Disgaea Wallpaper: [Grunge Princess Army : General]

Takehito Harada, Disgaea, Pleinair Wallpaper
Takehito Harada Mangaka Disgaea Series,Game Pleinair Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I don't quite know how to say an introduction to my General of my army. But of course I'll describe what I done. I chose this character cause she looked cool with the katana and with the "Undead Bunny" XD
Anyways, I has a scan of the same character and behind her was a bunch of rabbits so I made a custom made pattern. Then I do what I do best, Grungin. Of course I did some stuff to the character as well.

This is for The Grunge Family Group. More resolutions at imanimetions.net!

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  1. DayBreak Jun 08, 2005

    Your katana, and that rabbit instantly pwns oracles teddy bears.
    well i mean samurai teddy bears.
    I love the background, SCAN rules!

  2. deadwolf98 Jun 08, 2005

    oh that is just so cute, and evil, evil is good..........the bunny does add a touch of evilness. heheheheheh.

  3. chibi-lizard Jun 08, 2005

    the bunny look scary XD it's a battle between bunnies and teddies XD

    ehe .. nice scan anyway :D the grunge bg ish nice as usual :) and i can kinda see spirits of the bunnie in them XD

  4. skysong Jun 08, 2005

    haha, i remember the bunny now! you showed me that pic once ^^ very cool wallie with the deadly bunnie o.O haha great grunge bg you have with it Grunge Princess XD

  5. calisqo Jun 08, 2005

    wow ^_^
    nice >.<
    i was thinking of using the bunny as the army XD lol
    Awesome execution.
    Nice color ont he bg, the grunginess is nice.
    Very nice.
    Nice work ^_^

  6. Barbara Jun 08, 2005

    Wow, I love the bg, just simply beautiful, very cute character indeed, +fav
    Keep the good coming XD

  7. bromithia Retired Moderator Jun 08, 2005

    I love how Pleinair blends in with the backround so well! The grunge work is amazing also. You are a really talented grunger! I'm surprised your work doesn't recieve more attention... but ah well. Keep up the good work~!

  8. kyubinaruto Jun 08, 2005

    the bunny is so.... Scawy! MAMA!
    The grunge work is really wonderfullllll ^^ I have no slightest idea how to do grunge work :(
    Grea job buddy!

  9. firedesdi Jun 08, 2005

    I love the colours in this wall :) It all seems to go soo good ^_^ very cute scan too :)

  10. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jun 08, 2005

    Sugoi this general of your kicks arse and i like it! Lovely how all of this goes together especially the undead bunny such a beautiful thing...Anyway grunge and scan go together and is cute all together!
    Nivce job as always! XD

  11. kenzuke Jun 08, 2005

    Furikuu just submitted a wall with this scan too... XD .. but it's nice to also see it on a grunge bg.. nicely done grunge princess^^

  12. meteorcloud Jun 08, 2005

    waah cool general ^___^ better pwn the teddies of oa XD~!
    cool bg work and the scan looks cool =D
    everything is matchin well
    nice work ^^

  13. Kiako Jun 08, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the girl is pretty and i like the color you used for the wall.
    keep it up

  14. Shinobu13 Banned Member Jun 08, 2005

    very nice the scan you used :)

  15. zephiris26 Jun 08, 2005

    Ooh, I'm loving this, ded. I love the grungy background, and the textures on the character fit into the wall very nicely. The colors are pretty awesome as well. I'll be adding this to my favorites. :)

  16. MagicianFairy Jun 08, 2005

    ah?, she is from disgaea anime??, i didnt know it!!
    i love this anime and this girl is cute!!
    the bg is simple but nice!!

  17. zaira Jun 09, 2005

    Woah! this wall is great!! i love the scan!! the pwettie scan looks very cool! i love also the grungness of the wall and the colors!! love her katana! +fav! XD

  18. Kazuya-chan Jun 10, 2005

    wow very awesome , that background is so scary , i love that scan ! FAV it !!!!

  19. Yina Jun 10, 2005

    awww... Love this grunge bg.. you did a great job on it.. don't know what to say, cuz the wallie seems to be perfect to me.. so +fav ^^

  20. StarCentury Jun 10, 2005

    O yeah, Plenair is deddy's new general for the Family! XD And man, your grunge has flair! I mean it's really awesome the way U mixed sum blotches and textures together to make a brick red grunge BG which matches Plenair's kawaii yet killer attitude! Her kitana alone pwns all generals including OA's teddies! >__<u

  21. Electrastar Jun 11, 2005

    Nice. Love the colors and the rusty backround. Very cool and grungy wich I'm sure it's the feel you were aiming for.

  22. DarkCrimson Jun 12, 2005

    Wow thats one stylish Wall ;) ;)
    I like the grungy style Background and the Colors you used there.
    They fit great.
    Also cool looking Girl from Disgaea.+she has this awesome Katana........A sure Fav for me.
    Great Work.Add it to my Favs^^

  23. YugureKaze Jun 13, 2005

    what an amazing grunge!
    the girl is pretty cute for an army general
    the katana and rabbit looks great also
    wonderful work!

  24. BlackDemonMyst Oct 23, 2005

    That is beautiful. You have used brilliant warm colours to achieve a sick feeling of death, yet the red blends so beautifully, you portray the words, "Death is nothing". This quote emphasizes the beheading of a mere bunny doll.

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