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Is been quite some time i never submit any artwork..... Well this is the one!

Ya... this time i'm playing around with fire!! my first attempt on it... not so good... and i think the scenic is darn worst... well i dig all i got in my brain... may be some of you can give me more ideas or suggestions... anyone?

The scan from Mr. AceGunman ~~ http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/35811/

Anyway... hope you all like it! Thanks!

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  1. akari-chan Jun 14, 2005

    Nice wallie. The background really matches the character. The fire looks very cool. +fav

  2. Lenne Jun 14, 2005

    Interesting wall.I like it!! :) :D
    The flames are very good.
    Favorite!!! ;)

  3. ayane-heine Jun 14, 2005

    hey.. nice wallie there.. ^^ recently you have been playing wif fire huh.. keke.. XD
    the fire make the whole wallie so great.. goodie job.. ^^ ayane surely gonna fav it.. :D
    *fav it*

  4. puscheli Jun 14, 2005

    o.o ..... Sugoi!! ....... o.o

    I like it! I like it! oo


  5. sjolley Jun 14, 2005

    Me like, me like...

    Adding it to my favs.

    Your wallies are always so awesome ramchong! :D

  6. toxictea23 Jun 14, 2005

    AHH IT burns T.T
    wahhh T.T chongie burned mi T.T *hits him* meany XD
    mi is joking
    meow..this is a 'hot' wall XD

  7. lapuk Jun 14, 2005

    yeah very interestin wall you got dude..i'd be glad to help you but i'm notgood with fire either..

  8. lthnadml Jun 14, 2005

    Wow, what a cool Wallpaper ^^
    i really like the bg you created the fire looks great.
    Very nice job. Thanks for sharing :D

  9. mughi Jun 14, 2005

    It is always nice to see that you're trying something new to creat your wallpaper. Not so good? I think it is safe to say that your first attempt at fire effect is off to a hot start. :D

  10. Maija Jun 14, 2005

    Uf.....uf....uf..... @_@ I can't believe my eyes....

    How I Love this chara!!! So sex appeal boy... XP

    Much thanx my Dear rammie! XD

  11. Mabui Jun 14, 2005

    Very nice bg and effects! ^^ However the scan is way to blury and doesn't melt into the bg enough. :/ You should try making lights shift on him, since he is in a fire it should be really light/red areas and really dark/black ones. ^^; But's that only my opinion. The BG was enough for me to make this a fav! ^^ *adds*

  12. SealedSword Jun 14, 2005

    Very kool, the flames are done really well =P
    Is the top part of the wallpaper the sky? It looks kool = )
    Nice Wallpaper, well done

  13. Haia Jun 14, 2005

    Great flames!!! Greast scan!!! Great background!!! although in some ways it kinda seems chalky..........dunno why though...Anways, thankie so so much for sharing this with us ramchong!!! Keep up the awesome works!!! Do what you do best............ I'll be so looking forward to your next one!!! +favie

  14. fukushuusha Jun 14, 2005

    nice flames!! this is really cool looking
    a little too bright for my eyes but cool
    nice work ramchong

  15. snowrabbit Jun 15, 2005

    cool flame effects! looks real enuff..
    is that supposed to be wings on the back of hte caharacter or just a cape shaped as wings?
    it really looks interesting..

  16. redblitzkrieg Jun 15, 2005

    A fiery one.. a must see wallie by akaiken since he likes fiery things..

    nice wallie concept..

  17. soujiokita Jun 15, 2005

    Waahh! This wall is so hot! I love the fire, man, it's very cool! :) I love the scan too. +fav XD

  18. Electrastar Jun 15, 2005

    Intense flame work "ouch my screen is hot" Just kidding. Very nice action going on in this one, feels likes he's the one that caused the explosion in the first place so it's very cool.

  19. studio Jun 15, 2005

    Looks very interesting, and the colour is really hot. XD Great wall ramchong.
    I really luff this one. ^_^ Scan fits in well too.

  20. Atomskcs Jun 15, 2005

    Excelent Fire FX, a very cool wallie ^^ nice job

  21. Clover Jun 15, 2005

    This wallpaper is great, the outcut is really great but
    the scan is not the best but i like this wall^^

  22. hanzou Jun 15, 2005

    That chara cool!!!
    Hmm,back of that chara....is that a wing ??
    The background effects nice.But feels the chara not suits the background...dunno why.

  23. ryu99 Jun 15, 2005

    Great wallpaper!!!!!!! You can do it!!!, you work is excelent, i added a my Fav+.

    Thanks for sharing it!!!!!



  24. cardmage Jun 15, 2005

    You gave the guy wings? That looks a bit weird... Doesn't really suit as well because the guy looks like he's kneeling down... I like the background though. It looks rather hot...

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