Saint Seiya: Melody of Daydream

Masami Kurumada, Saint Seiya, Siren Sorrento, Member Art
Masami Kurumada Mangaka Saint Seiya Series Siren Sorrento Character Member Art Source


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Good morning people!

- Well, here is 9:49 am and I woke up a few moments ago with the phone .. ringing ... whe I picked it up the other side had turned off..... grrrrrrr.. - alright....

SOOOO! Long time without a submission huh?! Well, I have been ... busy is not the word ... kinda tired and full of other stuff to do (I guess "busy" would fit then...) The last weeks in the university were like, close to chaos, first we had to edit that comercial I filmed a month ago... and then we (I ) had to edit another one this week that gave a pile of stress because the computer always turned off all of a sudden...
We are doing an Integrated Work (like... interdisciplinary) in the university and we are with a lot of problems because teathcers haven't done their work correctly and now we have to rush on it because the deadline is next week... so ... I wanna just shoot me in the head... We are doing some other works that are driving us crazy (us= me and my group partners)...

Work was realtively calm this week... I work in the university Advertisement Lab, so, the students of the 4h year go there to do their works and presentations, and last week was the "small project" presentation... I helped like some 3 or 4 groups to do their final arrangements and worked like crazy ( thursday, 4:00 pm my phone rings, Renata is desperately crying on the other side calling me to go to the lab because they made a thing wrong in the day before and needed a file that was in her computer ... resuming I got in the university from 4:00 to 11:00 pm....

I am also in a quest to getting thin! I have less 12 kilos in my body since last month, I am SO happy!!!! ^_^

But now things are getting in the axes again, so this week I had time to re-take the old projects (ok Anjhurin? sorry for not getting in touch), and made this one as a "test" to know if I could do some stuff in PS... and well... I can!

I like this one very much, and intend to do a wallpaper of it in the future with some extra details, of course... And to those who can't recognize him, he is Sorrento of Siren ... I always liked the musician saints from SS and I really admire this ability to play an instrument to fight... like, unusual! I can only say that Shun never have some luck against musical instruments.... anyway... I hope you all like it! Ok, Bg is not all that but I guess I am improving... right? XD And thanks for my friend Rodrummer who helped me with some PS stuff

And I dedicate this one for 2 girls, the first is one I know personaly and is always with me, Janaina, I like her very much and gave this drawing to her yesterday. The other girl is Charaz... I know it's not wuite a great homenage, but well, think of him playing a song for you and you are feeling sleepy and confortable with the melody, soothing your soul...

Coments are very much apreciated!!!

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  1. belmikry Retired Moderator Jun 11, 2005

    omfg- i dont even know where to start- the lighting, colouring- the image!!! [whistles]

    fantastic ;)

  2. calisqo Jun 11, 2005

    nice work.
    COlor and design are amazing *_*
    i must say the lighting is very well executed.
    The detials is great, that's prob why i like most of your drawings, "details"
    Color wise is very nice, interesting choice of color to go with gold though.
    Nonetheless awesome work

  3. Ovelha Jun 11, 2005

    Four words : omfg!!!!! O.O''''''

    Da-lhe tio Leandro detonando nos desenhos!!!!!!!!E Meu....putz, esse Sorento ficou DEMAIS!!!!!Putz, arrisco dizer que é um dos melhores que vc ja fez hein!!! To falando que vc ta se superando tio leandro!!!!!!!

    A gente se ve bross, teh mais!!

  4. acid-awakening Jun 12, 2005

    Nice details.... perfect... nice colouring too... must've taken long
    the armour is done well.... but maybe the face should or could be better
    Thanx for sharing anywayz

  5. studio Jun 12, 2005

    That's wonderful work levezzali, the colour is so beautiful! The image itself is amazing. I luff it ^_^ Excellent.

  6. Anjhurin Jun 12, 2005

    ahah it's a doujinshi blog ne? :) .... anyway good to hear from you, it's still the "give me your blood or i'll kill ya" ad? the one with the poor fan-wind biker ^_^ . phew i get the feeling of rush just by reading this comment, take it easy.........

    well about the drawing, he's got no headgear, and it makes it better in a way, cause the hair fits more naturally in the drawing compared to the other saints. well in fact in fits perfectly, really nice color, and his face is a lot less masculine than the other saints as well, a lot more smooth, it really goes well with the general character and the wonderfull wings. yeah a great job on the armor as usual, nice "rising sun" effect (under the ocean ^_^') and good reflections. the hands are well drawn and the flute too (it actually look like that doesn't it?).

    so all in all, a great job jackie boy (ah never mind, just saw sin city ^_^)..... if you like the musical guys, draw a mim soon (the one with the harp or something, he's one of my best buddy too :pacman: )

  7. harakiri Jun 12, 2005

    You are becoming a specialist for golden armor painting ^^. Gold is a colour that is hard to create so I admire the light and shadow effects you use to create the golden look. The pink dust is maybe a bit extreme but it looks good anyway. I think pink is a colour that becomes quite popular in anime - every second explosion is pink in new animation series xD
    The light in the picture creates a mystic atmosphere on the character and I can imagine a special - dream creating melody - being played by him.
    I hope you have some time to paint more pictures though you are totally busy with university. I think I haven't asked what you are studying. You're always talking about ads so I suppose you're studying advertisement?

  8. LadyNorthstar Jun 12, 2005

    Your art is fantastic as always! I lvoe this version of Sorrento! * *
    And the colouring is extraordinary! I looooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee itttt! XD

  9. evasion Jun 13, 2005

    Hey levezzali! W00t! I'm glad you found time for a new piece of artwork :) Tsk tsk, you've kept us waiting! XD At least the wait was worth it! Wow, I hope things are settling down at the university ^_^. My god, though, this piece is awesome! Argh, I'm so jealous of the way you do the armor! It looks way cool. *sits for hours and studies*. I can never get the lighting to make the armor look right. It always looks...weird...on my pics. *cries* T_T. Excellent work with the lighting and anatomy - as always! :D This one is simply amazing. +fav+ ^_~

  10. hytokiri Jun 14, 2005

    Good one, the title combines very well with the draw excellent. live on!!!

  11. benjaminchia Jun 20, 2005

    what the ...... woooow .. so incredible and well done. this is so beautifully done. the armor . lightings .. which part the armour is shining or is brighter than the rest is so welly captured and precise ..

    two thumbs up
    this is one incredible of a piece of art.

    ps: sorry haven't been able to keep up with art works . been bz with exams.

  12. alanmf Aug 21, 2005

    your style is very diferent, very interesting.
    very well done!

  13. charaznableamurorei Jun 23, 2006

    I told you about how I got to revive my love for playing the bamboo flute (in Tagalog/Filipino it's plawtang yari sa kawayan, but I think there's a better term for that) when I left everything behind and went on that long sojourn of sorts, lev? I'm just so surprised that it got drawn and CG'd into this art of yours. Actually, I got to learn playing some instrumental tunes from the Haibane Renmei series (Kuu's theme, "Sora ni Arigatou" and "Refrain of Memory" -- pretty simple stuff, honestly) by ear and some other local songs, since I had lots of time off... anyway, I do love this piece. The art really touches some part of my own experiences... and somehow painfully reminds me that a flute of that kind displayed in "Melody of Daydream" costs about a whole month's worth of a person's minimum wage here in my country (around 6,000 pesos or $120). *is sad and appalled at the same time.* I guess it will take a while (or never in the worst case) before I earn enough to indulge myself in such a flute, but well, at least I have regained a part of me that I thought was lost or buried while going thru this so-called life we've constrained ourselves to live in...

    But thank you for "Melody of Daydream", lev! I really, really love it!

  14. zxcvbnmqqqq11123313 Feb 10, 2008


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