Nijiiro Zakura Wallpaper: [Fanciful Daydream]

Koutaro, Nijiiro Zakura Wallpaper
Koutaro Mangaka Nijiiro Zakura Studio

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Full View to see all the Small details I lovingly placed there for you. Thumbnail absolutely no predictor of overall quality of the work.

I spent the last month making this off and on. I suppose it was just obsessive after a while so I decided I'd submit it regardless of my satisfaction with it. Its been reworked enough times and its a waste of time hereafter to let my near-obsessive compulsive behaviour dominate my hours.

I love wings. I do. I made these by hand, a bit of swirl and a bit of dragon-look but its original and I found it appealing.

The colors of course are a bit bright; I understand that. It may not be useful for a long term wallpaper as it might burn your eyes after a period of time. Very sorry about the orangsh outline around the scan. I was unable to change it without the scan looking odd. Maybe you can hide it under a window or two...

She's a schoolgirl in her fantasyworld! Who doesnt drift off into their own illogical worlds of fantasy during a class they should be paying attention in? This is her dream, her fantasy. Her land where she can walk on clouds and magick goldfish into an airy existance. Where she has wings and full control of the spellbinding world around her. I am her sometimes.

Comments and Favorites are much appreciated. I love Critique. And I love you for taking the time to leave feedback on my piece, whether it be in comment or fav form. Thanks to you all in advance.


Thank you MissM for the small edging brushes: http://www.rebel-heart.net/brushes/
Thank you CopyMaster for the scan: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/115220/

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  1. Spystreak Retired Moderator Jun 24, 2005

    Wow that's alot of details I must say. Definately looks like something from a dream though. I like it I like it alot.

  2. Chopstickz Jun 24, 2005

    uh well the bg is really nice and pretty
    but the character...lots of strange colors ^^;
    orange boarder around the legs too which looks odd
    and like no boarder for her body
    but the bg looks really good ^^;;

  3. MS0B9 Jun 24, 2005

    Very cute! I love the wallie's colors. The scan is also very cute. Awesome job and adding to favs!

  4. fawna-chan Jun 24, 2005

    wow! very nice and cute! i love the wallpaper's colors and the wings are so cool! the chara looks nice too. great work on this. adding this to favs~!

  5. LastDinosaur Jun 24, 2005

    Oh cool wall u got there, i see u used a lot of brushes here, looks like u even got a brush for the fish.. kinda interesting to put fish there, they look like ghosts really, the semi-transparent white and all. This walls pretty simple actually, where there are no brushes its just a smooth background. The scan its great, fits in well with the rest of the wall. Its kinda pixelated tho, like you used the smart blur and sharpen tools.. its hardly noticable tho, other than that the scan looks like perfect quality, and the wings are a neat touch. I guess u decided not to use text, makes sence since u want to keep that dreamy aura. Good job on this wall.

  6. Caiobrz Jun 24, 2005

    I liked it, however I find the wings disposition a little weird, the girl is leaning over to the right, but the wings look straight, know what I mean? It would be more realistic if they were also somewhat bended to follow the girl's back xDDD

    Other than that, I find it perfect *_*

  7. Tatsuya Jun 24, 2005

    this one is a nice one, love the color you pick up! but the scan color look kind of weird! may be it's just my problem ^^' in my humble opinion

  8. saiyukiRELOAD Jun 24, 2005

    thats hot! i like that layout,keep making them so ican see how good they tunr out ^_^,lol.

  9. khyle Jun 24, 2005

    i`ve seen the girl in another work
    was the background just changed >?

    very nice bushes on the background art ^__^`

  10. rocknroll-isgo Jun 24, 2005

    I love your small, yet extremely unique, touches throughout your walls. The fish were a great idea --- they help that fantasy setting you were going for. And it may just be a personal preference, but I like the bright colors. Too many dark walls lately. >_<

  11. Dragonprovidence Jun 24, 2005

    It's like a perfect freeze frame. You seem to be on a roll this week.

  12. Staff Jun 24, 2005

    Interesting aura-like glow around the subject. The tint on the girl's skin was well adjusted. Same goes for her clothes. The warm colours in the background looks great with those white patterns. I also like how some parts of the subject radiates the colours in the background. Spectacular!

  13. asta Jun 24, 2005

    Cute! i like it! ^^ nice job ^^

  14. Kougaxgirl Jun 24, 2005

    omg.......i love that scan! yes it does look very much like a dream....i think its perfect just like this honestly...brilliant! i do believe this is goin to be my new background for my computer! hehe...the girl's super cute, love the colors in it, and its just amazing! i love love love it very much so! keep it up my dear friend...keep it up! XP

  15. soujiokita Jun 24, 2005

    It looks very nice. But on her upper thigh, I see some weird colors. I love the bg, nice colors and effects. +fav

  16. rythem Jun 24, 2005

    oh wow~this one looks great ^_^ the colours r perfectly chosen..n the effects look very magical indeed~XD the girl matches nicely too ^^
    overall..its a nice wall..earned my fav =)

  17. bbls Jun 24, 2005

    i really luv the details and brush work on your background...you were right about needing to see the full size version. very good choice of scan for the theme of your wall, but i wasn't too crazy about some of the orange outline around her, especially around and between her legs. but you really captured a fantasy, dreamy mood in your wall. and the orange color may be bright, but i still like that a lot cuz it's very eye catching... :D

  18. LucyXlostangelwings Jun 24, 2005

    It may be bright, but I love orange!!
    The little effects here and there are really cute. I like all the fish. :)
    What I like most is what you tried to do to the background to make it look as if though she has wings. It's really neat. ^^
    Nice wall, this one! :D

  19. macky Jun 25, 2005

    very Beautiful
    The fish are great, the swirls are also great.. you can see the time youve put in this one. i also like the character, but the character coule be givin a soft adjustment layer to make her a little bit orange but this is just my opinion.. keep up the walls..

  20. XMrNiceguyX Jun 26, 2005


    This one has hypnroical powers. It got all hot and fuzzy inside upon viewuing this wallpaper.

  21. SilentMasamune Jun 28, 2005

    The concept of this wallpaper is good, and the design of the wallpaper is also good. It does seem as if you used the Smart Blur on the scan though to try to clean it up. However, if the original scan is not the same way as the one in the wallpaper, I recommend duplicating the scan layer twice, using the Gaussian Blur at radius 0.3 to 0.5 on the first copy, and using the Smart Blur on the second copy as well as setting the blending mode to Soft Light. Keep that in mind for next time, though I must say that the scan didn't appear too badly despite what I said.

  22. spektro Oct 12, 2005

    O_o se ve muy bien esta imagen de esta chica sin duda...y luego esos efectos de las nubes estan excelentes amigo...

    Thank's por este wallpaper!!!

  23. tian82 Oct 22, 2005

    This wallpaper look so sweet and nice !! I love it !! The girl look cute and lovely !! And with the sweet colour and the background, it look more beautiful !! Like the wings , the cloud and the fish around. I love it !! Great work !!!

  24. Billy85 Feb 11, 2006

    The wall at all is very good,but the girl is just perfect and the BG suits to her +fav

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