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Artist Comment

another rahxephon wall XD in a row ^^

great scan from tama.
well its a pretty simple (extra stress on simple) wall but i really thought the bg matched the scan well. i changed the scan colour and a bit of texture, though its very subtle. but really the wall itself is supposed to evoke some thought of enjoying the more simple things in life, thankfulness and all that good stuff.

the bg is completely painted by me of course ^^, no tuts XD i found that none of them could really help create an ideal scene for this wall.
i used some good ol fashioned smudging for the light effects and waves etc.

well the title is supposed to be contradicting to provoke thought ^^ enjoy many hours of quality pondering XD its based on some stuff from the anime.
the 'synthesis' part comes from my idea that this wall is semi 'grunge?' and sceneric. together in one work.

enjoy ^^

now im going to chicago for the weekend. wooo lol

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  1. SharinganKnight Jun 09, 2005

    its a great wall, too simple for my tstae though, I like to see details and shiny lights..not just clouds. but its a great wall. ^^

  2. Orkin Jun 09, 2005

    It is a very good work, to me I please much. The sky and as the wind moves its clothes and hair. Great work.

  3. Tantaga Jun 09, 2005

    Simplicity is a great thing that shouldn't be underestimated. I'm a big fan of making things simple, yet have complexities hidden within :nya: . The light blue sky and what appears to be fog does work well with the tint of the scan. They seem to be up at a very high altitude ... a bit windy up there, no? The only thing that bothers me about the wall, is the choice of text you used ... it seems too harsh, when everything else has smooth appearance.

  4. Kougaxgirl Jun 09, 2005

    YAY! a new wallpaper from our dear lil kai! hehe...and this one is artaher pretty one...just like all the others lol...but yeah the scans are nice...but yes like tantaga said...simpleness is very good sometimes....people try too hard to make things real detailed...when all's we really want is a nice and simple one sometimes...yes i sound very smart huh? haha yeah right but anyway the background is very nice and it does match well...i like the name too! hehe...lol ok well i love love love it...very very nice i'll say again! do keep it up my lil buddy! XP toot;es

  5. Tatsuya Jun 09, 2005

    nice concept, a simple idea done with great skill, good job! thank for sharing anyway

  6. rythem Jun 09, 2005

    *sigh* looks real nice as usual kai~XD
    I like the simple-looking concept ^_^ n the charas r positioned nicely ^^
    bg very simple..but very nice indeed >.< no matter how simple ur walls r...as u say..make sure its pretty ne~~XD +favie too >.< great work!!

  7. RengekiShin Jun 09, 2005

    Hm, I haven't really watched RahXephon, but it seems like a really nice anime. BTW, this is a nice wall too =) I like the background, somehow.

  8. RainOfStars Jun 09, 2005

    The wall is great. The clouds and sky is very very well made. However, I think it is a tad plain. Still nice work. ^^

  9. ramchong Jun 09, 2005

    Buddy... you artwork is simple... but very attractive and can't remove my eyes staring on it... thanks for sharing such simple but impressive artwork...

  10. ventures Jun 10, 2005

    what a simple wall kai-san
    but it still looks nice..'
    the clear soft coloured sky goes in well with the sketchy scan ^^
    like it a lot *favs*

  11. Kiako Jun 10, 2005

    the wallpaper is nice, you placed the two charas in a good position.

  12. AC2N Jun 10, 2005

    Hi K...

    Good job on this wallie... looks cool and simple, all things i like !! i'm sorry, but i must put it in my favs ! ^_^

    have a nice day...


  13. Kyo26 Jun 10, 2005

    hey kai....long time dint post any comments on ur wall...
    anywez...liked ur wall...a simple yet nice one, XD real cool, +fav.

    make more simple n nice wallss!!! XD

  14. Maija Jun 10, 2005

    Oh.... Kai ...I just Love it ...Thanx for sharing ...Want to se more !!!! XD

  15. kara Jun 10, 2005

    Like everyone else said, simple but very nice^^ It lets you sit back and just appreciate the wall without it being cluttered with effects. Great extraction too^^

  16. meteorcloud Jun 10, 2005

    nice wall kai.....
    like the style and the idea...but the sky looks empty and lacking kinda some details....
    but well...good for a desktop with icons on the right side =P
    nice nice =)

  17. IllusionistAria Jun 10, 2005

    Kai - another beautiful wall! It gives a tranquil, thought-provoking feeling. I love the simplicity of it - it suits the scans perfectly. Excellent stuff, again - I absolutely love it! *Adds to faves*

  18. Yina Jun 10, 2005

    I think the sky and clouds are a bit illogical... cuz the clouds are everywhere.. and I think they should be more at the top of the wallie.. but you did a great job on them.. I mean you drew them without any cloud brushes.. XD the bg looks kinda simple.. but I think it wasn't simple to make.. ^_^' anyway, great job, +fav ^^

  19. narutofan92 Jun 10, 2005

    Hey Kai Hows life? ^_^
    i see you've made a second wall on the same topic. That's not like you. -lol-
    Anyways, this wall is marvelous just as all of your walls are. In the blown up version I can see slight changes to the scan as you said but not so much. It all blends together really well. I agree with you when you said that the bg and the scan matched because they really do. Well then kai thanks for sharing another great wall. ^_^ and I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing more hmm?

  20. Nona Jun 10, 2005

    Very good wallpaper. It's simple, but very nice!!!! As always :)
    i like the style very very much!!!

  21. asianspirit Jun 10, 2005

    oh dear, kai made another wall! XD joke, joke, i love reviewing kai's walls.

    wow. i haven't seen this type of walling before. it reminds me of comic (western manga) style than manga. i like. XD great job, kai!

  22. slivermoon Jun 10, 2005

    seems peaceful
    the sky looks really good,
    but the mountains/hill thingy looks like plastic,
    not much texture to make it look real
    and u should put more birds XD
    oh well, really good job :) :)

  23. Holt Jun 10, 2005

    Nice scene. Extraction is clean and high quality scan.
    Maybe the clouds could use more shape though. Still nice effects. I can't do clouds for crap.
    Great work. Keep it up!

  24. skysong Jun 10, 2005

    The scans you used are very cool looking, and i like the scene, it all goes well together. Nice job, keep it up!

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