Tenjou Tenge Wallpaper: vintage queen

Oh! Great, Tenjou Tenge, Maya Natsume Wallpaper
Oh! Great Mangaka Tenjou Tenge Series Maya Natsume Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

there was a problem yesterday so here we go again...
yeah; latest wall. This was a busy one thx to cleaning.
This is Natsume Maya from Tenjho Tenge. I have this scan for such a long time and feel shame about myself not doing a wall with this. It's so awesome..but need some work.
I had to crop the antenna like hair on the front. looks better this way. I tried to catch the lighting as much as I can with the bg.
At first I couldn't decide between grunge and a scenery bg; eventually this is the result.
I am in a weird mood in these days so I always end up with warm colors somehow...like the warm feeling though XD
Anyways...17 layers with some bothersome cleaning. (grrr...I hate cleaning..in every aspect XD)
hope u like it all...
ohh and one thing. The title comes from a song. I was listening goldfinger - "vintage queen" and nothing came to my mind...so there u go ^^

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  1. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jun 26, 2005

    Great attempt on this wall. If you want the scan to blend, why not try putting an overlayed noise filter or grunge textures to match it all out because from my perspective the wall needs lots of blending but the cleaning is nice. All you need is to blend the image and bg together then this will be great...Keep it up man!...though i love the cloud formation! :)

  2. FutureGirlie Jun 26, 2005

    Nice, wallpaper fits the character, colors match very well. I like the clouds and the feeling like there is a wind... very nice... gotta fave this one *Faves* xD

  3. chi4ever Jun 26, 2005

    very cool..i can't even blend and i think it looks better this way...and well i can't say anything else but +fav and good luck on cleanup in the future...grr i hate it too so time consuming

  4. Maija Jun 26, 2005

    OH.....this is wery beautifull....I like the chara....and the bg @_@ ...amazing...excelent work!!! XD

  5. bbls Jun 26, 2005

    ooooohhhh....i really like the background scenery in this one and the overall brownish/orangish colors. the scan seems to stick out too much, though. but the clouds are a very nice touch to the mood of your wall because they look really ominous and threatening. :D

  6. K3ntaro Jun 26, 2005

    wah..totally cool and beautiful
    i like the background scenery and the scan...adding it to my favs straight away^^

  7. Raiyne Jun 26, 2005

    Very nice. :D I love the autumn theme of the wallie. The character goes well together with the background. Good job.

  8. Rella Jun 26, 2005

    The scene looks really nice and the scan too. The colors are awesome. The clouds rock. Good work!

  9. lapuk Jun 26, 2005

    cool wall dude,,the wall is gorgeous..but i think its not that balanced, a lil more cloud formation on theleft side would have been better, personal opinion.. still a gorgeous grungy feel wall..

  10. snowflakez Jun 26, 2005

    wowie. i like e warm bg colours. as well ^^ but at e bottom, its like a contrast cuz e back is soo dark and she somehow stands out..but in the end, its still a job nicely done ^^

  11. ni-chan Jun 26, 2005

    the bg here is amazing, you've really done a great job with it
    the scan is real nice to
    :) ads to fav

  12. Skillzpay Jun 26, 2005

    Very cool stuff here, just needs some more blending as OA mentioned already. You might want to consider vectoring Maya or duplicating Maya a few times and using some different blurs and layering methods to blend her in better.
    As for the bg really the only gripe I have with it are the bushes. The leaves need to be closer to really accomplish the right look but you don't need to worry about the leaves that you've got flying in the air. So that's about it, keep up the good work!

  13. SharinganKnight Jun 26, 2005

    thats very impressive indeed, although the scan could be polished a little bit and the clouds should be made a little more cartoony looking..othar than that, the scenery is great..in fact I think you've inspired my upcoming wall.

  14. Clover Jun 26, 2005

    i have seen so many versions from this scan and wallpapers, but this is the best one i have ever seen.
    Great bg.

  15. sukie Jun 26, 2005

    Mmmm...the bg is great...i love how you used the brushes...
    very neat...
    and the clouds...great work????
    this is my fav wall version of this scan!!!

  16. Liz Jun 26, 2005

    Quote by FutureGirlieNice, wallpaper fits the character, colors match very well. I like the
    clouds and the feeling like there is a wind... very nice... gotta fave
    this one *Faves* xD

    I agree its amazing everything goes perfect together great work!

  17. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jun 27, 2005

    I love the sunset colours that match her hair colour... It's a great match and looks really pretty :)

  18. Midori-chan Jun 27, 2005

    wow!!! XD XD this wall is so cool!!! Maya looks really suitable in the bg that you made! the bg color is so nice and the clouds look so real! the trees and leaves look exactly like its blown by winds XD cool!!!! adding it to my favs!! awesome workl!!! keep it up!~

  19. semanga Jun 27, 2005

    damn it looks so cool and u say that i am a good waller i think u have show us who is the best waller from us both .... i think i have found my master .... bana sorarsan en iyi wall bu simidiye kadar yaptiklarin arasindan

  20. ramchong Jun 28, 2005

    Great improvement from you my buddy!! this overall looks so cool and wonderful!!! what can i say more!! must fav!!

  21. lthnadml Jun 28, 2005

    Wow! A great wallpaper! :D
    The background is excellent and the colors is beautifull.
    Great work. :D

  22. pegassuss Jun 28, 2005

    This is great! I love the clouds! they are sooo awesome! ^^ The scan is very nice and everything fits perfectly! Great scene and colors ^^ You did a great job! Keep it up!

  23. ozma255 Jun 29, 2005

    Good work on the cleaning of the scan and the bg but I've to say that both the scan and the bg needs more blending other than that I'd say this wall is really good, keep it up. :)

  24. Siri Jul 02, 2005

    the way you blended/cleaned the scan to suit your background is really amazing
    i think they match perfectly
    and the trees on the left, and the clouds on the right add a really good amount of detail, to stop the wallie from looking a bit too plain
    mm yeah woah! ^_^ great work

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