Tenjou Tenge Wallpaper: Tenjou Tenge - Fatal Beauty

Oh! Great, Tenjou Tenge, Aya Natsume Wallpaper
Oh! Great Mangaka Tenjou Tenge Series Aya Natsume Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Atlast, I manage to submit a wallpaper after like... 2 weeks...@_@. I'm kinda busy these days, it is exams period at my university so I worked on this wallpaper little by little.

Anyway, the concept was inspired by Tama-neko, I was discussing with her on irc and I had this scan of a samurai girl from an other anime, and she suggested to create an "indoor" background, inside a sort of shrine/temple or something like that. At a first moment I dropped that idea, but then I found this scan of Aya and I reworked the concept.

Basically it's an outdoor scene with a perspective that looks indoor, inside an sort of temple room. I had to recg the scan, it was all covered with text and it took me a while since the area around her skirt and the sword were not really easy .

The background has been totally drawn from scratch, using an almost central perspective in order to get the viewer's attention focused mainly on Aya. I got inspired by a scene in the anime where she is training with her sword and she's cutting sakura petals (which explains the sakura petals in the wallpaper, falling from the upper area). The japanese signs drawn on the two flags mean "Tenjou Tenge", I am no japanese expert so Tama gladly helped me to write the title in japanese characters. ^_^

So that's it... I kinda like the way this wallpaper turned out, it went exactly the way I planned it to be, and somehow it has a "kill-bill" feeling to it lol, Aya in that pose kinda resembles Gogo-Yubari hehe.

Thanks again to Tama-neko for helping me out with the Japanese characters and thanks to Kenzuke from Imanimetions who gave me his sakura blossom brush.

More resolutions will be available at FRAGMENTS in the next update ;)

[Edit] Following Crewcifix and Ayane's input I've slightly decreased the amount of the falling sakura petals.

Aspiring Mafia Plug
Member: Tama-neko
Wall: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/125332/
Reason: I'm just in love with this wallpaper, I think it's the best Cowboy Bebop wallpaper I've seen so far. If you guys love that anime then you can't let it slip out of your sight.

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  1. Sandra Jun 19, 2005

    Owwwww ShiNN ! I'm just a fan of all your works ! I just love them all ! You're making my heart beating faster ! Thank you for thoose walls ! And this one looks so amazing , Shinny i just have no words to describ how beautiful it is ! Really ! Just , adding to favs . . Great :]

    This is trully one of your best works , and for me , it's one OF THE BEST WALLS IN ALL MT ! I'm in love i'm just in love with this work ! You rox !
    <it's my actual desktop>

  2. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Jun 19, 2005

    omg itz the shinn man .. >.> go and rawr for saki babe .. x3

    ==;; it's uploading pwweetttyy slowly for me rite now ... *waits waits*

    the banners atually look like they were blurred, and the right banner looks kinda 3d-ish ..
    love the tiny witto dragon ... xD

    the only part i dont like .. >.> ish the cherry blossoms .. they look like .. they were just slapped on ...

    ^-^ but great job with the rest~

  3. Yina Jun 19, 2005

    sakura petals... ... look beautiful on the wallie... yeah.. and I can read the kanjis... >___< don't know if you made the bg.. sorry.. but I'm too lazy to read your description.. anyway.. I like the bg and the whole atmosphere.. so +fav ^^

  4. chingetscook Jun 19, 2005

    Nice work! Excellent job recging that scan, you really can't tell the text was ever there.

  5. Criox Jun 19, 2005

    Hi Rambo! Jkjk! XD You have submitted this piece of work finally! XD Well like I say in the irc, it looks terrific! I really like it. Specially the BG. Kanji looks great, it really fits the BG and scan that you Re-CG it. Awsome work I can say!

  6. FALH Jun 19, 2005

    OMG !!! really nice
    all looking good, but wall with sakura : i love it
    really good wall,an amazing bg for amazing wall

    +fav and good work,really ^^

  7. chibi-kyo Jun 19, 2005

    Woooooah, nice one Shinn~
    The BG looks awesome.. and u wanted to quit walling.. <.< *slaps shinn*
    Nice nice~ keep the great work up, yay~

  8. ramchong Jun 19, 2005

    Hm... very interesting artwork... especially the bg designed... that's tremendous!!!

  9. Meg Jun 19, 2005

    I just finished downloading the entire series. I already told you what I think about this work. It's very neat. Love the killbill mood to it.

  10. Evanrued Jun 19, 2005

    Hey Shinn looks pretty good. I really like the scan of aya you used, and you did a pretty good job on touching it up. The background is very well done, and has a good fee. Texture and design is perfect, and I love it. Everything looks bright and vibrant. Cant wait to see another work from you! Keep it up!

  11. crewcifix Jun 19, 2005

    i've seen this around animepaper.net this one looks very sweet. and the perspective is good however, i find the sakura petals too much. slightly anyway..

    good work.

  12. ayanechan Jun 20, 2005

    kudos to you for the great job. detail on the interior part of the temple was nicely done. now that i look at it the second time, i suddenly think that the sakura petals was a little overdone o.O

  13. exentric Jun 20, 2005

    very nicely done shinn~
    the background was made very detailed. from the floor, to the door, to the paper flag. but to me, for some reason, I feel the wallpaper kinda 'empty'. cant say for sure I feel da wallpaper is rather empty =/
    still, nonetheless, a really amazing work indeed. ^_^

  14. volrath77 Jun 20, 2005

    Excellent work. The bg particularly attracts my attention here. Fav'ed.

  15. anji Jun 20, 2005

    Wow I'm really amazed by the background you have made.
    There's a lot of details and that makes a high quality wall.
    I just loved the dragons and all the writings on the wall. And shadows are nicely done overall.
    The scan is of great quality, but it has really flashy colors so I'm not sure it's the best choice. But well I really like monochrome walls, and if you wanted to do a contrast it works.
    Sakura are always a nice touch ;)
    Thanks for sharing...

  16. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jun 20, 2005

    Pretty designed wall Shinn, the sakura petals and bg is beautifully made but i wish the dragon designs are a bit to much, wish they were one kind of design so it would go togehter....Anyway great job nonetheless man! :)

  17. tareren Jun 20, 2005

    Well, I agree that it has the Kill Bill feeling to it :) I think it looks nice and all, especially the mood of the wall, composition is great as well :D I dont really like the dragons there >< maybe you should make it one big one ... but other than that, for the nice composition, originality and also nice reCging, you deserve 9.3/10 and a fave XD

  18. TheRavenIsUnSkill Jun 20, 2005

    Smooth, mate. Awesome job with the background, lots of detail. Good scan, all-around great wall.

    +fav+download. I'll talk to ya on irc. Cya ^_^ V

  19. cloudcool Jun 20, 2005

    wow~~~the background is so well
    and i like the sakura~:)

  20. shinorei Jun 20, 2005

    very impressive, shinn-san.
    the background is very detailled and neatly planned. quite hard to find something about it to criticize,really.
    however, the sakura petals just don't feel right. maybe it's too pink, you have to have it a bit faded and darker to make it more realistic.
    other than that, the char is pretty much OK but it's best if you could find another cool samurai girl, this one looks quite flimsy even tho she's quite convincing. XD
    and once again, you have a really gorge background.

  21. Susan-chan Jun 20, 2005

    i ahev already commmented this..:D hehehe..hope u remember:D i cant see any mistakes^^ the effects and the whole wally looks great:)

  22. kara Jun 20, 2005

    Wow a really impressive one from you as usual. Really great idea and it looks really realistic.... well anime realistic. I really like the flags especially the bit that's cut off.

    But I'm thinking... with the door frames, the horizontal beams have the wood grains going vertical which looks a bit wrong. Isn't it usually when they cut the beams or whatever they're called it, they still cut along the grain and just assemble it horizontal? Cause if you think about it, it'd break pretty easily if it's so thin and cut across the grains like that... >_> But then again, I could be wrong, don't even know if I make sense OX

    But man it's just awesome, everything else looks just perfect *bows down and worships*

  23. kenzuke Jun 21, 2005

    @_@ ..so this is where you used the brush on.. XD
    ... I really like the concept of this wall. Nicely done... *downloads wall*
    hmm... I think you should turn down the opacity of the dragon designs a bit and put a little blur to it....
    anyway, lovely wall! Keep it up^^

  24. AC2N Jun 21, 2005


    I just can say one word.... unbelieveble !! This is an amazing wallie, and for that, i'm agree with Sandra... i think it's the best wallie on MNTK !!

    You're a master for me ^_^ !!

    Could i add you in my FL, please... i don't want to miss another amazing bomb like this !!!!!

    --> Fav

    Have a nice day...


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