Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Wallpaper: Gonna Keel That Goblin

Gainax, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, Satoshi Imamiya, Arumi Asahina Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I recently enjoyed the Abenobashi series (Gainax). It was both hillarious fun and serious (I think some scenes were even a bit sad). I loved the character designs and the changes in their faces when they showed emotions (I love Gainax SDs - I already appreciated them in FLCL).
In episode three Sasshi was chasing the Goblin that stole Arumi's panties. It was my favorite episode because of the great puns of Kubrick's '2001'. But back to topic: The characters are taken from screenshots and were then edited. I had to redraw some parts of Sasshi and tried to imitate the sketchy outlines. The whole wallpaper looks kind of cartoon-like - I hope you like it.

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Browse Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. chibikko Jun 09, 2005

    Gotta love that goblin xD i like the wallpaper very much. the colors are really crazy, so arr the buildings. nice shadows on the street. you've made a very original and great wallpaper!

  2. studio Jun 09, 2005

    Such a cute wallpaper. XD Luff the concept. The colours are bright and lively, creating something very inventive and interesting to look at. Fab work harakiri.

  3. DarkCrimson Jun 09, 2005

    Oh hehheh ......................... XP XP XP XP Thats one col n funny Wall from you.
    I just love the crazy Dog(its a Dog is it ^_^' ) and this Guy with his super spacy Gun.
    Also very nice Background.It fits well.
    Add this wonderfull Work too my Favs.Thanks for sharing^^

  4. evasion Jun 09, 2005

    Oh wow - very cool ^_^. I love how you did the perspective :-) Definitely a fav.

  5. walkure245 Jun 09, 2005

    Man, that's funny. XD Totally love the concept. You did an amazing job on the reeditting and the bg. You really captured the cartoony mood and looks so natural. *nod nod* Really awesome work!

  6. rythem Jun 09, 2005

    ehehe cool wallie~XD I've always wanted to watch this show >.<
    the concept of the wall is pretty nice..funny ne~XD
    um..I like the perspective ^_^
    +favie XD

  7. Yina Jun 10, 2005

    great work on the vector-bg! ^^ the outlines look funny cuz they are so sketchy XD haha.. the whole wallie is so funny... and it's different than the other typical wallies here on MT.. so great job.. ^_^' +fav

  8. sakura-fumo Jun 10, 2005

    abenobash was so damn funny you captured the character perfectly in this good job

  9. toujin1 Jun 11, 2005

    havnt seen it but this is some great stuff! u just keep getting better and better ne!

  10. levezzali Jun 11, 2005

    Hehehe you have been busy latelly huh?! Well, this one is another good work from you! Interesting, first I thought it was a doujinshi, but looking at it one more time I saw I did not fit your style ... then I read the coment you left and well...

    Anyway.... I liked this one just the bg, even if you wanted to make a more cartoon like I think you could have around with it more like the Townsville from "Powerpuff Girls" XD Ok... now I exceeded it... The sky is very funny but the guy's face is much more, man... you sure have a great taste for comedy!

    Congrats Hara, and have a nice weekend!!!

  11. celinesm Jun 12, 2005

    :D Aaahhh~! Kawaii~! It's really cute ^^!

    i like the way it looks cartoonish. If you make the background to be realistic like, it'll look funny. ^^ Keep up with the good work~!

    - Celine

  12. yoshimitsu Jun 15, 2005

    awesome!!!! very funny pic harakiri :D :D their expressions are just funny-lol- must fav for me :)

  13. Elves Sep 09, 2005

    Hey, that's a nice job on touching up the screen captures. I don't know if the outlines on Sasshi and the goblin are like that in the show, but they're a little too much for me. If they weren't so thick I think it might be better. However, that's a minor issue and I will say kudos for making a background that looks as though it was plucked directly from that episode. I didn't even realize it when I first glanced at it. :) Very nice original wallpaper. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!

  14. GaiJiN Sep 18, 2005

    Haha, I'm not even surprised that you liked that show ! I guess I start to know you XD ! Anyway it's indeed very crazy and has some very funny episodes, though I didn't watch all of them yet. I have to say the whole thing really blends, it's almost like a screenshot in extra quality. Very creative perspective and buildings. I wouldn't use it as desktop but it's still a nice and original wall :)

  15. codyyost Apr 22, 2010

    Thank's for sharing this scan.

  16. parlantexyz Mute Member Sep 28, 2010

    Exelente Scan.....Muchas gracias =D

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