Spectral Souls Wallpaper: Chronicles of Death

Spectral Souls Wallpaper

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at last i learned how to use photoshop! [err...i only use this to crop avas and sigs]
this is my first project using photoshop...and hopefully i can somehow improve my skills!

if this sub wont get deleted...probably i'll decide to make more wallies...but if it is...then it means i need to improve my skills!

dont worry though because i wont be mad if you delete it because i know you have a good reason :nya:

just enjoy!

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  1. Tatsuya Jun 10, 2005

    nice concept, though i think the extraction need to fix, coz i seen a few blue color on her hair! IMHO

  2. DarkIngram Jun 10, 2005

    ikaw ba ang nagdrawing nyan? Kung ikaw nga, magaling. Gumagamit nga pala ako ng photoshop CS at 7 at Corel Draw11,12 at Macromedia Freehand10 at Adobe Illustrator CS at ...wala na.
    dami 'no graphic artist kasi ako^ ^ he he.

  3. Kimaris Jun 10, 2005

    Wow. Awesome!

    Quote by Tatsuyanice concept, though i think the extraction need to fix, coz i seen a few blue color on her hair! IMHO

    I agree the extraction could be improved, but where you got the blue...I don't know.
    But it's a great wall none the less. Well Done for your first time.
    I really like the border too, well thought out.
    Great work here, keep at it!


    Oh yeah, I see the blue, but thats the shadow from her head casting onto her hair, isn't it?
    Once again, great wall!

  4. athena Jun 10, 2005


    i guess it's really included in the pic...or...uhmmm...whatever?

    i dont know where's the blue...but i guess you're right...i need more improvement!

    but it's my first time!

    jokes!! :D

  5. redblitzkrieg Jun 10, 2005

    Nice to see yah improving....
    Simple and good color combination..

    The girl looks deadly.. *runs away*

  6. Vinitachi Jun 10, 2005

    Overall I like it. Much better than my first wall. Extraction is overall pretty clean. Background is nice also. >_>
    Keep it up! ^_^

  7. Shkira Jun 10, 2005

    That's a kick ass looking character. Lovely wall, nice job!! =^_^= (like your matching av/sig, too!)

  8. asta Jun 10, 2005

    Quote by athena YIPPEE!!

    at last i learned how to use photoshop! [err...i only use this to crop avas and sigs]
    this is my first project using photoshop...and hopefully i can somehow improve my skills!

    Pare pala tayo! Di ko rin alam gamitin ang photo shop, ni mag crop nga lang gamit yun di ko alam pero ngayon natutunan ko rin sa pageexperiment. pero di ganun kaganda kasi di naman ako nagbasa at dumaan sa mga tutorials ^_^'

    Anyway cool work! but the extraction on one part of her hair needs a little bit of work but over all a very CCN (Cool&Clean and Nice) Wall!

  9. ShyGuy Jun 10, 2005

    well thats nice i guess. u just need some work but u'll pull thru just fine.

  10. DarkCrimson Jun 10, 2005

    Oh wow................this is one cool Wall from you.....
    I just love the kick ass Girl with her big Scythe and the awesome Skull Claw.
    Ahwww....I add it to my Favs.Thanks for sharing^^

  11. Akaiken Jun 10, 2005

    Hey athena!!! Nabuhay ka!!!

    Anyways, nice job on the wallie. I like that deadly girl!!! Shess... my killing instincts...

  12. Kazuya-chan Jun 10, 2005

    nice wallpapers , that background is good ! good job keep it up !

  13. gnXiahouDun Jun 10, 2005

    Yeah I see some blue showing up in the hair as well but it isn't too noticeable. Overall, its still a very nice wallpaper considering its your first time.

  14. zh4rx0 Jun 10, 2005

    Thats the spirit athena ^^. Never give up! Nevar surrender! Keep it up and soon u will be among the greatest artist in MT ;) :) . Athena faito!!
    About the wallpaper i must say u did a good job on your first time using PS. I think if the colour of the foreground character a bit more vibrant will look much better. Example like give the chain more goldlike colour. Well that just my opinion. I hope to see more of ur great artworks. Keep it up & keep it coming ;) ^_^' :)

  15. Koujisama Jun 10, 2005

    Hmmm nice girl on this wallpaper :) she is really cute and eee.. sweet ^_^
    Fantastic wall :)

  16. Norimune Jun 10, 2005

    I disagree with Tatsuya, and agree with Athena, the blue line sorrounds all the character, including the inner lines, so it is not a croping mistake :)
    And she's not scary, she has warm eyes... (except for that claw looking thingh that makes you think it twice before asking her for a caress or something... >.< )
    Anyway, nice job, and really impressibe for being your first photoshop attempt... mine really sucked and was deleted... >.<
    Impressive and very nicely done! :)

  17. Skillzpay Jun 10, 2005

    Hey not too bad for your first wall!
    Yeah the extraction needs a bit of work around the hair but it's still pretty good.
    Keep at it as you'll only keep improving :)

  18. narutofan92 Jun 10, 2005

    Long time no see huh Athena?
    Anyways, this wall is truly awesome. I see no reason for it to be deleted. It surpasses all my walls by tenfolds! i like the little ripped up looking effect that surrounds the girl. Although Tatsuya may have a bit of a point with the extraction but these are minor details. Over all it's great. Keep practicing. ^_^ And keep posting more walls.

  19. walkure245 Jun 10, 2005

    That some claws. O_O So this is your first wallie? This is pretty good for your first one. ^.^ I like the setup. The texturing in the bg is a good idea and gives a nice difference between the original scan and the bg. The extraction is pretty good. The only thing is the edges. I like them but they are rather sharp in comparison with the scan's blending. But other than that, this is good work. ^.^

  20. eXDream2K5 Jun 10, 2005

    nice job for your first time out. I agree with previous commentors that the extraction could be improved, but I've only used photoshop a few times, so I can't really tell you how you should go about working on that. good luck! I'm sure you'll master PS soon :)

  21. kurokaze Jun 10, 2005

    Wow that wallpaper is look really cool especially her hand ^.^
    idea very fantastic, You put so many perfect colors i like it really good job ^.^

  22. asianspirit Jun 10, 2005

    ooh nice wall, athena! concept and the effects are nice touches. :) continue working hard! this is a good wall for a first try!

  23. slivermoon Jun 10, 2005

    the edges look really nice
    extraction needs a little more work
    but that will go away with practice
    its a good wally for a first project :) :)

  24. Holt Jun 10, 2005

    Very nice first go!
    Scan seems well extracted and nice effects.
    Keep it up!

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