Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Wallpaper: [ Fate ]

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Seto Kaiba Wallpaper
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Series Seto Kaiba Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Another wall with a YGO character,and another remake ^^U

This time with Seto Kaiba,his Blue Eyes Dragon and in the back the all mighty Obelisk,cause i made a remake of the Malik wall,i have to make the remake of this,another of my all time favorites walls.

The concept : when i think in Kaiba with his 2 favorites cards,i remember one episode when Kaiba summons Obelisk in the middle of the city,and all u can see is a big beast in the middle of dark clouds and thunders,so i try to make something like that.

First,the sky,is not a normal sky,is a grunge sky,all made with brushes,then i try to add some details like clouds and thunders using some filters(difference clouds and some blur)then,the city,i use parts of the shinta tutorial about making buildings(is the first time that i try,so,feel free to give suggestions) and then just a nice blending of the character and obelisk.

----Tech Part---

Layers: +20(i cant remember the exact number)
Scan: bucket-shot
Music: Haruka Kanata-Asian Kung Fu Generation,Go!-Flow,Asterisk-Orange Range
Dedicated to: Celly ^^
[ Destiny ]-Malik Ishtar wall
Also i need a good Yami-Yugi scan and another one of Bakura,so i can finish with the YGO series,so if u have one please,share it T-T

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  1. Susan-chan Jun 08, 2005

    woonderful wallpaper!! my fav character from yugioh is Kaiba^^ the idea with his two fav cards is awsome^^ i especialyl like Obelisk in the background!! with that grunes effect! it's very very eye-cathcing! a fav from me^^

  2. ayanechan Jun 08, 2005

    lol reb-kun! nyaa~~! i think the details on the buidling needs to be a little more faint to make it look like it's in the distance, if not add more buidings to make it look more like a city. some faint details on the railings would be nice. doesn't have to be uber detailed and visible though ^___^ just faint :3 but the sky is awesome ^___^ great job on that!

  3. Celessa Retired Moderator Jun 08, 2005

    A wallpaper dedicated to me? OMG **Gasps** I love it! And this wallpaper caught my full attention too! ROFL - Thanks Rebel!

    In any case, who would ever forget your very first YGO wallpaper? That really rocked! But this one? Even better!

    Most likely, it was the grunge background that I really liked. You blended the character in very well. I have to admit, that's some great work you've placed in this wallpaper, and it's worth every effort, perhaps even more! I really love the background. The emphasis on it is incredible. To tell you the truth - your grunge style is great, and a big bonus, believe me! Yep, that's Rebel, for ya! lol - Stick that with 2D buildings, and err... yeah, you get the picture. lol - The 2D buildings aren't really a plus column for me over here. Same goes with the font. However, it does add a nice simple, clean feel to the whole visual concept, though.

    Nonetheless, it rocks! Seto looks so cool with that Blue Eyes With Dragon written all over him. Haha! My cousin would be thrilled taking this wallpaper and placing it on her screen. **Cranks up the music and listens on her headphones** Rock on!

  4. Midori-chan Jun 08, 2005

    woah...the bg is so cool!!
    i like the colors^^ the scan of kaiba and his blue eyes white dragon is so cool!!
    the building looks a lil bit odd. anyway it's still a good job! gotta add this to favs^^
    thanx a lot for the artwork!

  5. meteorcloud Jun 08, 2005

    hmz....not bad rebel ^_^
    like the texture in the grundgy back, it's really nice...but the buildings looks too flat =/......
    and the rails too...better get some depth...
    ow well..keep the works =D

  6. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 08, 2005

    Wow, that's really crazy! The scan is totaly awsome! Nice effects too ^^
    Great job!

  7. ramchong Jun 08, 2005

    hm... only one thing i'm not comfort with that... the buildings behind... look so dead and flat... in my dumb thinking... it gives me a feeling that it spoil the whole picture of it... juz the building... other than that are juz prefect!!

  8. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jun 08, 2005

    The nly thing that needs work is the buildings which need to have different windows and lines thats all, Hmmm for some reason the BLue eyes white dragon needs wings if it had in the original scan but maybe it needs that but nonethrless the bg at the back is the best....Love how they all go together... Obelisk the tormentor arise!! Mwuahahha!
    Awesome job Rebel, Kaiba is my 3rd best chracter in the series! XD

  9. Sugasuga Jun 08, 2005

    ooooo, ur making a YGO series, huh ^^ no wunda theres anotha YGO wallie, and a good one too xD well, great scan and good idea on puttin Obesilk on the dark sky. only thing im confused about is the bottom, is it a rail? cuz it sure dun look like it ^^"

  10. Sunira Jun 09, 2005

    Neat background. I really like what you've done with the buildings(?). Its very linear. I suppose the lines could be better but its a small flaw in the pool of goodness. :)

  11. rocknroll-isgo Jun 09, 2005

    Not a huge fan of Yu-Gi-Oh, but still --- this is a nice wallpaper. I LOVE the background with the... dragon, is it...? In the clouds...? Well, whatever it is, it looks cool. XD As for the buildings, I can't decide if I think it looks better as linear as it does... or that maybe a bit of depth would look better. Hmmm...

    Still a favorite though. ^_^

  12. evasion Jun 09, 2005

    Woohoo! Very awesome wall. I love the bg and obelisk. I think some variation with smaller buildings would look nice, but minor detail. ^_^. Excellent work - definitely a fav :)

  13. euna Retired Moderator Jun 10, 2005

    whoa! great YGO wallie rebel!
    i luv the textures and the general blue tone of teh bg - perfect for seto and blue eyes white dragon...
    btw, those evil eyes in the sky looks cool ^^
    nice job witht he buildings - i like the way they are kept simple ^___^
    very nice wall. *fav*

  14. StarCentury Jun 10, 2005

    Whoa, it's Kaiba! o_0 I think Rebel-san is dishing out sum kick-ass Yu-Gi-Oh grunge wallies all of a sudden! Anyhoo, gotta love teh texturing on the sky, it kinda has that denim jeans look with a awesome imprint of Obelisk! The city looks a bit flat in perspective as well as the rail over Seto and Blue-Eyes, but I guess simple design is the new flair! :)

  15. calisqo Jun 11, 2005

    nice grungy sky .
    Like the blue, the concept .
    And the building is alright in my opinion. u just have to enhance its compositiion.
    Nonetheless a nice wall ^_^.
    i like it >.<
    i like yu gi oh XD ^_^
    thanks for sharin ^_^

  16. Yukkuri Jun 13, 2005

    woo ^^ nice wall
    and nice job too ><
    congratulations ^^
    i will to add it to my fav
    i like it ^^
    thanks for sharin

  17. Evanrued Jun 13, 2005

    Background looks awesome~ love love love~ Kaiba was so funny XD Love the whole structure, looks really good, and the effects with tints and texture look really good. Love it!

  18. Skillzpay Jun 14, 2005

    That sky is wicked!
    Loving those eyes hidden back there and the texture really sets the dark mood to this.
    The buildings don't seem suitable at all and in effect kind of negate the wonderful job you did on the sky and take away focus from the character scan. Would've been cool to see some other effects to bring this to life in place of the buildings.
    Solid work rebel!

  19. Frosty Jun 14, 2005

    WOW !!! your're the Man of the hour bubby. xd
    i was so hoping someone good wall this pic and @_@ wow!!! *Jaw dropping* XD
    Thank you SO SO much for making this wall. ^^
    Love the concepts, like the building bg, and nice grunge work. ;)
    Awesome !!!
    *9.8 and Grade AAA* +fav for I just love this wall. XD

  20. Glamp Jun 21, 2005

    Very particular works !!
    i like it! !!!!

  21. DrakenImmortal Jun 23, 2005

    a nice piece of work and a great touch putting Obelisk in like you did

  22. GallantNite Jul 26, 2005

    Seto Kaiba rocks Blue Eyes white dragon strongest duel monster! the background matchs the blue eyes white dragon's color!

  23. akikaede Aug 14, 2005

    A beautiful wallpaper!
    Having Obelisk in the background is really cool!

  24. lAyumil Aug 21, 2005

    Wow ! o_o This is a awesome wallpaper . You made him look so cool . (duh he is awesome ^ ^) The bg really fits with seto well and ah it's just too awesome . I shall add it as a fave . ^ ^

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