Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Love Memory

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1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My second wallpaper~ another Tsubasa one. Think it's a scan? Heh. Look again! This wall took me ages... I worked on it fairly steadily for about a week (maybe more) and then just picked it up and worked on it all night because I couldn't sleep. It's not EXACTLY done but it's 90% done, and my brain and eyes are more or less dead after stupidly staying up, so suggestions or comments on this wall would be nice.

I'm going to explain in great detail how I made this wallpaper because it's a synthesis of three different scans, LOADS of extraction and lots of re-coloring T_T I'm very proud of it, heh, so here goes:

The main scan of Sakura and Syaoran I got from chuayw2000 After I extracted what I wanted you can imagine my dilemma. I mean look at all the text all over this thing. At this point I kind of wanted to cry and die. But before then, I decided to work on the background.

The cherry blossoms in the background I got from atzur. Again, loads of extraction, cropping, moving blossoms to strategically cover Syaoran's hand... recoloring to wipe out Syaoran / Sakura in the middle... etc. etc. It actually wasn't too bad as I remember.

Then I went back to the original Syaoran and Sakura scan and wanted to cry some more, but then I had the brilliant idea to find a PRISTINE Syaoran's cloak and drape it over him! It took some trial and error, but I found a good cloak for him from Aerith0530. After some flipping, manipulating, and coloring in additional wrinkles so that the cloak folds the right way, voila! I managed to cover up most of the offending text.

So tonight I finally sat down, brushed in Sakura's veil and recolored over all of the text. Sakura's metal corset-thing proved to be the biggest challenge... I used a lot of imagination, detailed brushwork (with a 1 pixel-sized brush zoomed in at 1600% most of the time @x@), and in the end got mad and erased about a centimeter of metal plate that I had created earlier but didn't do so well on the lighting. I then tried applying the "dream effect" tutorial that I saw in a site... didn't work as well, so I started playing with different layer overlap effects. After almost 3.5 hours of work... almost done... but just had to keep going back and fixing little things like a bump on Sakura's back, putting in the shadow for a missing arm... and TA-DA~

Sorry for the long description, but I'm writing this to remind myself... no wallpaper again for a long time... until I can learn moderation... but hope you all will enjoy.

P.S. The title's inspired by one of Tsubasa's main theme songs' lyrics... and I was stylistically inspired by Tysoh's beautiful wall.

6/26/05: Slight modification to Syaoran's cloak collar and background...
6/30/05: Added in a shadow crease to Sakura's hand, straightened some of Sakura's lines, cleaned a bit of blue out of her hair that I missed before... Tried smudging Syaoran's cloak, which looked ok, but then I decided to stick with the original "rugged" look.
10/30/05: In the spirit of taking other people's advice... I finally caved in and smudged Syaoran's cloak so that quality-wise it looks consistent with the rest of the scan now. I also went over some of the worst jaggies with the eraser + smudge tool, and smudged some of the background flowers just a teensy bit.
11/1/05: Realized that the lines in the cloak were still really... mortifyingly bad... and went over most of the lines again with the smudge tool + pen tool, since I'm now in love with the smudge tool. LOADS better... and I imagine that this will be the final edit of this wallie *kicks it*
6/6/06: Made and updated 1600x1200 version.

Now that my earlier wallies are SLIGHTLY less embarrasingly bad, I can start making a new wallie with a clear conscience! Kekeke... *^.~*

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Browse Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Mabui Jun 09, 2005

    Nyaa~! To much text. XD My brain will go kaboom if I read all that, so I'll just comment on the wallpaper. ^~ Very nice pic! *adds to fav*

  2. JSakura Jun 09, 2005

    cool... efforts seen... really a nice work.. think took you log enuff to complete but definitely the efforts put in was really great with such a great wallpaper.. =)

  3. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jun 09, 2005

    Awwww... that's beautiful! And the combination of scans is seemless! Such an original idea too!! And I recognised the blossom straight away, from that beautiful CCS scan. Just beautiful... you've worked so hard on it, and your efforts have paid off. Thank you for sharing this labour of love with us XD XD

  4. SaschaC Jun 09, 2005

    I got lazy at reading Ur explanation... sorry ^_^'
    but the wall is really nice, and the scan U used is beautiful (I haven't seen nor read tsubasa tho... )
    keep it up ^_^
    un abrazo

  5. slivermoon Jun 09, 2005

    looks really good
    the bg is really nice
    u put a lot of effort in this, nice job ^-^

  6. Hideki313 Jun 09, 2005

    such a nice wallpaper .. i really the colorwork from clamp .. thx for the share ^^

  7. Blue0016 Jun 09, 2005

    Wow, cool background i like it. really good job, it must of put a lot of effort into that, because its really good. Good job, and hope you keep it up.

  8. IcyFyre Jun 09, 2005

    omg! its so beautiful! it makes me wanna cry! i love it! omg!
    :D loving it!

  9. mewmeow Jun 09, 2005

    Wai! That's so gorgeous! All the hardwork was definitely worth it. And the idea of getting Syaoran another cloak was a good one XD

  10. anji Jun 09, 2005

    You sure have nicely repainted on the two caracters. It's as if there was no text at all on Sakura to begin with.
    It's also a really cute setting.
    But the part of the cloak you added from an other scan doesn't fit so well. You should add a bit of red in it I think to be more in the same tint. And maybe the Diffuse filter could help to make it look like the quality of the first scan.
    Keep it up! It's a pretty nice wall for a second one. :)

  11. AngelKate Jun 09, 2005

    This is very beautiful. ^_^ I love the flowers, and the coloring you did on the characters is very good. Wonderful job!

  12. limes-eye Jun 10, 2005

    Nice wallie! It looks great! The cherry blossoms are nice and both Syaoran and Sakura look wonderful. Excellent job! Must've took you a very long time.

  13. chuayw2000 Jun 10, 2005

    Ah! It's a really beautiful wallpaper. You really did spend a long time cleaning up the scan ^^

  14. CuteSherry Jun 10, 2005

    I read everything you wrote and I say : awsome work!!!
    The truth is that I wanted to make a wall from this pic too, but when I saw all the text and the oh so little thing I managed to erase and redo after a lot of work, I went like "mmmhhh...I will think about it...LATER!" ^^;;
    i love your wall and the clock idea is good :)
    +fav ^____^

  15. Sakurasun Jun 10, 2005

    wonderful! this wall is so pretty!
    you can tell its been worked on really hard.
    can't wait to see more from you ^_^

  16. calisqo Jun 10, 2005

    Must say not bad for second wall.
    I can a developement in extraction, pretty clean, although some parts might need to be clean much thourough .

    To me i like the overall look, it looks really nice in thumbnail.
    The color are nice , sharps and very clean.
    However, It feel that u need to preserve this quality in the fullview as well.
    It's nice as it is nice, but having these qualities will enhance your wall much more, thus do more justice to your concept.
    I must say nice wall.
    Keep it up, you're making a nice progress ^_^.

    ps: vectoring it might be fun ^_^

  17. luckywhale Jun 10, 2005

    very well-designed wallpaper. I love mostly the quite brightly colors and the expression of Sakura and Shaoran... Very nice

    But... the cape of Shaoran seems to be a little blurred and it doesn't really goes with the global high quality of the picture.. sad.
    Nevertheless, I've put it in my favs because it mut go there.. ^^

    Thanks a lot for, good work!

  18. selimangagirl Jun 10, 2005

    Ooh! This wallpaper is so lovely. It is really sweet.
    Sakura and Syaoran are a pretty couple...

  19. Rella Jun 10, 2005

    Wow, that is one great wallpaper! You worked sooo hard on it and it looks very nice. I really like how you extracted the images, then put them together to form a new one and add other stuff to it too. Good work and keep it up! ^^

  20. atzur Jun 10, 2005

    Hey, good wallpaper ^________^

    I'll see so many people likes my scan. Is very pretty

  21. pengi-san Jun 10, 2005

    Great work, overall. You did very well with getting rid of the text. As someone else said, your hard work definitely paid off.

  22. Ray-Gonzaga Jun 11, 2005

    Soooooo romantic!snif..snif...
    Syaoran and Sakura fit perfectly!
    Great job!

  23. fawna-chan Jun 12, 2005

    oh my god!!! that looks sooo great! sorry for all the gushing and the exclamation points, but that looks soooo great!!! love the sakura blossoms and the scan of syaoran and sakura!!!! definte fav~! :D

  24. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jun 12, 2005

    wow flyindreams-san! i love your wallpaper! the flowers in the background are so pretty! keep up the good work! :D

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