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Artist Comment

Well here's my first ever vector made using Photoshop CS because I've never touched illustrator before :P
I've worked very hard for weeks on this when I should actually have been studying ^_^'
Oh well. Can't spend all my time studying can I? ;)

I realised too late that this may have been a bit of a complex scan to do my first vector on. The shading is gradual on the scan so it was hard trying to define clear edges for the vector.
I also changed some of the colours because I thought she looked better with a blue dress :)
Nevertheless it was fun making this and I hope everyone likes it :D

I hope to make a wall out this eventually but if anyone else would like to try making a wall using this, please tell me and give me some credit. I worked really hard on it.

Original scan is Double Goddess by alucard242

Comments and suggestions are very welcome as this is my first vector. Favs are extremely welcome as always XP
Enjoy! *scurries back to pretending to study*

PS the image file is rather large but I wanted to preserve image quality =3 Please be patient take a look at the full thing.

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  1. Kira-senpai Jun 05, 2005

    Beautiful!!!!! ^____________^ I'm not a big fan of this manga/anime yet it's my favourite illustration :D The vector's great!!!!! Good job ;)

  2. meteorcloud Jun 05, 2005

    oohh.....looks nice ^___^
    yeah...this is a really hard one to do the first vector...but...your results are magnificent ^___^~!
    hmz....can't say alot....it's just great ^___^
    keep the works holt =D~!

  3. skysong Jun 05, 2005

    hiya Holt! haven't seen a submission from you in awhile. Glad you are back with this beautiful vector! i love this pic, its so cute! you did such a great job, i must add it to favs!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Piotrek Jun 05, 2005

    Vectored stuff for the win! And you for the win too, Holt! ^_^ Awesome work, I didn`t watch Ah! Megami-sama but I like the art from the series. Especially the pic where Belldandy, Urd and Skuld are playing instruments (I like it just because Skuld is playing medieval bagpipes :P) But to the point now. You`ve chosen a sweet pic to vector, did a great job with shading, in one word: wonderful! Thx for sharing! :)

  5. Hix Jun 05, 2005

    Holt this vector is great I love it ^_^ I give fav : )
    She is so Beautifu on this vector ^_^
    great job thx for sharing :)

  6. Beccieboo Jun 05, 2005

    wow tis perrdy ^^ good job. *sniff* im so jealous of people who can draw, its not fair! oh well ^ good job. ttyl

    Beccie XxX

  7. lunaregina Jun 05, 2005

    *blinks* First... vector? Man I wish I could've done this on my first try. ^_^; Your results are suberb!! *cheers for crisp vectors* You did pick a rather complex image for your first try but it was definitely worth it! Can't wait to see more!

  8. DarkMaiden1369 Jun 05, 2005

    wow that looks really good
    your effort shows ^^ well
    its a plus fav for me keep
    it up

  9. Tirdaelyn Jun 05, 2005

    This is gorgeous. It looks very nice, the effort really shows in this one. I really like it. Good job. :)

  10. MS0B9 Jun 05, 2005

    It is very beautiful. I love Ah! My Goddess and it makes it even better cause Bell and Holly Bell are in there together. :) Nice job and adding to favs!

  11. volrath77 Jun 06, 2005

    Excellent work Holt. A work well done. I must say that all the hours spent on it paid off very nicely. :)

  12. Tatsuya Jun 06, 2005

    omg, you sure picked a hard image for you first vector ever i think, good job as your first attemp! i would like to know how ya draw the outline without fuzzed ? if you could tell me i'd really appreciate. thank for sharing anyways

  13. StarCentury Jun 06, 2005

    Wow, that has to be the largest vector I've ever seen on MT! 0__0;; Holt, the outlines look so soft and accurate in detail, must've took U a while to draw it! Also dig how the highlights on their hair, makes these goddesses super-elegant! Awesome job for your first vector, Holt! ;)

  14. Kidder Jun 06, 2005

    nice one bro. I know this was a hard vector to do and u spent ages doing it, so lotsa Kudos for u.

  15. kotoko Jun 06, 2005

    WOW this is the faniciest vector i've seen... it's not as detailed as the original scan, but i think you made it look even better by ommitting those little details!!!! super duper job! what??? this is your first vector??? omigosh! this is so good to be called a first time vector!!!!

  16. REFLECTION Jun 07, 2005

    wow o_O sooooooooo kool ^^ im lovin ur drawing!! great job!! *adds to fav* k then ttul

  17. Kiako Jun 07, 2005

    great job, i like the image and the vectoring is good too.
    keep it up

  18. DarkCrimson Jun 07, 2005

    Oh my its a really wonderfull Oh my Goddess Vector from you Holt.^^
    I just love it.Great Job.Thanks for sharing.Add it to my Favs.^^

  19. calisqo Jun 07, 2005

    awesome work and effort
    Really really awesome .
    This has to earn my fav vector of the month ^_^

  20. studio Jun 08, 2005

    Lovely first vector. Colour is beautiful and lines are very well done. Great work and luff it heaps.

  21. walkure245 Jun 08, 2005

    wowo~ That must have taken forever. That's really amazing for your first vector. Great stuff. Plus, this is one of my fav pictures of Belldandy and her angel. It's really touching scene and really amazing work. ^_^

  22. rythem Jun 08, 2005

    woo~~thats a cool vector..n a great pic of AMG too ^_^
    i cant stand the patience of vectoring >.> lol
    the colours r really nice ^_^ lines r great too +favie really nice work XD

  23. hykyit Jun 11, 2005

    Oh me gosh!! This vector is really good! I've seen the original scan...And for this resolution, it must have been killing you~!! You've achieved another new level there Holt-san~!! Good job~!! (btw i wanted to look at it fully but its just too big!! Forgive me!!)

  24. Ayamael Jun 12, 2005

    well... finally got around to commenting your vector.. saw it so long ago, i just couldn't find a minute (more like 20 min.) to download it >.< anyways, i'm not a huge fan of vectors, i must admit, but this one looks awesome... you sure it's your 1st?? you must have spend a awful lot of time on it, it's incredible! (when did you study anyways? XD)

    anyways, i'm adding this to my faves (that may very well be the 1st vector, or 2nd, i ever fave :d)... honestly, i rarely comment vectors... just to give you an idea of how great i think it is ^^

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