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Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo Kurosaki Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Rukia Kuchiki Character Ichigo Kurosaki Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

yes my newest wall XD it was project i started a while back. originally for an ipod spoof but it mutated into some weird creation.
and i hadnt done a bleach wall yet.


heh well i don't really expect this one will go far in terms of feedback but i just wanted to upload it cause its a change from my usual stuff ^^
i really had to include ichigo's facial experssion or it wouldnt make sense XD
i went for the vectory look with the different circles and rectangles but then theres a bit of brushing behind that to balance it out. with corrugated cardboard texture ^^

the initial idea was a take on the ipod stuff that everyones doing but the catch is its something else hilighted in wht rather than inserting an ipod -.-

well enjoy this random, random work from me ^^
so are you feeling the NICE vibe?XD...ok ok that was lame ~_~

NOTE: is the dl even working >.<

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  1. kaolla-kake Jun 24, 2005

    XD that's awesome kai! and...yes, I'm definately feeling the nice vibe *rolls over laughing* . I actually made an Ipod one of a bunch of anime chara....I just haven't submitted it lol...maybe I should....XD

  2. rythem Jun 24, 2005

    LOL XD thats so cool *0* hahaha
    cant say anymore..I like it ..
    but cant full view ne..^^
    edit--> hahaha now I can look at ichigo's facey 8D

  3. nekosasu Jun 24, 2005

    weird, it won't load for me. :/
    and the thumbnail looks weird as well now after reloading... upload problems? or maybe it's on my end... ima edit this wall after viewing the wall ^^; gomen
    edit1: now the thumbnail won't even load.... reupload it?

    edit2: now it works! ^^ haha nice idea, i first thought it would be an ipod spoof as well, but it's not. the background looks good with the grungy texture. those bluish circles don't look very round, but that's cool, that's different from all those perfect shapes... ^^
    ichigo's face is quite funny, but the lines are a bit too jagged... also, you could've drawn rukia's eye outline, her face looks so empty >_< that's all, a bit too simple but pleasant ^^

    thanks for your hard work, keep it up ^^ feel the vibe, and keep genki xD

  4. SaschaC Jun 24, 2005

    jajajajaja!!! great work!!! the wall is so funny!!!!
    love it! ^_^

  5. wanna Jun 24, 2005

    ~edit works fine now...maybe there was an error in mt... =/

    well like i said before it's funny and looks great :D
    nicely done with the colors and the setup also

  6. Yina Jun 24, 2005

    yeah.. it's really diffenrent than your other wallies.. and I like it ^^ the face of Ichigo looks so funny... XD and I especially like those two black vectors... the composition is great as well.. overall a great wallie ^^ +fav

  7. Rella Jun 24, 2005

    LOL! That looks super cute!! Love the expression on Ichigo's face. The background is awesome too. Good work!! ^^

  8. Raiyne Jun 24, 2005

    Nice wallie. :D I like the way you've used the silhouette of ichigo and rukia, especially the expression on ichigos face. XD Good job.

  9. slivermoon Jun 24, 2005

    interesting never seen one like it
    simple but interesting
    don't know anything else about it, and i've never read bleach b4
    but nice work ^-^

  10. tian82 Jun 24, 2005

    This wallpaper is so funny and cool !! I love it !! Great job !!! Didn`t see this kind of wallpaper before .... Awesome !! Thank for sharing !!!

  11. Veronika Jun 24, 2005

    Oh my =)) I really like this one, it's just so weird that it's cool :)

  12. Maija Jun 24, 2005

    OH Kai........Fantastic idea......like a real artist....LOL........That is greate....really greate...


  13. Kiako Jun 24, 2005

    it looks nice, i like the ideea for it. very original.
    keep it up ;)

  14. narutofan92 Jun 24, 2005

    You know what i've always wanted to know? How the hell do you do that cardboard looking texture on the right side?! *grr*
    Anyways, this is definitely one of your more simplistic wallpapers...actually it seems like the most..but it serves it's purpose. I see how it would have been an iPod spoof though. ^ ^ If we could only put cheesy music on wallpapers...-lol- I like how the expression makes it all look though, it's hilarious and amazingly original. This is how Minitokyo was and should be again!

  15. AC2N Jun 24, 2005

    Original... that's what i can say !! Find it absolutly original... and i love the original things... so i think i'm gonna add it to my favs... once again !! really, without joking... i think this one is very different that we can see here, in mntk... and for that, we can't and we mustn't miss it in a corner... XD
    So, have a nice day...
    see you soon.


  16. Sunira Jun 24, 2005

    Interesting silhouette work. I love how its all so streamlined. Good Work.

  17. Tantaga Jun 24, 2005

    Stylistic approaches can often be better approaches. Your use of silhouette work is interesting. Despite your best efforts of ipodness, I don't get that vibe from this wall ... which is a good thing because I hate those commercials XD . This reminds me of more modern art and the idea that simplicity is better when it comes to being more visually appealing. Pop art and such.

    Using only a few colors of blue shades was a good choice as wall and makes everything easy on the eyes and not clashing. The text on his shirt does erve well as a good focal point, as everything seems to be drawn to it. Must be his nice vibes like you said :nya: .

  18. acid-awakening Jun 24, 2005

    I spent a few minute looking at this... kinda forgot to comment... this looks real nice
    Thanx for sharing

  19. Tatsuya Jun 24, 2005

    lol interest concept, i've never seen before, a simple idea done with great skill! good job ;)

  20. Cadi Jun 24, 2005

    its a cool idea! its like shadows on a wallXD love the guy's facial expressionXD its great.. I have to agree with you, its not the everyday wall you would see... awsome job!

  21. exentric Jun 24, 2005

    haha now this is one interesting wallpaper! xd
    i really like it actually ^_^
    just wish ichigo's face's lines are more smooth though =/

  22. Amaranth Jun 28, 2005

    lol this is cool. when I first saw it ichigo had only two dots for eyes in the thumbnail and i was like xD I like what you did to the grey at the back ^^

  23. RengekiShin Jul 02, 2005

    Hahaha~It looks hilarious, yet cute =) Nice one! XD *feels the vibe*

  24. Sigourney Jul 03, 2005

    *lmao~!* that's so cute~<3... especially Ichigo's expression >d... fufufu... and I really like the colours in the wall~... good job ;)...

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