Neon Genesis Evangelion Wallpaper: Rei..Avert

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rei Ayanami Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Bg done with Painter 9..Last touch with AP Cs..!!

taken from otha wall..not by me.. 'n not in MT..(thx God)

when i saw the pose of Rei..makez me wanna paintin'..

let see.. i'll try 2 find the sitez 4 the image's source.. hasty

it's kinda weird.. she hav pretty similiar face with my x-gal..

her lip..d-oh..God..!!

Henceforth..i'm in luv' with Rei..

u know it's kinda hard if u in luv with a picture..

*sigh!* unreached desire..first Tomiko Van..Now Rei!!

what should i do..!?!

Aiyou!! hope u like this 1.. hope it'll fitz yer artistic taste..

well..again..it's ME.. there's nuthin' i can do with my lowsy skill..

whatever..i just hope u do like it..!!

PS: there's a member who said that all of u were favin' my walliez

only 'coz i've done a hard work..!! were u..?? hope not..

Arigato gozaimashita fellaz!!..4 everythin'!!

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  1. Leaf Jun 13, 2005

    woow!! I absolutely lover your walls!! =DD Wonderful again. ^^ The style and everything =D definately +fav XD Keep up the good work! ^^

  2. ded113 Jun 13, 2005

    NIce! Well for one the BG is nicely done and Rei is painted well too. Nice concept you done! Nice job!! i mean it!

  3. tecnophreak Jun 13, 2005

    very nice wall, i like the softness of the dark lines. buuuuut, there are a couple of stuff you could fix if you wished...
    1. the scenery in te back looks good, but the blurryness strains the observer's eyes. and draws attention away from the character
    2. the text is kind of hard to read, sharpening it might help a bit.
    3. texture....well, you dont really NEED it, but i think an overlaying texture for this type of wall always helps ^_^

    great job and keep it up!

  4. kai81220 Jun 13, 2005

    hmm nice grunge work. great work esp on the rubble in the bg. though the text shouldnt be so far up on the corner, its ok.
    nice one.

  5. drell Jun 13, 2005

    Really stylish...It really dosen't look like grunge but at the same time it looks like grunge XD. At closer look it looks a bit like a painting. Nice work, a +favorite from me.

  6. pengi-san Jun 13, 2005

    A very well done wallpaper. I think you did a good job of splicing the image with the background. And I like the feel of this piece. Definitely goes along with Rei's character.

  7. Sandra Jun 13, 2005

    Owww man ! This is just great ! I love the bg and the chara fits it well ! Great wall from You , next amazing job.Fav+

  8. FALH Jun 13, 2005

    very good style for this wall

    the bg looks dark...like Rei in this wall, she looks so alone...awsome job,really !!!

    keep it up ^^

  9. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jun 13, 2005

    Woah somewaht of a destruction wall and Rei is just coming out of it which is great, love the whole bg of this, Rei really blends all togehtr in all of this and maybe it needs more textures but great job nonetheless! :)

  10. Kiako Jun 13, 2005

    great wallpaper, i like your style
    the composition of the bg is good. you did a good job on thisone^^

  11. exentric Jun 14, 2005

    I love it ryanzha~ its a really nice work~ ^_^
    the typo though is kinda far... ^_^""
    other than that, hey, its a good work~ ^_^

  12. Lana3007 Jun 14, 2005

    Nice! I do like it! By the way I favor your work cause I think that you have a really neat and original style and cause I like them, the amount of work done doesn't really matter in my opinion. Some people can make something really great really fast! Oh, and I got offtopic, I really do like the wallpaper. I always loved that scan of Rei!
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Jormungand Jun 14, 2005

    amazing work~!
    The scan blends in prefectly with the background and great composition as always
    oh and I didn't fave only for the amount of work you've done, well, partly that..
    but I don't fav just any 5 minutes worth of work with no thoughts put into it XD
    It's your style that interest me, really
    In fact, I picked up most of your works from the thumbnails in the submission list

    but anyhoo, it's a great work
    definitely a fav ^.~

  14. Haia Jun 14, 2005

    It's an amazing work!!! I love the background!!! The concept fits so damn well!!! I just love everything about it!!! The mood it brings out appeals to me very much!!! Thankies for sharing an awesome piece!!! +favie

  15. Sakura0chan Jun 19, 2005

    Another cool work!! XD It's really nice.
    The background is very nice. ^__^ The concept is really great!! :D
    Keep up the good work!! :)

  16. Midori-chan Jun 19, 2005

    wow!!! the colors are attractive!! the bg is so nice!!! XD
    Rei looks so pretty there^^
    just gotta add this to my favs!!

  17. Skillzpay Jun 19, 2005

    The whole destruction environment works well with the Rei image and the color scheme is perfect. Only thing I'm not too fond of is how over blurred the background is, it would've been nice to see some more detail but aside from that this is another great submission :)

  18. Riva Jun 20, 2005

    Very nice style, looks simple and pleasing to the eyes. The text is maybe too faded, not quite discernable. Not a big issue.

  19. 3deqi Jun 27, 2005

    After the end of the world, Rei stays alive... thanks to Shinji ? :)

  20. OnigumO Aug 01, 2005

    man, i love your walls! just great *_*

  21. DorianGray Aug 11, 2005

    It is really fantastic, a great work. I like specially the tonalities brown that you have used. :)

  22. kaimynas Restricted Member Sep 08, 2005

    Its Very Nice.Those Colors....Those Eyes.... Just Awesome.Excelent JOB

  23. Dafty Oct 13, 2005

    black and white is a nice color scheme, maybe a tiny bit less of the blurryness woudl be good, and less brown...

    omglolokthxbye -^-^-

  24. SplinterCell Dec 23, 2005

    This pictures purely awesome. I love the faded color scheme which acts like a water paint. Very good job, I'm really liking your style ryannzha.

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