Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Dancing GOD OF DEATH

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I was looking through my gallery and was shocked that
1. I only had one piece of doujinshi (it was brutally ignored, but whatever)
2. I had no mech.

I was like O_O and so then I decided to make this.

((Background)) Errr... it's a Shenlong from Gundam Wing
((Medium)) It's actually pacer... I got it from a friend from like a bithday long ago... not sure what the lead is... my guess 2-4B
((What I did)) I actually have a Shenlong model on my desk, and basically I drew that... sorry if the sketch isn't -exactly- what the Shenlong looks like... I got a picture later on in the night and realised my model was somewhat different :/ and I look at the sketch *groans* I didn't wanna rub it out and redo it.
((Sidenotes)) Hehe... well, I always wanted to make my own font... yeah... that's my writing ^_^ The kanji reads "odoru shinigami" meaning Dancing God of Death. I was thinking of Hyde's "Oasis"
I also made it a wallpaper size so if you wanna use it for a desktop, that should hopefully work as well ^_^
((Dedications)) I made this for:

1. Akaiken. Stop hating so much, and dammit, like Jak said, get a girl.
2. Teryon. You make such much lovely mech wallies... and I didn't wanna miss out on the fun!

Comments... anyone ^_^


I know it's a bit small this time, but I even changed the desktop look just for this one ^_^

EDIT: yeah... I know the bottom was cut off... it was actually cuz my scanner wasn't the right size :/ my A3 sketchbook was a bit hard to handle lol... so I photoshopped the shadow roughly... and if all else fails I'll rescan...

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  1. miraku-spike Jun 05, 2005

    Wow!! Great Job. But I think that you should color it so it looks even better! But good job thou. Even the background Japanesse letters also.

  2. Teryon Jun 05, 2005

    You draw! You draw well! Darn you! Yeah, I could sit here and nitpick on it(mostly proportions and stance), but Im really not going to. Its Shenlong! ::pounces:: its nice to know someone gets the mech thing besides the mecha fanclub here ;) Even the people I roleplay with dont get why I love the big things

  3. akari-chan Jun 06, 2005

    Wow, it's so good it doesn't even look like you drew that! I absolutely LOVE this drawing! +fav

  4. Akaiken Jun 06, 2005

    It's Shenlong!!! And Kuro made it for me!!! YEHEY!!!!!!!!!

    Anyways, nice one you got there Kuro!!! I really like it. Hey, is that a river? Is he floating in there?

    Like I promised... *adds to favs*

  5. missy1066 Jun 06, 2005

    Well kuroimisa, this drawing is superb... You are a very skilled artist indeed...*smiles*... I can understand why you wouldn't want to rub it out and redo it!!... Your lettering is also excellent... Keep up the excellent work...*gives you the thumbs up*

  6. ramchong Jun 07, 2005

    Kuro!! you can draw!!?? XD !!
    i always envy ppl who can draw doujinshi... bcos i'm nothing without my ps7... i can't sketch...

  7. kara Jun 07, 2005

    Wow looks great^^ Very talented you are!
    *likes Deathscythe better* eee... what? it's the real shinigami!! >_>
    But teehee great work!!

  8. Chibi-Totchi Jun 07, 2005

    Very good wallie ^-^

  9. slivermoon Jun 07, 2005

    nice drawing
    thought the gundam looks skinny around the middle
    and u could of stretched the bg to the edges
    cause it looks strange stopping abruptly like that
    nice work anyways :) :)

  10. LastDinosaur Jun 09, 2005

    The details are amazing, you did an amazing job with this drawing. A background wasnt necessary, but it looks really good with the drawing. The shading looks great, gives some depth to the charecter. All the lines get a little hard to decipher around the center of the drawing, maybe some extra shading could clear that up. I didnt know u were such a good artist, good job.

  11. andRox Jun 11, 2005

    I don't really like Gundam Wing, but this drawing is very nice and artistic.
    I realy took note of the shading you done here the shadow effects, i was never good
    at doing shadow effects, thats why i gave up on drawings.

    But yeah it was a good drawing none the less :)

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