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Download first before you COMPLAIN!
at long last!!!

i shouldve submitted this earlier if it wasnt for the maintenance!


this is my....uhmm...i should say fastest work i have ever done...i mean with a really good purpose!

i did this to call the attention of all the get backer wannabees!
the characters you see in the drawing are all MT members who are also members of the group Get Backers! yep! we have a group! and join us if you want ^_^

our slogan is "You can never beat us, So just JOIN US!!!"

the basis of this slogan is the saying "if you can't beat them, join them!"

sounds cool right!?

anyways....the hot little young chick in the middle of the drawing is non other than me (hehe!)

check my avatar!

i did this drawing for about more or less 30 mins. my only problem while doing this was...i ran out of eraser and 2B pencil lead....so i have to use my fingers to erase something and used HB to darken the drawing T_T...I'm just plain too lazy to buy a new eraser outside ^_^

anyways! just enjoy they drawing....you will aso see this one on the get backers group userpage^_^

once again...I'm calling everyone to join us!
Click This if you wanna Join!...PEACE OUT!!

ps...not all members are in here coz i kida concentrated with the group's staff

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  1. inui Jun 20, 2005

    nice drawing.
    I also begun to draw but some draws are really bad and some good (I think)
    But I really don't want that my works are "decomposition products".
    Maybe you can teach me some =D
    Big problems are the views/perspectives, anatomies of people and the damn hands -_-

    What I wanted to say:
    Really nice draw (for a 15year old girl - yeah I'm older and draw like crap ;D )
    In time I join you/the club... I think about it
    have fun and see you around

  2. Kiako Jun 20, 2005

    it looks pretty good,
    keep it up

  3. Terra-chan Jun 20, 2005

    *now has the desire to call athena "Tiny"* Whenever I see art like this I go "awwww darnit! I should have joined up so that -I- could be in the picture!" Anyway, it's really cute!

  4. athena Jun 20, 2005

    you can join whenever you want!!

    you can also call me skull head or sadako as my classmates call me ^_^

    i shouldve drawn better than this if i only have an eraser by that time T_T

  5. redblitzkrieg Jun 20, 2005

    Mind to tell me kung nasan ako jn?
    Ako yung naka side view na nkapamulsa.. hmmmm

  6. royaldarkness Jun 21, 2005

    aha...that is interesting :D u mean i'm in there? lol XD
    lovely drawing by the way

  7. chisana Jun 21, 2005

    Wow, it's amazing!! :D I just love it!! <3 <3 So creative and cute, great job Athena!
    Nice idea and all the characters are well-drawn and nicely detailed :)
    And nice shading too!
    Keep up the great work!! ;)

  8. tareren Jun 21, 2005

    Woah, nice doujin ^^ but maybe you should concentrate more on the shading, but it is nice :D good job athena XD too bad it's not colored >.<

  9. LucyXlostangelwings Jun 21, 2005

    Wow...character drawing eh? Well, this is a very difficult practise (haha in my opinion) but you've done a great job here! Amazing how much detail has been inputted...and how did you fit so many people onto one piece of paper?? lolz, you must have used really sharp pencils.
    A nice and precise drawing! It would have been good if you named the people so we can really judge on your interpretation skills!
    A good piece of work overall. :)
    P.s. Awww, Athena-chan looks so kawaii in there! XD

  10. Tirdaelyn Jun 21, 2005

    Hey that is a really cool drawing, I like the concept. I have only just started reading the series, so I think this is really neat. Keep up the great work. ^^

  11. Akaiken Jun 21, 2005

    For the GetBackers group eh...

    Pwede! Basta hindi mo ako aasarin at baka magliyab kayong lahat!

    I'm not joking...

  12. BossMac Jun 21, 2005

    Wow!!! Para tayong mga mobster...

    Drive-by is ma thing... pure gangsta...

    Asan kaya ako jan?

  13. Criox Jun 21, 2005

    Ok this is a cool drawing. From what I can see, this is the best drawing I have seen from you. Keep it up.

  14. YoKoBaNdiT Jun 21, 2005

    wow!! XD\m/ i def want to join!!!! and cool pic i like it ^___^ too bad its not colored! it would have looked cool

  15. hytokiri Jun 21, 2005

    nice draw, the efect of the letters are good. When it comes to draw a lot of characters you have push yourself to it. live on!!!

  16. shijiroken Jun 21, 2005

    asaan po ako dyan, ate athena? ooops, kakasali ko pa lng po pla, kaya definitely wala pa po ako dyan...... anyway nice sketch and it do really call attention... you run out of eraser? do you want some? I got some spare of eraser, the problem is, I don't know how to draw... hehehe

  17. SilentMasamune Jun 21, 2005

    This is quite the drawing you have there. Then again, I usually like the hand-drawn art. It looks as if you spent a lot of time on the work, but you did say that it's your fastest work done, so I have no say in that. Keep up the good work.

  18. Rella Jun 21, 2005

    Nice drawing!! The words on the top looks awesome along with your group slogun. Too bad I've never watched the anime before. Great work! ^^

  19. walkure245 Jun 21, 2005

    Totally amazing~ And you did this in 30 min? That's pretty good. It's neat how you gave character a different pose and epxression to help differentiate each character. One small thing is the guy in the middle, his neck looks a lil bent. But other than that, great shading and the title is really nice. Cool drawing~

  20. kaolla-kake Jun 21, 2005

    wowow Athena!! that's hella cute...I love it!! I didn't know there was a get backers group!! *goes to join*

  21. Kumiko-H Jun 21, 2005

    Hey very cool drawing! Are you really that short? I know how you feel. I am not really short but two of these girls I hang out with a lot are really tall, freaking model aliens! Jk! Anyway awesome drawing.

  22. Andrath Jun 21, 2005

    cool drawing athena, i think your very talented to be able to draw such an amazing picture in just 30 mins. you keep it up for i'd like to see more of your work on MT.

  23. Shkira Jun 21, 2005

    In just 30 minutes and you fit in all those people... O_O Damn. Very nice job, cool thing you did for your group. I like the character designs and the lettering!

  24. MagicianFairy Jun 21, 2005

    how niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee , you are a really artist!! XD XD :D :D

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