Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Wallpaper: .:: [Paint me a Rainbow!] ::.

Toei Animation, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon Wallpaper
Toei Animation Studio Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Series Usagi Tsukino Character Sailor Moon Character Super Sailor Moon Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yadda, I think I made it too colorful. x_X I feel as if my eyeballs will pop out any moment, now. But anyway, hopefully it's not too bad. The quality was so much better before I saved it, but.. neh.. what do you expect out of PSP7? =__=;; As always, thumbnail sucks, so lookie at the full version, please. =D

Sailor Moon.. this wallpaper reminds me of when I was a little girl, and was absolutely addicted to her. You could never pull me away from the TV, and I'd start crying if I missed an episode, even if it was a rerun. xP o__o;;

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Browse Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. LilLaoRyo704 Jun 09, 2005

    hahaa, cool its sailor and the other girls...
    it looks good and the background too.
    i use to like the sailormoon series but not
    anymore, cuz' their not good anymore.
    good job tho.

  2. rythem Jun 09, 2005

    oo~*0* very colourful..XD
    its sailor moon n usagi >.< reminds me of the old times when I used to watch sailormoon >.> lol
    well..this is a nice bright wallie~^_^ keep it up XD

  3. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Jun 09, 2005

    ^-^ waaahhz~ it's sailoorr mooon .. <33

    i used to <333 sailor mars .. ;-; butbut everyone calls me sailor moon cuz they say i act like a clumsy ditz like her ... >.> meaniiees ...

    itt's col0rful ... *-* and that's goood .. >.< cuz it's not bland or tooo col0rful~

    <33 the small piccciiess~

    *KICKERS pinku OUT AND PUTS SAKI IN* x3 sailor saki~<333

  4. chichiri1907 Jun 09, 2005

    Cute, really cute job, its so kawaii i love it!!!1
    So adding to my favorites, great job again^^

  5. Athrun Jun 09, 2005

    Looks good! I like the BG, except I have no idea what category that is. x_x I'm guessing grunge. The fading the pic in the BG is also good. The small pics are really nice too!

    ...yea. And that's about all to conclude on this week's comments.

  6. Akaiken Jun 09, 2005

    So that's why you called it a rainbow, huh? Colorful and nice...

    A Sailormoon fan?

  7. meteorcloud Jun 09, 2005

    nice wall nakayori ^__^~!
    like the design and idea =) the colours are not to bright, the bg doesn't looks messed up....hmz...not bad not bad. keep the works ^_^

  8. Devilet Jun 09, 2005

    Oh gosh, yeah, I was addicted too when I was younger ... Really enjoyed the series.
    This is a really cute wallpaper, lovely colours, they contrast with each other nicely.
    However all the images scattered around would be more suited to a layout.

    But don't take it as a bad thing, you made some nice brush effects, and good extraction Naka-chan!

    By the way, I have not talked to you ages ... >___<

  9. kara Jun 10, 2005

    Hmm can't say that I'm very into sailour moon... I used to like it... but regardless you've done a great job with the background. Great work^^

  10. HikyuuTera Jun 10, 2005

    Not bad I like it *ish a moonie herself *any ways Chibi-Usa and Usagi huh not my fave characters *notes Usagi was her first fave character then she got too annoying for her*any ways still ver ygood and the pictures as well as the side image does fit this background very well

  11. narutofan92 Jun 10, 2005

    Wow Naka-chan! That's really really nice! I don't even know what to say.
    There are so many aspects to this wall that are quite amazing and then again confusing. (b/c i have NO idea how to do any of it) I like all of the mini-screen shots and the way you put Sailormoon and Reeni (or however you spell that) in the Bg. It all fits very well together, and although it may be colorful it all goes together real well. It's good to see you posting more walls up now. ^_^ hope to see even more!

  12. kuzuryume Jun 11, 2005

    good work nakayori! sutil use of pink... very colorful and cute!

  13. Sugasuga Jun 11, 2005

    whoa, Sailormoon, i havent watched dat 4 a long time, eva since i was around 8 or 9 yrs old, i was totally in to that series, not the dub version, but the chinese version xD lol, anyway, nice wallie, its colorful and neat. nice work ^^

  14. Skillzpay Jun 14, 2005

    hehe kinda cute!
    I really like the angellic colors to this and the scan is quite adorable. The boxes with all those various snapshots wasn't that bad of an idea but they do take some focus away from the larger image/scan. And in addition, the white scratches/textures really add a nice touch to this!
    Keep up the good work nakayori! :)

  15. kuramah Jun 20, 2005

    It's very cute!!! Great job!!! I've loved the pics and colors!!!
    This wall reminds me of my childhood too :)

  16. Glamp Jun 21, 2005

    Very strong works ! I very very like this!!!
    thank you for you sharing!>. <

  17. saori-san Jul 21, 2005

    very nice wallpaper of serena and chibi-moon ^^ i don't like chibi-moon but this wallpaper is very cool ^-^


  18. osakagirl Aug 21, 2005

    great wallpaper! iliked the way how you blended the background with the character so naturally. keep it coming!

  19. deedeezel Feb 04, 2006


  20. hydetenshi Jul 20, 2006

    so adorable, and fits so well with the cute title you gave it! I'm loving all the pink and pastel colors! ^^

  21. viewnaka Nov 21, 2009

    Ohh~ I love Sailor Moon very very much! ><

    Thank you for upload^^

  22. minakoa Dec 30, 2009

    beautiful wallpaper usagi and chibiusa - beautiful match

  23. Chrysalis358 Apr 27, 2010

    wow) a truly great idea so many emotions and faces!

    merged: 04-27-2010 ~ 10:25pm
    and ut's of very high quality))))

  24. kuzuryume May 18, 2010

    very colorful - play wall ^^. Reflects their personality well and has a lot of pink but used in a subtle way that makes me love it ^^.

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