Tokidoki Sugar Wallpaper: Unbreakable Love

Masaharu, Tokidoki Sugar Wallpaper
Masaharu Mangaka Tokidoki Sugar Game

1280x960 Wallpaper

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What?! A couple wallpaper from kenzuke?!! XD A FIRST!!

Nah, I'm not in love... I was just admiring couples lately.. dunno why... XD ..so I decided to make a wall dedicated to those lovers out there.. ^^

So.. where are they?... they're at a side walk outside a park where a festival is going on... well,.. just make your own story... =P

Worked for about 7+ hours on this and I discovered how to make my own fireworks! Ain't that great?! (I intentionaly made them look cartoony ) ..and... the only thing I did'nt do from scratch are the lamp things... I just Cged some stock to make those..

Here's the original scan if you're interested http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/108792/

More resolutions comming soon at www.imanimetions.net or at my own site...


EDIT: Thanks to Tama-neko for her suggestion^^
EDIT2: Thanks to furikuu for telling me that mistake.... X_X

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  1. Eve Jun 12, 2005

    Aww. ... I looove iiit! Awesome job on the fireworks, and they look so in love. .. . and then some x_X

    I really like this wall. And you put so much effort into it, it really payed off. ^^

    i must fave it, it's so. . .desirable >__>

  2. Silentfury15 Jun 12, 2005

    cute couple.... nice colors... and the back ground somewhat reminds me of... final fantasy viii... very gentle scene..

  3. kikirukikyo Jun 12, 2005

    Awww :nya: soo kawaii -^^- i love this!! i like the fire works in the background too!!good job and nice work!

  4. lunaregina Jun 12, 2005

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I love how the fireworks backlight the scene. ^-^ My only suggestion would be to add coloration in the bushes like the fireworks are reflecting off of them... But still, I absolutely love it kenzuke! +fav!

  5. Tama-Neko Jun 12, 2005

    I love the way you did the fireworks. It's nice that there's a variety in them; some are the straight-shooter types, while some are the wiggling-around types. The bush is also well done- subdued, but with plenty detail to make it fit into the scene without feeling overly realistic, in tune with the drawing style. My only complain is the lighting on the lamps themselves should be more from the top (where the lightbulbs are emanting the light) - right now there's a hint that light is also from behind the lamps, but fireworks alone probably aren't strong enough for that much highlight.
    Oh, and the placement of the lamps makes the lighting on the characters make sense - the whole scene is well integrated.

  6. walkure245 Jun 12, 2005

    Beautiful work on the fireworks. I like that they look cartoony but in a way, still look real. XD Makes it more interesting to look at. This wallie is really romantic and I love the mood. You did an amazing job on the bg. Everything looks well together and you really did good with the details and lighting. What a really beautiful wallie~ XD Superb work~

  7. crewcifix Jun 12, 2005

    the posts remind me of my own wall. lol. but the fireworks are very unique. i love how it blends truly. however, i think tthe fireworks need a bit more touch.. maybe blending or blur because to me it looks just a bit too sharp for a fireworks display.

    also, i find the wall part too bare.. maybe because i expect more from you. XD Anyway, good job.

  8. Kazuya-chan Jun 12, 2005

    this is very nice , i like that background !!!! this is beautiful work on the firework !!!! i like it add to be mt FAV !

  9. Raiyne Jun 12, 2005

    Oooo....very nice wallie. I like the characters, sooo cute, as well as night background and fireworks. Good job :D

  10. sanzo13 Jun 12, 2005

    ken chan!! lol.. nice wallie!! thanks for the share ne..! add ko yan sa faves ko!! ang cute!! hehehehe.. astig naman talaga eh.. submit more dude!! XD :)

  11. MistressPookyChan Jun 12, 2005

    Beautiful! I really like the fireworks. Nice touch. BTW, who says you have to be in love to make a lovey-dovey wallpaper? ^_-

  12. asta Jun 12, 2005

    Wow! ang ganda! ang galing mo talaga kuya! sana marunong din akong magaextract ng mabuti at makagawa ng magagandang effec ts! ^^ at first time mo pala gawa ng couples :) + Fave tong work mo na to! ^^

  13. zaira Jun 12, 2005

    wow!! the fireworks are soo pwettie!! i love them! the scan fits the whole scene! i love also the bushes at the back! and the light posts but maybe try adding some stars are the sky hehe but overall nice wall!+fav!

  14. ramchong Jun 12, 2005

    Hey Kenzie~~!!! you bg way too cool man!! take me as your student lah!!! teach me how to make firework can or not? i luv this wallie!!! must fav!!

  15. Yumi-Chan Jun 12, 2005

    *falls in love with the couple wallpaper* ^____^~~ awww i wish that's me and my boyfriend, LoL
    Skipping such a festival with lots of fire works XD? Those were awesome fireworks, good job on it..
    The bushes and fence looks wonderful, you made them nicely!
    Great job overall ;)

  16. ayanechan Jun 12, 2005

    gotta love the 'intimacy' between the two characters, no? i especially love the bush behind the couple. nice work kenzuke!

  17. SilverBlue Jun 12, 2005

    Gorgeous :) they look so blissful together!!! ^_^

  18. lilm Jun 12, 2005

    LOVE the wallpaper you made here
    and thank you for linking the scan backs to meehs ^^
    i love the fireworks =D
    i love the wallpaper
    *hugs the screen* kekek
    congrats on ur 1st couple wallpaper
    very well done kekek
    *adds 2 favs* keep up the great work

  19. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jun 12, 2005

    Love? YOu!!? o_o heheh pretty out of your league but whats not to admire, i am too the observer of life and couples are one of them....sadly -_- but yeah the whole bg is great, and i thought you just did the fireworks.... XD
    Anyway great job! :) nostalgic in a way...

  20. redblitzkrieg Jun 12, 2005

    Thats you and your GF during last makati day fireworks.. am i ryt? *grins*

  21. Sandra Jun 12, 2005

    No words to descript what i feel when i'm looking at this lovelu wall.Just *_* A Fav

  22. kara Jun 12, 2005

    Woah that just looks awesome! I have to agree that the fireworks look great. And I also really like the fence and bush behind the couple. I've always been wondering how to draw fireworks... you're my new walling idol *_*

  23. Ikorus Jun 12, 2005

    Damn, Kenzuke! You have to be one of the best at making scenery backgrounds from scratch! The fireworks look great. Good for you, you've found a way to make nice fireworks. I wish I could. I especially like the lighting on the bushes and fence. They're amazing.

  24. ShiroiLina Jun 12, 2005

    very very very well done! love how u made the fireworks!! it has such a sweet romantic feeling!!! love it! keep it up kenzuke! i like it very much :D

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