NieA_7 Wallpaper: Feel The Wind

Yoshitoshi Abe, NieA_7, NieA_7 SCRAP, NieA (Character), Mayuko Chigasaki Wallpaper
Yoshitoshi Abe Mangaka NieA_7 Series NieA_7 SCRAP Artbook NieA (Character) Character Mayuko Chigasaki Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

well i dunno what i was doing but i chanced on seeing this scan of nieA_7 here and i said...ooh i should wall that XD and i did!

i used my fave cloud stock...seriously i'll marry it >.> well not really but it's cool to say that lol
anyway...isnt the cloud ship the cutest thing ever? well i think so...:D and look! i added a feather on the cat so that it will seem like he's looking at it XD

BIG <33333333333333s for kalico (tho she didnt help much -kicks kalico- lol) she has a new wall too which rocks all over LINKIE! http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/129704/

and BIG <3333333333s for redxxii too of http://mercurialdesign.netfor some of the advice he gave while this was in progress

anyhoo hope u like

to those who actually will fave and comment on this wall...I TATEKANE THANK YOU! XD

will be up in fragments when crash decides to update ><

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  1. kalicodreamz Jun 13, 2005

    love the feeling of the wall xD
    and what do you mean i didn't help!
    i told you purple is good!
    and i sent you clouds that you didn't use cause you SUCK.

    time to fav u_u

  2. SaschaC Jun 13, 2005

    Its a beautiful wall.
    I like the felling it gives... such peace... ^_^
    i love it awsome work
    un abrazo

  3. mYNamEisMimOxxx Jun 13, 2005

    nice wallie!!!
    omsh i love thye sky. it`s beautiful!!

  4. ShiNN Jun 13, 2005

    Nice wallpaper Tate, the idea of using textures for this scan and the orange/yellow tones fit very well, although I have to say I think the textures are too "in your face" for my tastes lol, there are certain areas that are really saturated o_o;. and lol, that ship is weird, kinda funny ^^.

  5. faiz138 Jun 13, 2005

    this is wonderful wallie, all your wallie is great.
    i like the way you make wallie, i just wish to make wallie like your's, it has something special i guess lollL. anyway great job.
    +Fav :) :D

  6. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jun 13, 2005

    Huuuuhhhh!your starting to get random whichi like and this wall speaks for itself and the chracters are so weird and dont know what theyre doing which is nice, the cat too! XD
    Lovely textures of death! Great job Tate! :)

  7. Ceridwen Jun 13, 2005

    good job :)
    i find that the clouds are pretty too (but I don't want to mary them ! lol) The sort of logo in the sky is great too :)

  8. evasion Jun 13, 2005

    Hey tatekane! Your works are always beautiful. I love how you did this one! Haha, the clouds are pretty cool, and I like how you did the background. Awesome colors, too ^_~ Thanks! +fav+

  9. Devilet Jun 13, 2005

    Ohh, I like this one Tat, it looks really cool, the texture is quite strong ... But like the effects and the orangy feeling to this wallpaper, the scan is really cool, and nice job with that cloud stock XD

  10. rocknroll-isgo Jun 13, 2005

    The sky may bit too saturated for my tastes, but still... It's a very pretty scene through and through. And I really love the cloud ship! XD

  11. Yina Jun 13, 2005

    I love the orange sky.. XD the clouds look so great.. waii.. I just love it.. the scan fits perfectly to the bg.. >___< also like that strange thing on the sky.. what is it?? O__O a cloud ship??? the atmophere is beautiful.. :nya: +fav ^^

  12. meteorcloud Jun 13, 2005

    waah....great wall...like the orange sky xd~!!! the roof is nice =D~! like the texutre too ^__^ great job ^_^ hmz...that character looks weird XDsitting on the right side ~_~"...ow well well done tate =D~!

  13. Aa-chan Jun 13, 2005

    I especially like the setting and the sky works nicely, although looks a little rough in places.

  14. Sunira Jun 13, 2005

    I totally love the textures presented in this piece! It brings all the elements together! You, dear, deserve a favorite!

  15. bromithia Retired Moderator Jun 13, 2005

    Even though the clouds seem alittle crowded, I like the idea, and the textures are funky. :) Good job Tate!

    *Funky in a good way >_> <_< *

  16. Furikuu Jun 13, 2005

    YOU ARE welcome xD
    Yeah when is Crash going to update? :o

    That aside I really liked this wall, it took me a while to realise what that thing in the sky was... The colour scheme is tight and the clouds looks all fluffy. What else can I say?

  17. exentric Jun 14, 2005

    whoaa very texturey~ XD
    hehe very nice tate~ ya even made that UFO shadow thingy on da sky!
    nice work tate~ ^_^

  18. evol_kimchi Jun 14, 2005

    woooot! you know I loves your niea wall. all the extra detail and overall feel is wonderful, beautiful job taters XD

  19. crewcifix Jun 14, 2005

    i second exentric's view on the texture. superb kind.

    hehe. i had this scan once and i was thinking of walling it too. lol. but your version of the wall is absolutely gorgeous. you have made drama into it.. or something like that. hehe. i should have seen this earlier. lol. too bad that mt had to be slow on me.. lol.. or prolly my server is slow.. =__=; anyway, i'll fav it couz i love it. =)

  20. zaira Jun 14, 2005

    wooo ate tat!! this one is soo cool! i love those looky grunge sky!! sooo pwettie lcouds though they are crowded hehe me love that cool ufo thing!! the scan fit the scene!! nice texture as well!!+fav!

  21. DarkEVO Jun 14, 2005

    Now here's a pretty fine looking wallpaper here.
    I like the background. Very good but a bit to orangy yet still good.
    The character scans are fabulous.
    Good job. +Fav.

  22. jinhui Jun 14, 2005

    nice work i really like sun set background and the texture like drawn on a special kind of paper

  23. biriwilg Retired Moderator Jun 14, 2005

    Very....orange. XD But that's a good thing - I love to see walls that are bold enough to just be all-out one color. It makes me smile. ^_^ Texturing is lovely, but not over the top, and yes those clouds are lovely. I think I've used that photo before too. XD I don't get what that weird blobby thing with the swirl is, but whatever. ^^ The text seems a little blurry and bland to me, but other than that everything's perfect. ^^

  24. anji Jun 14, 2005

    It's a really nice looking wallpaper.
    Really warm colors.
    Nice setting, you did a great job with the clouds and yes the ship is cool. :)
    A little tiny thing that bother me is the feather of the cat that is not really clear.
    It's a bit hard to see that it's a feather, but we can still guess it.
    Keep it up, fav for sure!

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