Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Fond Memories

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Athrun Zala, Lunamaria Hawke, Rey Za Burrel Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

okay, someone REALLY needs to give me some other anime to watch so i stop walling GSD.
because it's beginning to scare me.
so i was getting sick of the angsty hate-filled walls of GSD that i've been making. i think all of them have either been like..."RAWR FIRE!" or..."RAWR SHOOT THE UNSUSPECTING GREEN GUYS!"
so heres a nice mellow happy wallpaper of the 4 pilots of the minerva :D
i don't ONLY love shinn and athrun. i also <3 luna and Rey too!
the scan was a pain to reCG cause there were chunks missing. after that, it was all fun and games xD
wanted to give it that old photo look. cause like, when i go and look at all the photos that my grandfather has from the wars, they're all old. it kinda fits with the fun times in the wars. they just shouldn't look perfect.

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Browse Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. shari Jun 24, 2005

    very nice!! ^^ ... i really wish i could watch gsd!! T-T ... anyway, very nice wallie, good job!! *thumbs up* I'm still currently watching GS so yea ... ^_^' ... i <3 Athrun!! oooh that blonde guy is pretty hot >_< .. lmao.. well once again, nice wallpaper! =D

  2. rocknroll-isgo Jun 24, 2005

    You did a great job giving it that 'old photo' look. I think your angst obsession somehow leaked into this wall as well though... the colors and 'old' feel sets up a kind of a sad, wistful atmosphere. Still, at least no one is about to be burnt alive or shot. XD

  3. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jun 24, 2005

    no more angsty walls with Shinn T_T?

    Cof cof,anyway,the scan is awesome,and the CG is well done,about the background,is a stock photo? or i think so x.x,so hard to tell,the texture is nice,and of course u made that old look on it ^^,awesome job

  4. meteorcloud Jun 24, 2005

    waah....angst walls xD?????roflles XD~!
    hmz...nice wall =D~! cg is great =D blending well extraction is great ^^ Bg is good too, nice water with island....but the sky just looks kinda weird......but got nice colours=D~! hmz......you did an overlay with some texture =o????? hmz.... cause it looks kinda weird =O......o well....nice job kalico-san ^_^~!

  5. Skilledge Jun 24, 2005

    Very original, truly unique , very nice work, ty for sharing it.

  6. Kougaxgirl Jun 24, 2005

    omg this is so cool lookin! that background is amazing awesome....its really really neat i think and the scan...brilliant..its just a genius idea...very nice job! i love love love it XP later

  7. hikarinotenshi Jun 24, 2005

    omg! i simply love the old look! gomen :( for the chunks that were missing >.<
    i couldn't do anything about it :( but i see it turned out great anyways! +fav
    awesome job!

  8. Rella Jun 24, 2005

    That looks very nice!! I love the scan and the wallpaper itself looks really neat too. Good job! ^^

  9. ayaki Jun 24, 2005

    heeya XP

    me luving the sky @_@ definitely not the usual one u see everything,
    but it works really well in this pic '_'b
    mellow and happy....uhm...i'm getting these from the expression of the 4 ppl....
    haha but ur theme/composition is kinda giving me a sad mood....
    probably becoz of the old photograph look *_*, but it's still nice!!~

    haha so...another gundam wall from u ^_^ +fav

  10. kenzuke Jun 24, 2005

    that concept surely matches this pic. Nicely done. I like it!

  11. exentric Jun 24, 2005

    haha kalico~ ya really shud strart walling scans from other anime >_<

    anyway the wallper ish nicesh~ kinda dark and gloomy (contrast to the not so gloomy and dark expression of the characters) but everything seems was done very nicely and detailed. certainly a fav. ^_^

  12. Hideki313 Jun 24, 2005

    yeah! its really great! the minerva team in peace x"D ... and Shinn smiles, that a bit rare ^_^""
    the effect which you have used on this wall is cool ... thx for that awesome pic! *fav*

  13. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jun 24, 2005

    Old is always great, and yes it really fits war torn decay of photos an dthis is really beautiful. Awesome work as always Kalico! :)

  14. snowflakez Jun 25, 2005

    nice wallpaper. u've done a great job on giving it the old, warm look ^^
    but i love the scan especially~ :nya: looks great. i'll have to say nice job :D

  15. gohasuke Jun 25, 2005

    what can i say ...........perfect it's so good it's so nice
    keep up the good work ;)

  16. volrath77 Jun 26, 2005

    Quote by kalicodreamz okay, someone really needs to give me some other anime to watch so i stop walling GSD.

    Given a very good piece above, why should you stop? Keep it up, I say. :)

  17. Ryokan Jun 26, 2005

    great job of this picture!
    It seems to be a old photo, some speical feel is shown!
    keep up and good job~~~^^

  18. GigaGrave Jun 28, 2005

    Quote by volrath77

    Quote by kalicodreamz okay, someone really needs to give me some other anime to watch so i stop walling GSD.

    Given a very good piece above, why should you stop? Keep it up, I say. :)

    i agree!!
    you should keep your spirit and aim for.....whatever, don't stop walling GSD PLEASE!!!!
    i need more walls ... more!!

  19. evojp Jun 30, 2005

    sugoii ne ~~~ 4 boys and girl be together ~~~ Good works!! :pacman: :pacman: :pacman: :pacman:

  20. Leena Jul 14, 2005

    cool, i like the effects very much. great job. among all 4 of them, i will ONLY take Athrun. anyway, love the wall.

  21. funkybass Jul 16, 2005

    wew! NIce wall of athrun & friends! I think the BG is too dark but this wall still looks amazing ;)

  22. Nyuu-chan Jul 22, 2005

    Cool one. I really like it. This scan is amazing. I'm adding it to my favs.

  23. iceblue1389 Jul 24, 2005

    very beautiful! first of all, i love the choice of backgrounds. and i like the scan of the minerva pilots as well. great wallpaper!

  24. TTTELEVEN Jul 26, 2005

    one memories.. nice and great work.. in style and cool.. such great stuff posted.. thanks..

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