Air Wallpaper: Air: Darkness and Light

Key (Studio), Air, Misuzu Kamio Wallpaper
Key (Studio) Studio Air Series,Visual Novel Misuzu Kamio Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is for the second UA wall contest, for more info click here.

A more realistic simple wall by me. The hardest part was extracting the scan, this is why i like to do guy walls, i dont have to worry about cutting out long wavy hair, but i did it anyway. Also i had the scan cleaned up a bit. Heres the original: http://download.minitokyo.net/view/6069.jpg Take a look at what i did with it.

Layers: 50 +
Time: 2 hours

Updated. Small changes according to critizisms.

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  1. AngelKate Jun 24, 2005

    Sugoi!! Really nice wall, I love the water! It looks real! Great job! ^_^

  2. WindAlchemist Jun 24, 2005

    wow, beautiful, i love the scenery and everything!!
    you made the character look good too!!
    exellant work!

  3. ArucardsMaster Jun 24, 2005

    Well u did a good job with the wavey thing. If u make the girl with short hair or with her hair up then the wavy thing wouldn't be a problem

  4. fawna-chan Jun 24, 2005

    wow! amazing~! this wallpaper looks so nice and i think that the background of the wallpaper is so nice and really suits the chara. great work on this!

  5. exentric Jun 24, 2005

    haha I know da feeling dude. I went the same annoying time when I was doing my yami to boushi wallpaper >_<

    anyway da wallpaper looks nice~ love the detail on the sand, sea and sky. nice extraction also~ the boat and mountain me think need more details.

    all in all, sweet work. just need more details. ^_^

  6. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jun 24, 2005

    My God you are fast at doing these entries lol!
    Lighting is done well... I think the mountains need a rocky texture and the water a few random sparkles here and there, otherwise excellent! :D

  7. Hideki313 Jun 24, 2005

    a beautyful wallpaper ... i like the scenery and the water! ist all very sharp and clear, i really like it. thx for that *fav*

  8. Hideki313 Jun 24, 2005

    a beautyful wallpaper ... i like the scenery and the water! ist all very sharp and clear, i really like it. thx for that *fav*

  9. Hideki313 Jun 24, 2005

    a beautyful wallpaper ... i like the scenery and the water! ist all very sharp and clear, i really like it. thx for that *fav*

  10. bbls Jun 24, 2005

    your scenic background is quite stunning, but i think the mountains may need a little more detail and the sand didn't quite look "real" enough. i really luv the ocean water, dusky sky, and the sun looks very realistic. i'm glad you used a sun instead of a cliched moon. and you did a wonderful job with the extraction. you weren't kidding about the hair... XD

  11. LouisW Jun 24, 2005

    Very nice. The background looks great. Even the scan of the girl is good. :)

  12. LucyXlostangelwings Jun 24, 2005

    This is a truly gorgeous wall!
    It is so attractive and has a very powerful look that can grab a person's attention the first second they see it!
    The first thing I noticed about this wall is how beautiful and well presented the colors are! The blue sea to match Misuzu's eyes and the golden sand to match her hair. It's a really interesting and ingenious piece of work!
    I want to mention...you did so well with the extraction! It was something I noticed as soon as I saw the wall. Each strand of hair is well defined! But that little boat in the distance looks a bit out of place.
    You know, this background is sensational! The shimmering water and sand have nice effects to enhance their look. I really like that.
    I give a 10/10 for this one! It is a wonderful wall of Misuzu!
    Good work! *two thumbs up*
    A fav!!! :)

  13. snowflakez Jun 25, 2005

    wow. u did a good job of cleaning up and extracting e pic. i'm soo jealous of that firstly.
    misuzu really does have complicated hair XD
    and the background sort of matches her well, since she likes beach doesnt she?
    i especially love the sun there. nice job! (i'm still jealous)

  14. apocaplyse Jun 25, 2005

    really really nicely done..everything made into perfection..addin it to my favourite..

  15. headaches4ever Jun 25, 2005

    that is really good~ I love the background! I think you did a great job, even with the having to cut out hair and such... 50 + layers in two hours is skill! way to go!

  16. Terra-chan Jun 25, 2005

    This is gorgeous LastDinosaur. Not only are you going to win the first contest but I think you're going to win this contest too! Looking at this makes me really want to enter now~ I don't care about first, but if I place it'd be cool!

  17. Electrastar Jun 26, 2005

    Sigh...I wish I could realistic walls like that ...I love the backround, just like the beach in the anime...the mountains looke a little weird, but it's still looks awsome.

  18. flyindreams Jul 05, 2005

    Nice job~! The water looks really nice... not sure about the waves, but overall it looks really nice. Good luck with the competition! ^.^

  19. chibi-lizard Jul 12, 2005

    i'd say that i wubb the setting of this wallie. the composition of the wallie ish nicely done. the extraction ish nicely done and everything fits in nicely. maybe what it lacks ish just a lil texture on the mountains. but that's just a minor stuff.

    the colors are chosen well. they match the scene nicely. looking long at this wallie, it somewhat gives you a sense of peaceful and serene picture. i'd say that everything ish portrayed very well.

    now the problem here ish that i can't seem to relate it to the theme, there's no darkness where there is light. to me, this wallie just portrays something peaceful and beauty. without the theme, it'd be a perfect wall.

    nonetheless, good work with it :)

  20. RahX101 Jul 12, 2005

    this looks really amazing. you have my vote for first place without a doubt. +fav

  21. kira3000 Aug 04, 2005

    cool scan nice background
    cool dude......................................................................(...)

  22. Junkweasel Aug 04, 2005

    This wallpaper is beautifully done. The water, sky, looks so realistic and peaceful...awesome job

  23. AnimeFancy Aug 05, 2005

    great job!! then background divided part really nice seaside , sea moutain, bird and the sailing boat, make a perfect background. the girl eys feeling give us a feel of sadness or lonely?..anyway this wallapper is really good

  24. d3vl0u5 Aug 19, 2005

    omg dis wallpaper rOx ! d backgrOUnd nd all ! ^__^ tnx fo sharing ! [ J a g W a s H e r e ]

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