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Hello this is a wallpaper version of my submission for the July Project at www.woodsuch.com
You can see my other two submission at my website www.NuclearSeasons.com
Blind Bombs - anti-war poster
Become A Woodsucher - propaganda poster.
Feel free to leave your comment there.

Now about the work. It's me and my partner Neli quite some time ago dancing at a competition. Dancing is the physical expression of my positive emotions. Traveling without moving. Writing without words... Most of the time...
The original photograph was taken by my father. Original size is 2550*3300 pix. Fonts: Edwardian Script ITC, Trajan Pro.

Enjoy and reflect... as usual...

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  1. Skillzpay Jun 20, 2005

    oooooh look at that sekzi DC dance away! :P
    lol kidding aside it's a great shot and is fitting of the title. The two of you look like you're isolated away from the crowd, immersed and dancing in your own world. Great and simple work bud!

  2. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jun 20, 2005

    Kinda reminds me of a prom drawing i drew where i was with my imaginary princess, dancing when no one was looking, till one day it happened, got a gf and we were the first couple to dance in the spotlight.... just like th edrawing....Kinda simple but its perfect, wish there was those shimmers of light in the mix which would look better, but great job man!

    Always dreamed dancing with a partner who actually knew ballroom...oh well >_>

  3. sukie Jun 21, 2005

    mmmm....the name charcked me up...
    ...very ncie wall you got there.,..i want it for my DT....
    great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. levezzali Jun 21, 2005


    Sorry for not responding earlier ... I had hu...not-so-cool personal afairs to resolve and get revolted about ... Anyway, quite a great spirit that one have... I think the black BG really gives it a sad and introspective mood and sense, also, regarding the facts tha it shows, it makes this wall with a much inner meaning... actually, seeing a so happy moment and reading a text on your website made me think of the problems I've been facing and well, I kinda reflected on them for a few moments before writing this and .. well... As I can see you could say that your wall tells us that we should not care about the bad things or problems when having fun, or making something that we like.

    I love my family and a few friends who I have a great time together, but latelly I had some problems with them .. but I realized that now I am more focused on the bad things that happened then the good moments... And I realized that I am wrong doing so...

    Well Dernier, thank you for making me think about this subjects, and for a long time I feel good to draw something (ok... It'll be ... another ... saint seiya, but well, at least I am more motivated to make something!

    Thank you again, and have a very nice week!

    - Leandro

  5. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jun 22, 2005

    That's beautiful. Being lost in the blackness like that, it's such an intimate moment, I almost feel like I'm spying on you :)

    Dance Like Nobody's Watching? I do all the time... It's a bit more chaotic your dancing though; limbs go everywhere ;)

  6. Holt Jun 22, 2005

    On the simplistic side but effective nevertheless. Rather dark but I guess it helps convey the message well.
    Nice work. Keep it up!

  7. DREAM Aug 22, 2005

    i didn't comment here? could have swore i did.

    love the concept- as yurikohime said "it's beautiful". i think just a tad [not a lot] of light highlighting a little more of your faces would have be optimal.

    damn, your art is so well-rounded.. does that make any sense? unlike some you never box yourself into a certian style...

    seriously, DC i have no idea what you 'll do next and i love that element of suprise...

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