Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper: FMA Edward ..again

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric, Magic Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Edward Elric Character Magic Meta

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Another Ed wallpaper from me. FMA is one of the best animes i've ever seen, i can't wait for the next release. I made the transmutation circle (which took me almost two hours btw ;_;) myself following a blurry screen cap as my guideline. I tried to make it look as the actual circle as closely as possible. After watching ep 03 again, i noticed some errors on the circle XD..too late to change that now. I made a lot of versions of this wallpaper and thanks to hibiki joji and osiris who gave me pointers for this wall. I airbrushed over the image to add more depth to it. Big Thanks to Devious Oni of Minitokyo for the wonderful Ed scan =).


head over to AniStudios for more resolutions.

[P.S as you can see, another MT member made a wallpaper almost like mine. I made this 4 days ago and it's not my fault if we had the same concept for this image XD]

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  1. GundamZZ Retired Moderator May 28, 2004

    Quote: another MT member made a wallpaper almost like mine. I made this 4 days ago and it's not my fault if we had the same concept for this image

    LOL..i was about to say that XD haha..... excellent transmutation circle!! ^_^ it looks real nice with the light effects....the re-CGing is a nice touch too......i'm just not sure if the cloud bg fits too well....Ed is flying? O_O hehe...

  2. Meg May 28, 2004

    you just can't see the land he's stepping on
    /lame excuse


  3. dArkaNGeL May 28, 2004

    wow!! impressive wall!! FMA walls like this are rare

  4. Guts May 28, 2004

    Hey, this is the best fma wall i've seen yet. Sweet work, meg.

  5. shinta May 28, 2004

    Kweeeeehhh!!! Muy Fantastique!!! Nice Hula Hoop! Jk jk! Meeeeppp~! o.O

  6. AzNKiDoOo2 May 28, 2004

    T-T...WHEN WELL THE NEXT EPS COME OUT! or won't it..T_T!!!!!! Excellent wall btw

  7. Angelette May 28, 2004

    Nice work...! Love the imagry.

  8. EevaLeena May 28, 2004

    I like this one.... the color's nice... I especially love the transmutation circle.. Give you a warm feelings....

  9. Dahz May 28, 2004

    kcik ass. that circle is amazing.

  10. Osiris Retired Moderator May 28, 2004


    *sees osi's name* coolbeans XD

    i love this 10x now that ive watched fma (thanks to meggie) ^_^

    and is that a human transmuation cirlcle i see....forbidden art! >_> XD

    + transmutes meggie into a chibi

  11. Kev Retired Moderator May 28, 2004

    weeee.... super-ed!!!! lololol

    j00 stole my transmutation circle concept >_<

  12. AE92Truen0 May 28, 2004

    yea, that circle looks sweet, and lol ed's flying...nice job

  13. Bishi May 28, 2004

    sugoi wallpaper

  14. marichuuu May 28, 2004

    love it!
    nice work on the lightning on the circle ^^

  15. tarigwaemir May 28, 2004

    Awesome! The transmutation circle is really nicely done, and I love the way Ed's armor seems to glow blue. (It feels appropriate somehow. ^_^)

  16. vegita May 28, 2004

    good job on the transmutation circle,that had to be a pain to do but the results speak for themselves

  17. Adrima May 28, 2004

    the bg is absolutely fantastic O_O

  18. kino May 28, 2004

    nicely done! i really like the background :D

  19. Noctum May 28, 2004

    Crazy good character picture + awesome bg = wowesome wallpaper :)

  20. phaerax May 28, 2004

    i hope it doesnt transmute my pc when i put it on my desktop

  21. rojacol May 28, 2004

    really cool wallpaper!! nice job!!

  22. Meg May 28, 2004

    thanks for the comments =)

  23. Albatross1 May 29, 2004

    One of the best pics I've seen recently - adding to favs!!! :D

  24. Kintarooe2k2 May 30, 2004

    awesome wall great job !

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