Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Vogue! strike a pose.

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Shinn Asuka Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

or at least that was the ORIGINAL idea for this wall.
i saw the scan and i was like..."shinn! since when are you a back-up dancer for madonna!"
so i actually started by making it into a whole nightmare for GSD fans. but i saw the poor pathetic look on shinn's face and went..."oh, i can't do this to you shinn! you're too cute and full of angst!"
so i had randomly downloaded some image of lights, and screwed with. then while browsing stock's, i saw this image of a hallway. and then there was the song "Walking dead" playing and singing about setting the world on fire, and low and behold, ANOTHER shinn+fire+angst=wall was born.
come on shinn! strut your stuff!
so i screwed with it for a while, and went without the streaks for about 50% of the time, and decided i liked it better with them in there, so i put them back.
so yeah. next time, i'm gonna try REAL hard to not set shinn on fire.
no promises though. cause it's me, and shinn, and fire so yeah.

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Browse Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Rella Jun 12, 2005

    Ooh, wow, that looks really nice!! I love the fire here, the flames rock. The background matches the scan nicely. Good work and a favorite for me! ^^

  2. exentric Jun 12, 2005

    haha man look at those fires... dam it looks good >_<
    really kalico, just plain amazing~
    good work ^_^

  3. Furikuu Jun 12, 2005

    Shinn looks more like a girl every time I see him. Anyway nice wall.. I like the integration of fire from what looks like several source images.

  4. tAtEkAnE Jun 12, 2005

    -acts like a normal member in MT-
    oooh me likes! thanks for sharing! XD
    anyway...dunno what to say..really nice work kolicky! :D

  5. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jun 12, 2005

    Burning with rage and demented fires of unnwanting demise...!!!!! love the bg, the chracter Sshinn works togehter in all of this..Great job Kalico! XD

  6. ayaki Jun 12, 2005

    i luv the firy effect, it fits so well with the char @_@
    his pose even kinda draw u into it ;)
    another great work from you *_~
    +fav for me

  7. ayanechan Jun 12, 2005

    *cries* nuu! kalico beat me to walling this scan ._. shinn.. looks.. hawt in there X_X literally too! lol. the overall wallpaper looks delicious. i just dislike the typography. >.> *steals shinn from kalico*

  8. zaira Jun 12, 2005

    wow!! thos one is soo good!! i love the pose of shinn!! he was totally cute!! the bg really makes the wall hot!! i love the flames!nice hot colors!!+fav!

  9. MLT Jun 13, 2005

    Shin!! *dies* He's just so...yummy in this wallpaper. <3 I'm sosososososo glad that you decided not to do him as a Madonna/Brittney dancer. I'd love, but I'd feel sorry for him at the same time. Lol.

  10. anji Jun 26, 2005

    lol I had to comment on this since your explication was so funny. XD

    Actually I like the wall too.
    I agree Shinn looks a bit funny in that pose lol
    But I really like those hot colors and the contrast between the dark one and light one.
    Nice touch of grunge on the back also.
    Keep it up! :)

  11. Cagari Jun 27, 2005

    It does fit with Shinn though....little punk...But it looks nice!! Lol it would have been so funny if you put him in a dancer outfit.... XD

  12. evojp Jun 30, 2005

    sugoii desune!! this the one of the most great destiny wallpaper overall i seen, why ? coz i like shinn asuka he is the greaterst main character from gundam, best works!! :pacman: :pacman: :pacman: :pacman: :pacman: :pacman: :pacman: :pacman: :pacman: :pacman: :pacman: :pacman:

  13. ladykaze Jul 05, 2005

    This wallpaper looks good even though Shinn looks wierd in this pose,.

  14. Lumineux Jul 08, 2005

    Ooh~ It's Shinn!! ^_^ You did a very nice job on this one--and on lots of other walls too, I'm seeing. Please keep up the fabulous work.

  15. okaasan Jul 15, 2005

    I really like the innocent intensity in his eyes. Thank you for sharing this. XD

  16. jrockerAyane Jul 23, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper...I luv the flames!! Shinn and fire...just fits so well together. Thanks for sharing.

  17. trunghieu Banned Member Jul 28, 2005

    I can feel the heat of the picture.Hot, hot ,hot , hot!!!And very beautiful!!I like Shinn Asuka!!

  18. madlax04 Aug 20, 2005

    oh.... he looks too cool.

    but i like it.kkk nice p. >_<

  19. Collinxx Aug 23, 2005

    Shinn is on Fire.... but it won't debeat Kira.... if you guy can remember in the beginning Shinn actually meet Kira once on where's his family died......


  20. animer Aug 25, 2005

    wow...........shinn looks good in that pose............with the flames around him.....like he in the hell of fire.........oops..no offence ^_^'


  21. zhaolinger Banned Member Sep 09, 2005

    ;) Great It's Beautiful wallpaper hi hi I like it

  22. DSveno Oct 07, 2005

    Wow.....that makes Shinn looked so cool !! I love it, really! Nice work, and thanks for sharing :D.

  23. onestepclosertonumb Oct 13, 2005

    Shinn ??? WOW SO coolllllllllll @_@ !!!
    i love it !!! Very very nice picture !!!

  24. WingsofFreedom Oct 15, 2005

    me likey!!hahahaahahaheeeeee i likey ur title too!!i like the effects you did on the fire!very shinn likeXD.good work!! :)

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