Aoi Nishimata Wallpaper: Spring Melody

Aoi Nishimata Wallpaper
Aoi Nishimata Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

It been quite awhile since I've made a new wallpaper due to university work and stuff >_< but i finally got a chance to make something new last night....

Here is a touch of spring before summer comes in.....the character is from the game callled Lovely Idol i think XD haha....anyways....hope u'll like it ^_^

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  1. Kev Retired Moderator May 27, 2004

    is it still spring? >_< lolol, its winter here

    bahahah, its been a while, a scenery wall, lolol

  2. X-Setsuna-X May 27, 2004

    oook since no one but me and you will understand that ill shut up, it isnt a rip and yea, looks good man, dont think its top notch like your other stuff but the butterflies make it for me XD fav for the butterflies hahaha

  3. Meg May 27, 2004

    you know what i think. n__n love the mountains ;_;

  4. irix May 27, 2004

    Favs! Favs! where its the link...

    Nice work, i'm like who do you put the flowers and the butterflies!!! great work!

  5. keenan83 May 27, 2004

    this looks good man you come out with some really nice stuff all the time.

  6. Genmu May 27, 2004

    Very pretty, I like it. :)

  7. RequiMem May 27, 2004

    Really pretty. The character totally belongs in that scene. The only thing bothering me is the flowers, maybe just a tad bit repetitive in places. I love the light streams behind the text.

  8. ProjectZero May 27, 2004

    YES...I FAV IT....now get off my back LOL
    love the little lighting effect u placed on the tittle ^^

  9. Angelette May 27, 2004

    WAIEE!!! I was thinking about this image, and gundamzz made one!! O_O!! WHEE!~~ Sugoi!!~ I love the typography... What did you do behind it??? WOW~~ I want ur mountains! xD

  10. Ryuujin May 27, 2004

    I love the background, I wish I could do background scenary like that! Great job on it ^_^

  11. Ace May 27, 2004

    Great wallpaper, I like the background.

  12. AE92Truen0 May 27, 2004

    wow, very cute and nice, the flowers are awesome, and colors work well, good job

  13. andanother May 27, 2004

    i don't even noe wut to say... i love this wall i'm going to cry! it's about damn time u made a wall! i was about to came over there and slap the shyt out off u! :p.... u noe i'm jus playing... but foreals tho... this is pretty dope man! *adds to her favs*

  14. Nurika May 27, 2004

    This is a very gorgeous wall. I love it ZZ. ^_^

  15. Dreadwing May 27, 2004

    Its great!The cherry blossom look wierd but still fits.....

  16. Angel May 27, 2004

    You and your scenery walls ... are so good XD
    Although the flowers start to look un-natural as you go up and the bubble at her ankle by the ribbon seems odd ... but very spring and fresh feeling to it. I like the water and mountains the most, seems fitting and looks real.

  17. crapmonster May 27, 2004

    holy crap this wall is too awesome! definitely faving!!

  18. shinta May 27, 2004

    Wakekekeke! PPPSSSSAAAAMMMM!!! I like them flowers =^o^= *favs*

  19. Virus610 May 27, 2004

    whoah, that's really nicely done, very cute ^_^ great job.. looks very colourful, a nice thing to use for going frmo spring to summer as background, but i prefer the desolate ones more, still relalynice though =D

  20. Yumi-Chan May 27, 2004

    i hate u!! ure so good at scenery walls!! >_< *favs*

  21. Sh0rT0nE May 27, 2004

    very pretty...very well done...everything is put together nicely...nice job ^_^

  22. kc2 May 27, 2004

    This wall of yours is great!! Realllyy nice ^_^

  23. seta_chan May 27, 2004

    nice scenery =) loving it

  24. Osiris Retired Moderator May 27, 2004


    get back to work you lazy bum *whip whip* XD

    ...nice scenery...>_> ur gonna make me look bad if you keep this up <_<

    BAH! >_<! ................. ima fav this cuz ur rave >_>

    :P j.k j.k good stuff ^_^

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