Loveless Wallpaper: [Being with you-Loveless]

Yun Kouga, Loveless, Soubi Agatsuma, Ritsuka Aoyagi Wallpaper
Yun Kouga Mangaka Loveless Series Soubi Agatsuma Character Ritsuka Aoyagi Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

ah yiah
yet another ugly wall...
very T.T
i just made this after i finished watching the 11th episode of loveless when he's at the amusement park T.T
This wall also has some meaning to it^.^ as well...heheh i always wanted to have a romantic and long kiss at the top of the ferries wheel
its very adorable..
ake i tried hard on this wall...but im a stupid untalented idiot anyways...ne
soo critizise if you want...
*cries in corner*

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  1. YugureKaze Jun 26, 2005

    o.O it looks really nice
    i like the bg a lot
    the couple looks great too
    wonderful work ^_^

  2. kyubinaruto Jun 26, 2005

    it's NOT ugly! Your walls are really getting better and better ^^ Love the background very much, but the whole wall looks kinda... dull

  3. joycev Jun 26, 2005

    Oh comeon... Cant you have more confident in yourself?? Cheer up a little girl!!
    I like this wall. The light soft colrs of it look really good! Your walls are getting better and better with each one you make!! They are not at all ugly...

  4. loveableneko Jun 26, 2005

    this wall isn't ugly at all, I love how you used really soft colours, i don't keep up with all your walls but this one is really great ^_^

  5. soujiokita Jun 26, 2005

    I believe that Ritsuka's shirt looks a bit grainy, ne? Besides that, this wall is very nice. I must say that the background is beautiful. I agree with everyone else, your walls are not ugly, they are one of the best ones I've seen at MT besides other people. Keep up the good work, toxictea-san. +fav :)

  6. zaira Jun 26, 2005

    weee another loveless wallie!! nice scan and cool bg!! i love the wierd looky wheel! though the colors are too soft and bright! try to make them a little bit darky and for the grainy thing on ritsuka shirt m... mybe try enhacing it! XD well this one goes to my fav!! ;)

  7. Bee69 Jun 26, 2005

    great job i like the bg the color of the shirt matches with the background:)

  8. tripleG Jun 26, 2005

    The wall looks great. Although I have never seen the series. Anyways good job (your to harsh with yourself).

    Triple G

  9. fawna-chan Jun 26, 2005

    how can you think that this wallie is ugly? it looks great and i love the purply background. great job on this!

  10. Sunira Jun 26, 2005

    I most certainly will not call it ugly, as it is not so. But as it isnt perfect(a standard none of us should hold to) I will just drop a couple problems and good things also that I see. The ferris wheel is well placed but the patchwork texture seems out of place. The scan is very cleanly extracted and the text is just fine. Even the cliche edge swirls work well.

  11. Lodigo Jun 26, 2005

    heyy toxictea
    how are you doing?
    i just wanted to say that ur not untalented and you really have some nice wallies :)
    i like this wall and it looks very nice
    so...dont cry in a corner okay?
    *hands you a tissue*
    and its even a fav wall of me :D
    so its NOT ugly
    see you later and have a nice day
    bye bye

  12. LastDinosaur Jun 27, 2005

    Its not horrible, everything looks so faded tho, im sure it'll look much better if u apply an AutoLevels or something. The background textures look alright, im not too fond of the grey swirls.. maybe if they were purple they'd look better. The text is pixelated, its hard to notice, im not sure if u did that on purpose but if it was anti-alias it'd look far better. The scan u choose fits perfectly, and it goes with the mood u were trying to achieve. This wall definetly relates to the loveless series, although ive only seen up to episode 9. Anyways, good luck on your next wall.

  13. AngelKate Jun 27, 2005

    Oh no, it's not horrible dear, I like it very much. I think you did a great job with it, like you do with all your walls. :) Keep it up.

  14. evilchakra Jun 29, 2005

    Quote by joycevOh come on... Cant you have more confident in yourself?? Cheer up a little girl!!I like this wall. The light soft colrs of it look really good! Your walls are getting better and better with each one you make!! They are not at all ugly...

    the girl looks a little forced though.

  15. baurion Jul 06, 2005

    A really beautiful wallpaper I really like it

    Good work!!!! It's not ugly at all

  16. Kirakiri Jul 25, 2005

    So beautiful, the background is amazing and really captures the image of Soubi and Ritsuka~

    The colors blend nicely together which each other too.

  17. ShugaYouko Sep 04, 2005

    LA LI ho!

    sugoi!!! Congrats! Really GOOD wall! *-*
    i love the effects... and the image *O* I'll search it in the scan section ^^


  18. nekoghurl Sep 22, 2005

    really really nice :3 its adorable!
    btw, i love that episode of them going to on the ferris wheel XD!
    btw (again) that's not ugly at all, nosiree! its lovely XD!

  19. Hikari87 Dec 07, 2005

    It's sooo preetty~~ luv the colours very much!
    The bg is totally awesome!

  20. lesfina Nov 14, 2010

    Merci beaucoup pour ce scan

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