Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Number 1 Lacus

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Lacus is the number one female character for year 2005! From Newtype July 2005. I wanted to scan this page and the Kira page together but it was not possible to join them and so I've decided to submit them one by one. Scanned at 200 dpi.

Top 10 female characters of 2005: Lacus, Stellar, Cagalli, Lunamaria,?,?,Meer Campbell, Maya (probably), Riza Hawkeye, Ayanami Rei

Kira's Side: Number 1 Kira by chuayw2000

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  1. animeabigail Jun 14, 2005

    Yay! You posted the other half XD. Lacus s my Favorite Character XD. She is so cute. Im also adding this to my Favs.

  2. paintmearainbow Jun 14, 2005

    yeah!! lacus is no. 1 again!!! hooray! -cheers-
    she is the number 1 female character from 2003 to 2004, now she is also the top in year 2005!! -dances-
    hahaha, she is my fave character:D

  3. requiemX Jun 15, 2005

    That's one great scan! Lacus looks great on that outfit, altough I think she looks great on any outfit. Anyway, this goes to my fav. Thanks 4 sharing!

  4. ItakoLina Jun 19, 2005

    ahhh its Lacus!
    thanks for this wonderful Scan
    and keep up your wonderful work ^^

  5. finale Jun 19, 2005

    No!!!!.....why Cagali is number 3 ?!!?!?!?!!?
    i want she'll be number 1 or 2!!!!! T^T
    but....nevermind she's number 1 for me!!!
    he he he

  6. kai Jun 20, 2005

    Thats really nice, haven't seen much of that scan before, wonder why theres a 1 on haro. :D

  7. chuayw2000 Jun 20, 2005

    Quote by kaiThats really nice, haven't seen much of that scan before, wonder why theres a 1 on haro. :D

    Cos Lacus is the number 1 female chaarcter of 2005 ^^

  8. meowusa Jun 20, 2005

    Awesome pic! Her outfit is really cute! is her hair behind Kira or is that just a trick of the page?

  9. Gurlie Jun 21, 2005

    aw... a scan of Lacus!!! =D
    Gah, I can't get this issue of the Newtype. The stupid bookstore near here that had the JP version of Newtypes is closing donw. >___< *sob*

  10. themoonlightsinger Restricted Member Jul 17, 2005

    ~Lacus looks like a female ninja sorta thing~
    *She looks more mature in that outfit*
    ^^Wonderful Job^^

  11. hykyit Jul 27, 2005

    What?? Hontoni??? Number one female character of the year?? Wowiess~!! How bout Kira then?? Anyways great scan and thanks for sharing~!! ^^

  12. FreedomForever Aug 05, 2005

    Thanks for the scan. Another ninja lacus to add to my collections xD i like this one the most so far

  13. cyandog Aug 10, 2005

    nice scan...
    another one for my lacus collection too...

  14. LegendVer2 Aug 14, 2005

    She looks so delicious here, especially in that ninja outfit. I think they drew her a tad too skinny tho...

  15. KagomeTaisho Aug 28, 2005

    Lacus is so pretty here. I wish I could download this scan... Haro! *squeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaals*

  16. aestalitz Oct 06, 2005

    Lacus is my favourite female character in GSD too, so yay for her being number one! Haro is much love too. :3

  17. Vonniie Nov 12, 2005

    That was e realy nice scan of her ^_^
    I added the scan to my favs ^_^

  18. Miragio Nov 17, 2005

    My darling Lacus. A shifty person like me could marry someone like her. And that's saying alot.

  19. UchihaTaijiya Dec 24, 2005

    She's so pretty. But I like Stellar better. ^^;;
    Lacus is my second favorite! <333
    It's awesome that both of them got so high! Yay!
    Thanks for sharing this! ^_____^

  20. Loneokamionna Jun 03, 2006

    WAI~! Lacus is the #1 female of GSD! Stellar should be the next one ermm... no maybe Cagalli should be the next one... arrggghhh! I can't decide!

  21. pchne2630 Banned Member Jul 29, 2006

    Lacus good lovable good is also lively oh appears lacus to care about
    to kira and to like liking oh

  22. Saulofein Jul 03, 2007

    beautiful scan of lacus....

  23. dongseng Mar 30, 2009

    So pretty! ><
    I wanna like she TT^TT

  24. LastClyne Oct 20, 2009

    Lacus is NO.1 in my heart thx scan is good

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