Loveless Wallpaper: Here In Your Arms...

Yun Kouga, Loveless, Soubi Agatsuma, Ritsuka Aoyagi Wallpaper
Yun Kouga Mangaka Loveless Series Soubi Agatsuma Character Ritsuka Aoyagi Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I got sick of working on my Da Capo wallpaper, so I made this as a distraction.
I re-CGed/vectored an image of a balcony and filter-whored it ( XD ),went crazy with some more filters to make it look like nighttime, and then made some rain in the background. I didn't use any brushes.
Hope it doesn't look too bad.

Details ~
Layers - 50+
Time spent walling - around 4 hours
Listening to - Hikida Kaori - Michiyuki

Thanks to irisauau for the original scan - which is pretty hot, I might add. XD
More resolutions should be coming soon at DiGiKiwibird, if it's not too much trouble for Yumi to update all the stuff. There's a lot of stuff. XD

I've become obsessed with this series. :)
Comments? Compliments? Constructive criticism? Flames? XD

I've uploaded a lighter version that's a little less hard on the eyes, touched up a few things...unfortunately, the .PSD was lost, So I can't really change that much unless I do it over(which won't be happening anytime soon XD ). Let me know which one looks better. The brightness on my monitor is also a little bit off, so I'm sorry if anything's too bright.

[EDIT]The thumbnail is crappier than the wallpaper. XD

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  1. rocknroll-isgo Jun 22, 2005

    Nothin' wrong with being a filter whore. I'm one myself. (mmm, blur filter *drools*) Anyway, great job with the BG. Though the scan being cut off on the left looks a bit odd --- perhaps you could move it over?

  2. toxictea23 Jun 22, 2005

    This is an adorably romantic wall. I adore Soubi and Ritsuka..though the age differences are a bit weird>.<

    The background scaping is beautiful...a nice mood towards it. Though the scan could use some work.
    I see some extraction problems and i feel like the scan is a bit too bright for the wall....it kind of makes the beautiful background seem non-existint...
    nice job

  3. Yumi-Chan Jun 22, 2005

    *widens HER eyes* O____O
    Kyaaa!!! Definitely a maaaajor update for little Yumi ^___^!!! xd
    i love the balcony part, it was nicelt CG-ed there ^_^
    But one thing, you shoulda vectored the scan T_T The out lines for the blonde dude's hair is kinda messy. It wasn't that bad so, *claps for zephy* ^^
    Good work on it, @__@ send me your wallies & your new vectors too ne ^_^

  4. loveableneko Jun 22, 2005

    wow this is just a very beautiful wallpaper, and here i thought this scan wouldn't be walled well you proved me wrong, great job!

  5. ramchong Jun 22, 2005

    Very nice and impressive.... overall looks comfortable and the nighty feeling is well designed... or i can say is damn good!!

  6. elizabeth-san Jun 22, 2005

    the pic is very nice.and the bg is nicely done.good job zephiris26 i really like it :)

  7. walkure245 Jun 22, 2005

    Great bg. XD You always create such beautiful bgs and it really fits the romantic and forbidden mood. The bg looks great to me and I love the texture to it. The only thing for me is that the edges that taper off don't blend well into the bg. Other than that, this is really beautiful work. It has such a dark, mysterious, feel to it that you can't help but like it. ^.^ Really great work!

  8. zaira Jun 22, 2005

    woah!! nice scan!! wooo loveless really rocks my world!! nice bg too! though its simple but awesome scene!!+fav!

  9. kara Jun 22, 2005

    Oooo nice nice! The balcony's really nicely done, ahh filters are great XD except it just makes it look a bit like it's raining outside, it looks good anyway^^
    The charas are a whee bit too bright for the night scene background, but oh well, we get to see them better this way :D

  10. Deisuri Jun 22, 2005

    @_@ This is great. It's very hawt. =D Ritsuka and Soubi are great. <3
    I really like this wallpaper. n___n

  11. KuroiTsubasa Jun 23, 2005

    it looks fantastic!!!
    i love this couple~ Soubi <333
    thank you for sharing^^

  12. meteorcloud Jun 23, 2005

    Quote by Yumi-Chan*widens HER eyes* O____O
    Kyaaa!!! Definitely a maaaajor update for little Yumi ^___^!!! xd
    i love the balcony part, it was nicelt CG-ed there ^_^
    But one thing, you shoulda vectored the scan T_T The out lines for the
    blonde dude's hair is kinda messy. It wasn't that bad so, *claps for
    zephy* ^^
    Good work on it, @__@ send me your wallies &amp; your new vectors too
    ne ^_^

    hai hai.....I agree ^_^ the bg is great =D hmz.....like yumi said...you could fix the hair=)

  13. Rella Jun 23, 2005

    Ooh, I love that scan from Loveless! Glad you made a wallpaper with it. ^^ The background looks very nice and it's dark too! Great work! ^^

  14. kai81220 Jun 23, 2005

    its a nice wallpaper ^^ but the outlines of the scan is a bit weird, almost like blending into the bg o_0. nice atmosphere though and its a great idea with the rain and balcony.
    nice one

  15. Sunira Jun 23, 2005

    Im not sure but the figure with the longer hair appears to be holding the younger lad hostage. :) Interesting piece.

  16. FlowerDog Jun 23, 2005

    Oh, there will be no flaming from me because I find Here In Your Arms... to be such a sexy wallpaper works of yours, Zephiris26-sama. :) The BG and just everything looks perfect. I actually like both darker version and lighter version. The light effects in the Lighter version looks cool. I don't mind the darkness of the Darker version. :) Overall, very well done job, Zephiris26-sama. :D I'll be looking forward to your next amazing master piece. ;)

  17. shinorei Jun 24, 2005

    cool wallie and nice texture and great bg. except that why is it so spooky? aahhh *runs away and hides in a corner*
    10 minutes later
    Okay, I'm being pathetic. Now for some real comments.
    the scan is cool really. very,very yaoi tho. XD or is that purple eyes person a girl? i dunno. :)
    anyway, without vector, the scan still looks great, i mean, you don't have to keep everything neat.
    and no, i think the darker version is nicer than the lighter one. tata.

  18. heavens-Dragon Jun 24, 2005

    Wowies! Gorgeous wall! I love how you cg the balcony, and damn is the Ritsuka and Soubi so hot together XD Great colours and the night sky is perfect! I like both the versions but I like the darker one a little bit better! Great work as always, I always love them! :D

  19. Haro-chan Jun 24, 2005

    Its great!!
    The atmospher is romantic!!! and with that picture of Ritsuka and Soubi..>//<
    OMG~!!!! And they look so sexy!!!!
    Good job!!

  20. calisqo Jun 24, 2005

    wow really nice w.
    NIce clean and dark XD
    Awesome work.
    Nice concept, and the techniques are very profesionals ^_^
    Awesome work.
    Keep it up ^_^

  21. irix Jun 25, 2005

    noooooooooooooo!!! loveless!!! [<---what i said, if i ready do a wall of this shonen-ai anime :S]
    Goood work that you do in this wall! ^^

  22. Zefie Jun 25, 2005

    this very is beautiful wallpaper from loveless :D dark background looks really pretty and details on it are also great. scan is cool and it fits wonderfully with background but it's maybe a little bit too bright. anyway it looks good this way so ritsuka and soubi can be seen better ^_^ great work and thank you for sharing !

  23. YumYum-Chan Jul 11, 2005

    XD! how sexy...lol ...yes my mind is in the gutter XD! lol nice wallpaper >.< jeez so cute! good job ! :D your amazing to make that! i cant color on those programs at all! XD!

  24. Evil-Ichigo Aug 14, 2005

    I love this pair! ++favorites! thanks for sharin and thanks for your hard work!

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