easier for me to put my opinion into words.

    Hmm, wirklich gut gemacht...ich kann so was nicht (auch wenn das kein Kritikpunkt ist ;) )
    Aber: Rei's Gesichtsausdruck wirkt meiner Meinung nach ein wenig komisch, genauso wie die Longinus-Lanze...na ja, ich kanns verschmerzen.

    Off-topic: Ist die Longinus-Lanze nicht viel groesser? Warum wird die oft so klein dargestellt?

    PS: Ich mag die deutsche Synchro auch nicht sonderlich... >_<

  4. FALH Jun 26, 2005

    hmm when i saw my notification with one of submition by you, u know im gonna watch a wall very good : and is it !!!!!
    well good blood effect, very good work on Rei...awsome bg...all lookin good and fav of course

  5. Yina Jun 26, 2005

    I really like the German title.. XD German is the best language ever... XD
    great job on the "vector"... how you ppl can make vectors only by having a manga scan??? X_X the blood needs more depth.. and different kind of red colours.. otherwise the bloody ground looks great.. also like the idea with the many threads ^^ +fav

  6. Skillzpay Jun 26, 2005

    Great job on vectoring Rei, considering what you had to work with from the original image. She looks a bit too sharp in a couple of places but no biggie. The pool of blood was a great idea...kind of looks like she's in a trapped room with the blood continuously just rising. I especially like the thick dripping blood from the wires, it looks incredible. Great job on this one!

  7. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Jun 26, 2005

    >< chibiiiiiness, why ish yu so damn talented? go sho shoo shoooo away. x3
    i love the string effect and rei looks so damn awesome.

    go go goo chibinesss .. <33

  8. bromithia Retired Moderator Jun 26, 2005

    First, great job recoloring and tracing the scan. It looks awesome. Some of the lines are rough, but they aren't that noticible. I love the backround as well! Overall this wallpaper is probably one of your better ones. I think I'm going to use it! :) Anyway... keep up the good work!

  9. rocknroll-isgo Jun 26, 2005

    Good Lord this is wonderful. You really did an excellent job with the blood. The vector is beautiful as well --- I particularly like the contrast between the colors on her suit with the background.

    Going straight to my desktop. ;)

  10. jibaro2000 Banned Member Jun 27, 2005

    I can said only this, Eva Rules! Anyway, although this pic is not original, the background is, so it gives new live to the art, so, for originality I give it 4 stars. Hehehehe.

  11. halcyonTwilight Jun 27, 2005

    Whoa...and i thought the dumpster behind the butcher shop was bloody O_O Pretty realistic there...i was freaking out fer a moment when i downloaded the wall cuz i thought somehow my screen got covered with blood XD Anyways, awesome work...i can't help but to fav this wall ^_^

  12. Raiyne Jun 27, 2005

    Very nice wallie of Rei. :D Love the vector of Rei and the bloody background with the lance of longinus. Good job. :)

  13. FlowerDog Jun 28, 2005

    Such beautiful quality! :o Truly like the bloodly mood of your wallpaper, Chibikko-sama. :) The BG you have created for Rei is extremely excellent and matched very well with her. Like always, you have an awesome style in creating your wallpapers. Truly creative and enjoyable to see. :)

  14. Keishu Jun 28, 2005

    Aww~ >_<" wieso bemerk ich jetzt dein neuen Walli auf MT -_- *sich latsch* *o* *comment abgebn wollt* *ja schon auf Uchiki gesehn hat*:
    I wouldn't complain if you continue with bloody walls xD *adores your dark/mysterious walls* <+~ and I also think they are more difficult to make.
    Great job with the scan! Great vector and color ^_^~ and the idea is also varied and good.
    The blood looks fantastic (the details are awesome) and I love those black strings *o*~ *pokes* how they surround her - deadly xD~
    .. and the German title fits very well (better than an english title would) ^_^.
    Your walls are always a fave for me, you're very talented.

  15. Frosty Jun 29, 2005

    hmm.. not bad at all chibikko. ^^
    i like how the overall look of this one. bI like the coloring job too. *saw the manga scan* @_@
    the bg is somewhat well I guess it fits the mood of the image well so I wouldnt complain much other then hmm.. bloody. XD

    Quote by chibikkoI'll eventually turn into a vampire, if I don't stop making bloody wallpapers....

    haha too late... ROFLx... XP lol.. *runs*
    nice work kko ^_^
    *9.45 and Grade AA* +fav for a bloody good looking wallie

  16. caihaogyh Aug 04, 2005

    Rei in this picture seems to be from the 64 stage of manga "eva" .

  17. 0virus Aug 07, 2005

    is a cute wall of rei.

  18. Rapsodia Aug 14, 2005

    otra imagen mas q agrego a mis favoritos, muy buena calidad y detalle en la mirada , en resumen me encanta felicitaciones...

  19. MADSUSLIK Jan 27, 2009

    Thank for sharing! Awesome work!

  20. arky1012 Oct 13, 2009


  21. network19 Mar 21, 2010

    Thank you very much for the upload.

  22. Shunrai Apr 24, 2010

    this nice a simple i like it

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