Yuu Tachibana Wallpaper: M.O.O.N.L.I.T

Yuu Tachibana Wallpaper
Yuu Tachibana Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

weee its june!! back to school again!! waaahh! ok! time for my crappy wall for this month! its another spacey wallie!!
woo i love those stars! XD well i hope this crappy wall is ok.....um... putting some stars...i overdo it again! XO. some cool comets! i aslo try putting some glowy thingys and some birds! yep yep birds! well she's in a city or a place where there are houses soo maybe i'll try putting some birds! . for the misty mist too bright right? or is it ok? and i add some aurora above dunno if that's look like an aurora hehe ^_^'

Place: my room always
Atmosphere: pwettie cold!! brrr....
Currently Music: none.......
Snack: noodles! la paz batchoy from Lucky me! :)
Mood: sick! i feel sick!! waaahh XO
Time: more than 5-6 hours
Mistakes: stars, mists and aurora

well that's all!! hope you guys like it!!
comments and etc are welcome!!

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  1. rythem Jun 09, 2005

    well...its really nice zaira ^_^
    the bg is lovely ..n the chara suits perfectly ne~
    great job..+favie

  2. Akaiken Jun 09, 2005

    I really want to be your apprentice zai-chan!!! Can I?

    It's really nice you got there... In the Moonlight!

  3. Dufoe88 Jun 09, 2005

    nice wallie.. i like it :) the background looks pretty it suit the chara.. :D keep it up

  4. tian82 Jun 09, 2005

    Nice wallpaper !! I love it !!! The background is so nice and great !! You are awesome !!! Thank for sharing it with us !!!!

  5. tareren Jun 09, 2005

    Nice wallie :) I think it blends in quite nicely.. few comments then...
    Well, I think the birds are not necessary since it is at night, so birds shouldnt be that visible... Oh, the extraction oh his left shoe looks a bit weird and I think the moon is a little bit too bright >.< but I kinda like the others ^^ even though left side a bit empty, maybe you should move the comets there instead ?? Great job btw :D

  6. Freedeal Jun 09, 2005

    Good wall! i think. The background is look pretty nice too. :D

  7. Kelanoa Jun 09, 2005

    I like the general atmosphere of your wallie :D The character is so cute :) Great work !! keep it up


  8. Aa-chan Jun 09, 2005

    I find the character a little out of proportion with the buildings, but that's my only criticism ^__^ .

  9. SaschaC Jun 09, 2005

    !!!! O.O
    its a beautiful wall!!!!! amazing work....
    can't say much more... ^_^ fav!

  10. Angel-on-Dragon Jun 09, 2005

    What can I say? Beautiful background, cute scan you used - wonderful composition.
    Thanks for sharing this cool wallpaper *adds to fav*

  11. Dragus Jun 09, 2005

    :) i like your wallpapers u bring to MT they mostly have a high up look to them and that's cool, i like the background and the scan all in all a great wall.

    Thanks for the wall Zaire ;)

  12. kaidou Jun 09, 2005

    Very pretty as always! The character is kawaii, I wonder what she is from..............................................

  13. flyindreams Jun 09, 2005

    Very beautiful scan and background... the atmosphere is great. Pretty! ^.^

  14. faiz138 Jun 09, 2005

    beautiful, i like this wallie alot, the bg is lovely. this will go to my +Fav+ for sure.
    thank you for sharing it. :D :)

  15. Yota-san Jun 09, 2005

    just another nice waalie of yours :D
    jI just have to have this one as wallie :)
    and of cours *fav* :D

  16. Kenichi Jun 09, 2005

    flying around the fairland in the moonlight sky. Gazing around this magical place of magic and alchemy. XD

    i love this wallpaper, it gives a magical feeling. i like the bg, its pretty. the moon, stars, mist, and the aura..

    *gives Zai-chan green tea* o.o

  17. redblitzkrieg Jun 09, 2005

    I like the background.. falling stars..
    You really like moonie background.. dont take me ur gonna take astronomy? LOL

  18. kotoko Jun 09, 2005

    wow... so pretty and it makes me feel happy looking at the girl's expression! i love the moonlight scene. but i DO have something i wanna comment about... "under the moonlit" in your wall doesn't make sense to me.... but maybe it was intended.. hmm.. the birds don't really match this kind of wallpaper since it's a night wallpaper, but that's just my opinion.. it's so magical! and i love the clouds.. geez i gotta learn how to make clouds like that... ^_~

  19. Cadi Jun 09, 2005

    wow!! very very pretty! love the sky and the moon! its sooo nice! the character matches with the wall wellXD its totally amazing! great job!

  20. Khriss Jun 09, 2005

    very nice, the character fits perfectly into te background ^_^
    the colour are really nice too.
    reminds me of Plua, the Dark Mana, from Atelier Iris : Eternal Mana. ^_^

  21. DarkEVO Jun 09, 2005

    Very nicely done wallpaper of the night. Looks good.
    Like the moon and the effects. +Fav.

  22. diamarrr Jun 09, 2005

    another great wallie by zaira thnx for sharing ^^ keep it up :) good day to you ^^

  23. deadwolf98 Jun 09, 2005

    wow this is great, JUST PLAN great, there is nothing more to say ecept that i'm going to add this to my favs.

  24. xiaku Jun 09, 2005

    man, i have alot of wallies in store for this summer. o____o
    kyaaaa, this one is sooo cute!
    moonlit wallies make me swoon. haha.
    great job as always, nyaaa.

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