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Hello! This is another wall fro me! ^_^

And this is dedicated to all my Friends! (Sorry I don�t know how to put a link of my FL, I�m not familiar w/ the codes yet ^_^�) ( Ashlet Pasensya ka na talaga� pero di ka talaga pwedeng dumalaw muna sa bahay� I�m really sorry� kaya huwag ka ng magtampo, ako nga dapat magatampo eh� ni minsan di man lang ako naka punta sa bahay niyo�)

Hmm� gain the extraction sux�.

I�m not sure if I did the BG properly�. The effects arent that good.... It's too simple I think... (My inner self convinced me again to post this... :) )

But I still thinks it looks nice and I hope that you guys will like it :)^_^

(To some of my friends that I mentioned that I will be sort of busy� especially to Kuya Akaiken, magiging busy na ako niyan ginawa ko lang ito bilang paalam ko pansamantala :) )

I�m will be kind of busy so consider this wall as my farewell here in MT for a while� I have lots of Homework, and we will Lots of test and recitation and reports now that I�m a senior� and I really have to study hard especially at Physics, math and el Fili (Kung hindi bubugahan ako ng apoy ni Sir Rolex a.k.a The Fire Brething Dragon of S.N.A, na teacher ko sa Filipino or El Fili)

Anyway I hope you guys like it! ^_^

Edit: Note: The Image is not mine

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  1. sakuralim Jun 11, 2005

    sweet, nice and simple ^^
    very nice wall
    like it
    the colours are pleasant too
    really nice wall
    hehe ^^

  2. studio Jun 11, 2005

    Lovely sky asta, and I also love the colours on the wall. It's simple, but still very nice. ^_^
    The petals on the top left corner are from a sakura tree hm? The petals look very beautiful, but perhaps a trunk may make it look a little more balanced. Anyhow, good work.

  3. JSakura Jun 11, 2005

    you present the innocence of the character very well... nice background to go with it.. bright n sunny day... nice wallpaper...

  4. Kiako Jun 11, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the girl is very pretty. everything in the bg fits well together. i like the way you made the clouds^^
    keep it up

  5. uchiha-vegeta Jun 11, 2005

    nice wallpaper , and a cute girl , i have to agree with Kiako here , everything is well done

  6. Shkira Jun 11, 2005

    As someone on your friendslist, I say "Thank You for the wall!" =^_^=

  7. Iniquitymaiden Jun 11, 2005

    I really like what you've done there, the stock is cool. I like the background. The top corner where the pink is... duno about that though..

  8. chisana Jun 11, 2005

    It's very sweet!! :D The girl is so pretty and kawaii, blends with the bg so well :)
    The colors are beautiful and bright ^^ And I loveee the text :D it's just so pretty ^^
    Overall, nice job, keep it up!! :)

  9. AngelKate Jun 11, 2005

    This is so pretty! I love how cheerful it is, and the character does look very innocent. ^_^ Nice job!

  10. eclair-chan Jun 11, 2005

    cute it's so cool I like the nature sceen it so awsome thanks for the share asta and your innere self was correct in you to post it up ;)

  11. Lifeless Jun 11, 2005

    Well before I sleep I guess I could add this to my favs.....it's just too good not to^^ *yawns*

  12. bevy-chan Jun 11, 2005

    ne! Kawaii!!!!!!! Honto-ne!!!!!!!It rocks dude!!!!! I think it's so cute!!!!! Nice one!!!!

  13. Sunira Jun 11, 2005

    Its very simple. I would suggest adding some more elements to it, like more flowers or some sort of small animal life, maybe field mice or butterflies or even a large background animal such as a horse. Maybe Im just jaded after seeing 20 million grass/sky/girl wallpapers, but I think this is a good start. :)

  14. THE-DARK-PRINCE Jun 11, 2005

    Quote by Kiakonice wallpaper, the girl is very pretty. everything in the bg fits well together. i like the way you made the clouds^^
    keep it up

    Yeah... very good one ... I like the clouds so much... thanks for sharing... :) :D

  15. Akaiken Jun 11, 2005

    Awwwww.... the innocent one...

    Nice wallie you got there asta! Green fields is suited for that!

  16. fawna-chan Jun 12, 2005

    wow, supernice! the girl looks so...innocent and sweet! beautiful and simple.

  17. zaea Jun 12, 2005

    This wall is so pretty....nice job with the bg...it's cute yet simple.... ;) Great work

  18. wolfsfreak09 Jun 12, 2005

    she is so adorable ^_^ i like it alot and the title goes well with it ^_^ *adds to fav list*=3

  19. ZKyoy Jun 12, 2005

    i love the sky! and the scan! and the grass! and the atmosphere! and everything about this wall! keep it up!

  20. WatashiBaka Jun 12, 2005

    Very nice with the clouds and the whole background is so nice :o
    nice work as usual, keep it up :D

  21. zaira Jun 12, 2005

    wee heya!! i love the cool sky!! the clouds are soo pwettie!! nice grass as well but maybe try adding some other colors of grass like dark green. nice flowers as well around her! the sakura petals need some work add some above her! but overall lovely wall! ;)

  22. crewcifix Jun 12, 2005

    beautiful work. i love the clouds and how the scan blends. work on the grass just a tad bit. its a obvious photoshop brush and we do not want other ppl to know how we did our work now, don't we?

  23. redblitzkrieg Jun 12, 2005

    Very peaceful wallie.. thats a new zealand grass.. so green..

  24. Sakura0chan Jun 12, 2005

    Very cute wallpaper, asta. ^__^ I like the background very much. ^__^ You did a great job doing it. ^___^ Keep up the good work!! :D

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