Memories Off Wallpaper: [Walking alone...]

Mutsumi Sasaki, Memories Off, Inori Misasagi Wallpaper
Mutsumi Sasaki Mangaka Memories Off Series,Visual Novel Inori Misasagi Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Just a wall i've been working on since early this morning. Man did i have a hard time searching for tutorials on how to make a planet just to make that one in my wall>.<
It turned out the tutorial was right under my nose at goodtutorials >.<
*smacks self* ake im stupid.
ake.....i almost forgot something T.T
I will be leaving within 2 and a half weeks for Odaiba,nawa, and tokyo. +.S.T.R.A.Y.+ has received a offer for a contract on 8 albums...if we make it that far.>.< XD. Anyways...dont worry friends, i wont be leaving yet...XD..still a lot of days until then. I think im going to suffer when i get to the studios in tokyo>.< sean the manager is going to be poking me to head to some arcades. He may be 32 years old, but he acts like a child -.- But i will be snatching his laptop hahah soo i can check in on MT with all my friend^.^I'm going to odaiba to visit my cousin jin since she is looking after grandma there because she is orignally living in tokyo, then nawa to visit uncle....hahah he's queer...anyways...

hahah back to the wall ne?
45 layers...most of them were on the planet^.^
i worked very hard on this wall...
it was extremly difficult to make....

ooo and this time......NO FEATHERS XD...hahah
This wall is also a remake to my other one called Angel In the Light, but i decided to make a newer version since the other one sucks..http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/118949/
I hope you enjoy this wall...

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  1. AngelKate Jun 10, 2005

    Erm...I know I'm not on your FL, but I saw it pop up on recent submissions while browsing and I decided to look. ^_^ It's very pretty, the planet in the background turned out very well, your hard work on it paid off. ^_^ Adding to faves. :)

  2. Lenne Jun 10, 2005

    Beautiful work!I just love this scan,and the backgroud is so mysterious.
    About your voyage,good luck! :D Hope everything turns alright!Come back safe,OK?
    See YA! ;)

  3. Nakofan Jun 10, 2005

    It's soo beautiful.
    Your not stupid, I'm so terrible at painting and you did such wonderfull job on the planet.
    The only bad part of it is that i sense sadness within the picture (its soo powerful) :( .
    Hope you have a wonderful time during those two weeks. :)
    Really like your wall

  4. Eimin Jun 10, 2005

    Definitely a fave, it's awesome :D and beautiful XD Good luck on your trip by the way^-~

  5. jotfif Jun 10, 2005

    Quote by NakofanIt's soo beautiful.
    Your not stupid, I'm so terrible at painting and you did such wonderfull job on the planet.
    The only bad part of it is that i sense sadness within the picture (its soo powerful) :( .
    Hope you have a wonderful time during those two weeks. :) Really like your wall

    It`s great nicely done <:nya: yea go toxictea :nya: >

  6. FALH Jun 10, 2005

    nice one,
    very cool night background,the moon looks cool with the girl
    i love sakura ^^


  7. ultimate540 Jun 10, 2005

    Wow!...that's excellent...The night looks amazing....what's the glowing orb in her hand?

  8. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jun 10, 2005

    o.o i like this version more than the last one

    The planet look kool,maybe is too big,maybe is just me,but i like it,the trees,maybe u can add more depth (try to duplicate that layer,use a 2.5 gaussian blur and change the opacity between 50% or 70%),and i think the starfield looks a little blurry and dark,the sakura petals look kool,almost like a part of the original scan.

    The extraction is nice,also the blending,maybe u can change the position of the title,cause i think is to low and the taskbar may cover it.

    Anyway,overall is a good wall,like i said before i like more than the other version.

    Btw,good luck ^^

  9. MS0B9 Jun 10, 2005

    Very pertty wallie toxictea. :) I love the scan and the background is beautiful. Great job and adding to favs!

  10. ssgohan Jun 10, 2005

    beautiful wallpaper, the planet looks amazing
    nice choice of character, she goes great with the background you created
    great job, definitely adding this to my fav

  11. tripleG Jun 10, 2005

    Wow that's great! Good job!! OMG, you are awsome! (bows)! Keep it up girl!

    ~Triple G~

  12. onegaishimasu Jun 10, 2005

    ahhh!!!! that soo beautifil t_t
    omg OMG OMG THIS IS going TO MY FAV list
    this IS THE shits!

  13. lthnadml Jun 10, 2005

    Very good Work.
    The background is beautiful and you did such wonderfull job on the planet. :)

  14. lilly2 Jun 10, 2005

    this IS awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Odysseus Jun 10, 2005

    Excellent work! The planet is actually very good (and very nice choice of a background instead of a moon). All of the effects and the bg is beautiful. The character is very pretty and blends with the bg very well. Her expression is rather cute to me. Anyway, Great job! I love it.

  16. CelestialFairy69 Jun 10, 2005

    thanks my friend, i love it so much, it is really good, i like the bg and the girl too, the moon is awesome!
    niceeeeeeeeee :nya: :nya:

  17. NahLiJ Jun 10, 2005

    great work o.o i love the feel im getting from it ...hawt! lol

    good luck on your trip and i hope everything goes well ..keep us informed!

    *adds to favy

  18. soujiokita Jun 10, 2005

    Oooooooooh, it's really beautiful! Scan is excellent, background and moon are terrific, and the flower petals are pretty too! I can see you worked really hard on this wall, and you worked well on it too. XD I hope you have a good trip, I will miss you. :( +favie

  19. zaira Jun 10, 2005

    wow!! nice darky scene! i love the moon the tree!nice sakura petals as well nice job!+fav!

  20. Sunira Jun 10, 2005

    How very beautiful. I really like the dark background, you've excecuted some common background elements quite nicely.

  21. hikarinotenshi Jun 10, 2005

    so pretttyyy!! cherry blossoms.......

  22. BorisGrishenko Jun 10, 2005

    Wow...very nice. I am quite impressed with this one. Keep up the good work, my friend!

  23. hiddensnakehands Jun 11, 2005

    wow it seems like you are really sad and alone, i feel it, thanks for the awesome picture

  24. limes-eye Jun 11, 2005

    This looks beautiful... I love the way you made the moon, it's different, unique and looks wonderful. The trees look nice even if it's a little creepy. Adds more feel to the picture I guess. I love this wallie! *add to favs*

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