Trinity Blood Wallpaper: ||Trinity Blood : Broken Wings||

Trinity Blood, Abel Nightroad Wallpaper
Trinity Blood Series Abel Nightroad Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Abel Nightroad is hot. Of course, that could be my vampire hunter fetish speaking. Either way, he's hot, and here's a wallpaper of him. Eat your heart out. Based on the ending theme, for the title and for the snowy-graveyard ambience.

Stock and textures from sxc.hu. Special thanks to Tama-Neko for some textures and brushes.

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Browse Trinity Blood Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Jiirotu Jun 12, 2005

    The wallpaper looks great. The colour scheme is really nice and well balanced. Oh and the guy is really _ hot_
    Added it to my favorites ^_^

  2. Chopstickz Jun 12, 2005

    nice colors, the left side is a lil dark though, so much black x_x
    the sky looks nice too and the snow gives it a nice effect,
    cute dude x_x wth did i just say x_x ignore that ^^;;
    anyways nice work sheep XD

  3. mezzed Jun 12, 2005

    wow great use of the image!! ^_^ i was thinking of vectoring this image.....lol too much detail.....and i suck at walling....anyway i really like the texture and the colors for the background.....well keep up the great work!! XD

  4. dianas Jun 12, 2005

    ~*`veri nice .... Abel is so sweet...from Tirinity....^^...`*~+ad to fav

  5. Sunira Jun 12, 2005

    This is very beautiful. I love the paperlike texture throughout the image. The background frames the emotion depicted by the scan beautifully.

  6. sukie Jun 12, 2005

    i love it...
    the bg is great!!!!

  7. moonaki Jun 12, 2005

    Very caputuring and dark. Nicely done,the background really makes the whole thing complete, including the main picture,the guy. I like this because the feel of colors it's inspiring and touching to my heart.I love a lot!!! XP

  8. DarkCrimson Jun 12, 2005

    Oh wow thats one cool lloking wall from you.
    I really love the Background and the Dark-Purple Colors you used.They fit in great.
    Also a very stylish Guy ^^
    Its a shame that are not more Walls from Trinity Blood here.
    add it to my Favs,Thanks for sharing

  9. ladygoofy Jun 12, 2005

    cooooool! I LOVE this ONE it's so cute! The image really fits in with the background...I'm definetly adding this one to my favorites! Very nice work. XP ;)

  10. Tama-Neko Jun 12, 2005

    Mm, love the color choice with the warm purples fading to rose and orange. With the textures and all it gives a nice feeling of a painting, except that a few edges on the wing are a little too cleancut if it actually were a full-on painting (I would expect a bit of "ink bleeding" to smudgify it a tad.)
    Glad you were able to use some of the textures and brushes on the site :D And huzzah for the Bishounen Invasion!

  11. Story-Weaver Jun 12, 2005

    Great wall - very dark and a bit sinister ;)
    i really like the lighting effects you've done on his body and hair.
    One last point - love the sky!


  12. Angel-on-Dragon Jun 12, 2005

    Wow, beautiful wallpaper though it is really dark.
    I love the colors you used and the atmosphere you created with this whole wall is amazing.
    Thanks so much for that awsome work *adds to fav*

  13. hikarinotenshi Jun 12, 2005

    whoa, nice wall. i love dark walls XP ....
    oya the wings rock!

  14. Furikuu Jun 12, 2005

    The purples and oranges really let the black stand out. And this is the first time I think I'm saying this, but you could easily get away with the typography being a fair amount larger >.>
    Overall the character and background are extremely well-integrated. I'd find it hard to recognise this as a wallpaper and not an original artwork if I saw it elsewhere!

  15. lthnadml Jun 12, 2005

    Finally a wallaper that deserve to downlod today!
    This is an excelent , marvelous job. XD
    Thank you so much for that awsome work. XD

  16. miraku-spike Jun 13, 2005

    omg!! Great effects with the darkness! Ha, great Job! This is going in my favs. Even the background is really great too! :nya:

  17. KittyCyn Jun 13, 2005

    Okay Biri...you did gr8 once more! Wanna you to know that I love night wallies or wallies with dark BGs! ^__^ And this one ish no exception!
    I like a lot how you did the BG, those pinkish-Purple colors blend very well and fit the scan perfectly!
    The scan is beautiful, I like the hair and facil expression! :)
    Congrats! Favie 4 me! XD *take care*

  18. kotoko Jun 13, 2005

    yes!!!! A wallpaper OF abel!!!.. yup he's hott... the ending scene is so pretty, no wonder a lot of people like to base it on their walls.. lol... this wallpaper is the best wallpaper of trinity blood i've ever seen!!!!! super job

  19. Rella Jun 13, 2005

    Wow, that looks really neat! The background looks amazing, great colors and scene. Good work! ^^

  20. DayBreak Jun 13, 2005

    I've seen a few episodes of BT.
    and im liking it XD
    as long as it does not become violent as hellsing "that was just over kill"
    than im happy.
    anyway. i love the scan.
    not to mention i love the freakin texture XD

  21. EvoIIICE9A Jun 13, 2005

    nice job on the extraction and the recreation of the missing parts of the wings. I was hoping someone would make a wall out of this picture its absolutley beautiful. Nice work

  22. zaira Jun 13, 2005

    wow!! abel rockz!! i love the demon wings!! the looky grunge bg is soo cool! i love the purple look sky! +fav!

  23. macky Jun 13, 2005

    very very nice, the colours r good. Its just seems abit pkain 4 you.... but i still love it... Keep em coming
    Havent seen trinity blood yet.... hmmm

  24. ded113 Jun 13, 2005

    This is uber awesome!! Especially the background! You done a great job, biri!! Worthy of being in the top faves for a long time!!

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