You Shiina Wallpaper: Musician of Heaven

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hii!! My neeeew wally is here....hmm..it turned out a bit......hmm...this wasnt my original idea:D to make a "heaven" field.........it took me about 6 hours (beacuse of the cloud to paint.....i am not a painter XD) and i think i wont make a wally for about a week or two XD i am tired... XD
Well..my last words: hope u enjoy !!
:) :) :)

and hmm..for Tatsuya's question....what she is sitting on? on a golden stairs XD i can say..:D

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  1. Kelanoa Jun 10, 2005

    Waouh that's a fantastic wallie Susan-chan :D The girl is so cute and the background is awesome !! thx so much for sharing, it's my new desktop wallpaper :)


  2. knightstar3 Jun 10, 2005

    wow!! that's beautiful!!! ^ - ^
    the girl looks cute and bg is absolutely awesome!!! XD
    once again, great wall Susan-chan!! :D

  3. Yina Jun 10, 2005

    uhh.. the purple is a bit too much... >.< and I think you can blend the clouds a bit more into the sky.. but overall it's a great idea and composition. I like the way how you put everything together^^ especially the temple fits great to the atmsophere.. ^^

  4. Siri Jun 10, 2005

    how pretty
    how dreamy
    how cloudy
    and your choice of image was great as per usual
    how could i deny you a fav?
    nya ^^ <3

  5. Tatsuya Jun 10, 2005

    nice concept and good composition, but i would like to know what is she sitting on ?

  6. papyworld Jun 10, 2005

    that's a very nice wall ; here i like nearly everything. The conception is very nice. All is very clean and pure in the background. The clouds are nicely designed and the little fairy powder gives a nice effect. Not too much and sufficienly for that it isn't empty. The score is also very nice and the temple looks great ^_^
    The scan is nice too ; i like the character style. The sole thing i regret is that it is soooo lightened. The hair are nearly white because of that effect. Maybe was the original scan like that ... i don't know. It isn't that precise. But it is a very nice character ^_^
    The wings are cute too. Another thing i don't really like is the top left part. It is a little too pink compared with the other parts. And the stars aren't really respecting the perspective. This could maybe be fixed ^_^'
    But well this wall is really really great. A lot of great things are on it ; i just wanted to tell you what i thought a little weird ^_^
    a favourite for me with no doubt :)

  7. evasion Jun 10, 2005

    Oh wow! Susan-chan, this is awesome! I love the whole atmosphere of the scene - very well done. ^_^. Please keep up the wonderful works - we'll be waiting for more :)

  8. DarkEVO Jun 10, 2005

    Great background. Nice colour to fit the character. Good theme. +Fav.

  9. Dufoe88 Jun 10, 2005

    ohh :o onther wallie from susan-chan.. and its Perfect!!! i love it.. adding to my fav :D
    cyaa around..

  10. Sunira Jun 10, 2005

    How interesting! I've always admired wallpapers using purple and this one blends different tints and shades of it nicely. The placement of the elements is also good. Keep up the great work :)

  11. Kazuya-chan Jun 10, 2005

    good concept and nice composition !!! that background is look like heaven , that scan where u get it ??? this scan is really good quality !!!! i like this wallpapers , but i think u can take a exactitude scan give that background well anyway i like this thanks !

  12. chingetscook Jun 10, 2005

    Very nice, solid theme, good color, pretty good extraction and blending. great job!

  13. XDarkDestinyX Jun 10, 2005

    It's so cute and simple~ I love the clouds and it's smooth~~ It's just beautiful~

  14. MS0B9 Jun 10, 2005

    Very cute wallie you got there. :) I love the scan and the background is some what dreamy. Love your wallie and adding to favs!

  15. pegassuss Jun 10, 2005

    Nice wallie susan-chan! The scan is lovely and cute and the background is very nice. I love the colours you chose ^^ Nice composition! Good job! Keep it up!

  16. rubenz Jun 10, 2005

    Its really wonderfull, i like the bakground also, 10/10.......^^

  17. kurokaze Jun 10, 2005

    ' Susan-chan ' i really like Your wallpapers, they are very beautiful You have talent to make so many fantastic wallpaper gallery ^.^
    i'm glad that i can meet person who have that super talent...

  18. Tantaga Jun 10, 2005

    Thie idea of a purple heaven is a cool touch. Usually heavenly walls are bright and cheerful, but yours manages to be moody yet still give off a friendly vibe. The use of a Shinto gate (I believe that is what it is called...) is a good varioation of the traditional golden gate people tend to associate with heaven. It's simple, yet has many complexities within itself. The brightness of the moonn matches the stars and sparkles well and give the wall it's boost of magic. Good use of comets too ... really adds an asymetrical balance to the wall.

    The only aspect of your wall that I don't like is the boldness of the music script. I can tell you have dimmed it down and fiddled with it, but it seems to bold with the softness of the background, or at least the part that is near the character. The left side of the sky could probably use a bit more stars, seeing as the right side is packed full of sparkles. The wings are simplistic, but in a good way and match the effect you used in the text so no quarrels with that :nya: . Overall, cute wallpaper you've created ;) .

  19. hikarinotenshi Jun 10, 2005

    omg! susan-chan i love this wallie! (hugs)u should receive an award for making such pretty wallpapers OX

  20. lacusklein83 Jun 10, 2005

    Wooo, very pretty! You did a great job. Everything is so beautiful. I commend you! *bows*

  21. Shkira Jun 10, 2005

    The Torii is a beautiful touch. Nice idea, I love the mix of colors in the sky. Pretty! =^_^=

  22. OneWingTenshi Jun 10, 2005

    It is not very heaven...but it is more...hmmm....fantasy...?! Nah...those are the same thing anyway...I really like the gate up there...purple clouds...why not...!! You are a good painter...so there is no weirdness...I think...although the clouds located at the gate is very nicely done...a fav+...!!

  23. walkure245 Jun 10, 2005

    Really beautiful and elegant~ I like the idea even if it wasn't your original idea. It turned out really good. The clouds and the light fog is really quite nice and the colors really match the scan. I'm glad that the stairs are there but maybe to lessen the confusion, maybe you can extend the stairs towards the gates of heaven, but make it fades as it go up. But you don't have to or anything. I love the fairy wings and the strand of music notes coming from her instrument. However, it's kind of short and I would love to see more and it would add more to the theme. You can make spiral back to the the heavens. The lights are cute and I like the sharpness of the wall. The extraction and quality is really good. Wonderful work as always~ ^_^

  24. kara Jun 10, 2005

    Wows very pretty^^ Purple's great, I love purple XD The sparkly things are really well done. Very nice^^

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