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Hiyee! I just finish the Star Ocean and I totally love the game but the ending was not what I expected. XD But anyways, I love all the guys. Kyahh~ The girls were okay. >_> My fav part was when Fayt's power was awaken and he destroyed that Vendeeni ship. I wanted to capture that moment but I can't find any screenshots of that scene so I had to go by memory. This took a total of 9.5 hours. 1 hour to create that lame summon circle (it's the really editted version of the circle in the PS2 instruction manual. >_<) and 8.5 hours on the actual drawing. Tbh, I wanted to quit so many times but I perservered. First, it doesn't look like him. Secondly, I love Fayt's outfit but his outfit is kind of confusing. O_o I tried my best so there will be some discrepancies. Some of the colors are wrong but that's my style. ^_^
Drawn in PS6. I hope people like. ^.^

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  1. Criox Jun 07, 2005

    Oh....Fayt! My fav game of all in ps2! Looks so cool! You have CG it? Haha The circle behind it looks cool! Only thing I find it funny is his eyes! XD Looks different. Hehe! Other than that everything looks so beautiful. Well done Mari! Keep it up! You are getting better and better! This could be one of my most fav drawings! XD Ok! Cya and take care!

  2. kara Jun 07, 2005

    Omg this looks awesome!! You're so good! *stares at it in awe* You did such a great job on the character, I really love your shadings and the magic circle just looks really cool!
    But just one thing, his left hand might need a few more lines or shadings, esp. for the thumb cause it looks a bit flat at the moment.
    But wow this is one really great piece of work from you!!
    I'm so glad you didnt give up! Hmm... if you changed the size a bit you could even make it a wallie!

  3. DarkCrimson Jun 07, 2005

    Wow thats one cool looking Star Ocean Wallie.I love the Magic Circle
    in the Background.Thanks a lot for sharing.Adds it to my Favorites.Keep up the great Work^^

  4. Val3f0r Jun 07, 2005

    To think that you draw Fayt and edited the magic circle.... it's beyond amazing walkure-neechan.... XD

    To be honest, you made it looks really awesome, the time you took to made this is really worth it :D gotta fav it XD and dang... need to finish the game too >.<

  5. Leena Jun 07, 2005

    Cool I like it. The background is great. the picture is awesome. Going to my favourites.

  6. Jormungand Jun 07, 2005

    Whee~! This looks amazing~!
    Excellent drawing as always
    The composition looks really great too XD

    At first I thought you used a scan XD
    dang.. I really need a graphic tablet T_T

    anyhoo, amazing work again
    it's defiitely a fav ^.~

  7. Sumomo- Jun 07, 2005

    Thats a great wall Walkure - and thats one talented drawing! wow! And the colors are great, nevermind that its not the same colors..it looks like fayte to me! XD

  8. pegassuss Jun 07, 2005

    Ohh woooww! O_o you are soooo good at drawing and coloring! This is soooo professional looking! me sooo jelous right now XD . I love the way you did the character (even if I don't know that game :x ) and the shadings are great! Also I like the backround you did, with that circle of magic ^^ it is very good! ^^ Awesome composition as usual ^^ Keep it up!

  9. KurriKlown Jun 07, 2005

    Darn, good job on the hair! That's the first thing I noticed. I never played SO of course, but you're right about his outfit, looks cool and very complicated. Someone should make that as a cosplay outfit XD
    There are a few areas which lack a bit of shading imho, for example, his lower left leg looks rather flat. Good thing you covered it with a feather, eh? ;) What is with the feathers anyway? Why are they there?

  10. renato Jun 07, 2005

    Its fayt!! XD the sword man my favorit character in the game and the SO wall is awsome walkure!!me like it!XD +fav
    keep up the good work! love your work!

  11. Dragus Jun 07, 2005

    It's a cool wall, i like the summon circle it looks good and i also played star ocean and saw the awesome skill of the klausians.

  12. Susan-chan Jun 07, 2005

    amazing work again^^ i love those magical effects! it gives the whole pic such a nice feeling^^ the colors and the guy too!! it's really materwork^^ but truly^^

  13. magda Jun 07, 2005

    Hey..walkure!!! How are you?, the doujinshi is fantastic.
    What serie is? I have not to hear speaking of these manga. But anyways, you have to make a good work. XP You follow of these way.
    Thanks for your doujinshi. XP

  14. calisqo Jun 07, 2005

    awesome doujin >.<
    NIce nice, very .
    The char looks awesome, nice effort.
    It's worth spending 8 hours >.<
    Keep it up ^_^

  15. sylvacoer Jun 07, 2005

    Errrm, don't play video games, but your doujin is so freakin' awesome I'll have to fave it anyway! *sigh* You spoil us, walkure-san!

  16. harakiri Jun 07, 2005

    That is really awesome. I like the colours and the whole concept of it. I wanted to draw a scene with a summon circle too but I guess I have to think of something alternative now ^^
    I really like that drawing and the guy looks cool.

  17. chau-chan Jun 07, 2005

    I love this wallpaper! The image goes great with the background, plus the guy looks cool!

  18. gadgetgirl16 Jun 07, 2005

    that is verry awsome!!!! the background looks so cool with the signs from the stars! i wish i can see my sign, but its hiding....lol...im a aries.....lol...+fav....great job ^^

  19. wolfsfreak09 Jun 07, 2005

    ita a good game but i only played like the first half hour of it and then i had to leave i was over at my friends house when i was playing it so yea but i like fayt hes awesome!=3

  20. Eve Jun 07, 2005

    Omg!!! This is my most favorite from you! This is really really really really really nice! I'm so impressed! ^^

    You drew that? You should work for the people who designed that game! That is truly amazing!! Argh, I love it! It makes me angry. XD

    The background was an awesome idea and the feathers were an excellent touch up! I have to fave it! It is really really awesome! Good job! Wow! ^^

  21. Ari-chan Jun 08, 2005

    This looks great!!! Very good job on.....Everything. Fayt looks really good (this is a good game too, my brother plays it all the time, I now hate the music to this game, but love the graphics).

  22. AimO Jun 08, 2005

    Walkure!!!......awesome wallpaper!!! As usual...... ur drawing is the bomb!! sooooo nice!! The character fits well with the background.....colour blends in really good......just awesome!! ><!!

  23. Norin Jun 08, 2005

    Good wallpaper
    thnx for sharing!
    You have done a grate work, keep it up!

  24. Frosty Jun 08, 2005

    wooo another well-designed stunning eye candy work from u piggy. XD
    hmm... I dont play video games *besides DDR* XD so not sure what to say about that but this is one spectacular work u did... ;)
    love the coloring, and the bg u made to go with it.
    looks so cool. brilliant ! xd
    *9.75 and Grade AAA* +fav for yet another top quality work my friend. ^^

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