Popotan Wallpaper: Cute Witch

Akio Watanabe, Popotan, Nono (Popotan) Wallpaper
Akio Watanabe Mangaka Popotan Series Nono (Popotan) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hi everyone!! This is my Latest artwork ~~ Cute Witch!!

I forgot where i got the scan but i'm sure is not from MT... (Becos MT down last week!!) well i even don't know what category is this... i juz find this scan kind of cute, so plz tell me the category and i'll update it soon...

Hm.. kind of empty on the left side right? i have so many icons in my desktop.(All placed on left...) so i decided not to addin any wording or extra effects on the left...

And this time, no more moon and star field bg... (juz need some freshy thing in my wallie, man.. i got too many moony thing in my last few wallies...) So, this time i wanna make it like the little cute witch trying her first flight in the time travelling zone... (sounds dumb... but this is what's in my mind now...!)

I'm not very sure about myself... but i think this might be my last wallie in MT... (may be, ok?)
Becos i'll be transfer to work in UK soon... (Don't know how long it would take...) all my PS, software, artworks, brushes will be left in Malaysia... i'll not making any new wallie until i come back... but i'm sure i'll have time to reply the threads, chat with you guys and see you all new subs!! So if i'm too late response to your threads, questions and subs... plz forgive me... but i'm sure will try my best to go thru all...

Thanks !!!

edit 25/6: Thanks Ikorus for helping me looking for the bg time zone abstract!! and of cos this should be credited to Chibicow!! and here is the abstract ~~ http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/47950/

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  1. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jun 21, 2005

    OH no! No more walls? :(
    This is cute ^_^
    But no more Rammie? :(
    What will Yamamori do without you? >.<

  2. fukushuusha Jun 21, 2005

    very cute wall. the scan looks really nice
    goes well with the bg as well.
    Blue...my fav :)
    great work ramchong. And good luck with ur work

  3. Ikorus Jun 21, 2005

    That's a nice and pretty wallpaper Ramchong. However, I'm pretty sure I've seen that wave like blue abstract at the top part of the wallpaper somewhere already.

  4. cardmage Jun 21, 2005

    I like it. I suppose it just feels good to look at. Keep up the good work...

  5. redblitzkrieg Jun 21, 2005

    a cloudy one...
    kinda cute..

    Well, good luck to ur new work man.. well see in UK soon..

  6. ayane-heine Jun 21, 2005

    wha.. cute witch there.. XD
    i luv the bg alot.. :D
    last wallie?? *crys* pervie master going to UK..
    ayane gonna miss you.. ^^

  7. crewcifix Jun 21, 2005

    i love the theme. hehe. though the background is already a fad trend, the witch scan makes up for its lack of originality. this is good wallpaper.+fav

  8. kara Jun 21, 2005

    Aww no more walls for a while? That's a pity cause you've improved quite a lot and it's interesting to see your new submissions^^
    This is simple but nice ^^
    Except well the clouds... especially on the left side, they're kinda dun look very good... they seem to stick out like mountains rather than fluffy clouds >_> and the ones behind her are a bit jagged. But I like the swirls of clouds around her.
    Anyway, nice work^^

  9. Merma Jun 21, 2005

    Ohh my friend... its sad to hear you are leaving! Let me add your pic to my FAV iam showing respect :D

    Anyway i kinda like this pic, i LIKE the colors, and the structure! :)

  10. exentric Jun 21, 2005

    wow very cute indeed~ ^_^
    i like the clouds. some work may be needed to improve em, but its not bad as it is. ^_^
    what's da black/blue thingy on da top right part anyway? looks weird... o_O

    all in all, not a bad work. ^_^

    p/s: I think this goes under Nurse Witch Komugi-chan~ ^_^

  11. maya7 Jun 21, 2005

    all i can say is Co0L wallpaper ^^
    i like the waves & the cloud not forgeting the cute witch lolz the colors r also my fav
    well this is the 1st pic i saw from(im new) so hope u can do more
    im wanna +fav this wall ~

  12. lapuk Jun 22, 2005

    congrats on the promotion dude, things look bright for you dude.. on the wal. i love your change of styles for this one.. you should burn your brushes and everything in a cd and bring it to uk so you can still use it.. anyway, good luck on your life in uk..see ya dude

  13. Valary Jun 22, 2005

    Ohh I like it very much :)
    ramchong you did a great job I think I'll use it right now :P~
    thanks and again..it's awesome sweet!

  14. Maija Jun 22, 2005

    I love the wall...Because it is bright.....ha ha ha and like always a cute girl ;)

    So said that it is your last...T_T..... But have a really, really nice trip...OK?

  15. soujiokita Jun 22, 2005

    Awwwwwww, so cute! I love the background, the colors are nice. the blue thing on the top is pretty and kewl. +fav :)

  16. bbls Jun 22, 2005

    really cute concept for your wall...it is quite empty on the left, but i understand your reasoning for that. the scan looks quite nice and matches her background perfectly. i also like the sky you made because it's not the typical blue starry sky. :D

  17. mirkoemir Jun 22, 2005

    She is very cute, indeed ... you did another great wp my friend. Congratulations for your work. I like it.

  18. mughi Jun 22, 2005

    This wall is sooo cute. A cute miko-san riding on a broom. As usual your wallpaper is fun to look at. I'll be sad that you can't do as much wall soon but happy to hear that you'll be starting your real work in UK.

  19. Ephemeral-Garden Jun 22, 2005

    OMG! Ram-san, you're getting your hands quite wild in photoshop nowadays! And your skills had defnitely improved sooooo much!! ^^ A very cute and yet another strong colour wallie. The portal is so cute, I like it, really! The chara itself is pretty and cute and nicely scanned, it's totally gonna be in my favs! What? You're transferring to UK? That's not good, we might not be seeing ram's wallie in a few.... years time? -_- Ram, if you are really going, remember this:
    Di kandang kambing mengembek, di kandang kerbau menguak!

  20. NeverEnd Jun 22, 2005

    what a cute wall from you ^_^ another great work i can appreciate again

  21. BossMac Jun 22, 2005

    Hyper work!!!

    I was checking out the full version since I thought the thumbnail was kinda "spacious"... but yeah, this one works for busy desktops!!!

    Great btw, I like it too....

    Good luck on uk!!!

  22. zaira Jun 22, 2005

    wow!! cute scan! she's soo cute! the clouds are soo cool! i love the fluffyness of the clouds!!+fav!

  23. K3ntaro Jun 22, 2005

    wah..nice bg and cute scan adding it to my favourites right now^^
    I love all of ur wallpaper..they are so cool, too bad i can't make wallpaper like urs T-T

  24. Sandra Jun 22, 2005

    Ramee ! It can't be your last work just can't ! Understood ? I guess ;)
    This wall is so preety ! Chara is very cute , the bg looks really amazing. It is one of my favorites in your gallery my dear friend ! This is Sandras FAV !

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