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This one's my very last wall for the summer (GMT+8 is our timezone). It's our last day of summer vacation! I made this because of the previous reason and also because I suddenly had an idea for a wall. I think it's the most colorful wallpaper I've ever made. Hope you enjoy this wall! :D Oh, and another note: I do not know where I got the title. And the tech-y sort of background doesn't agree with the scan. o_0 But I liked the scan so much, I couldn't help using it. :D
edit: stupid me... I should have said that I live in a tropical area so our summer is just about over. :) Also, go to this link if you want to see the Background Only version of this wallpaper: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/126108/.

Oh yeah, you really need to download this first before judging it or something. There are too many details you'll miss by just looking at the crappy thumbnail. ^_^

Scan credit: biriwilg http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/2990/
Layers: 24
Time: 5 hours (1 and a half for extraction; it was so hard to extract!)
Programs used: Photoshop 7.0, 3DSMax

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  1. diamarrr Jun 05, 2005

    hehe i like the BG but ......the scan doesnt go with it definately >< hehe but its a really good BG ......i cant fav it though....being honest...^^ if u replace the scan >.< hope you dont mind me saying this T_T .......

  2. BossMac Jun 05, 2005

    Back to school, right Ike?

    I knew you we're using either Bryce or 3DS.....

    Anyways, I really love this one. I would've loved the background by itself, but the scan is fine.

    D'ya mind sending just the background to me? Or could you just upload it?

  3. white-zero Jun 05, 2005

    Like diamarr days, the scan and the BG don't go well in here. Try using different colors/blending effects. Try to use some text. It looks empty.

  4. FutureGirlie Jun 05, 2005

    Mmmm, looks cool ^_^ Maybe the bg doesnt really fit the girl tho but i like it. Nice scans aswell ^_^ Too bad that your summer vacation is ending.. mine is about to start in 2 weeks ^_^ *faves*

  5. Rella Jun 05, 2005

    Well done, Ikorus! I really like the abstract work on the back. The extraction looks really neat but the colors in the back...it doesn't really match the scan...well good work anyway! ^^

  6. Cagari Jun 05, 2005

    I think it's really cool!!! But it would have been better looking if it was a bit of a darker bg...like purple....or blue...but I think it's really cool! How did you put all of those lines in? Great work!!! *Adds to favs** It's very unique!! ^-^

  7. amybraska Jun 05, 2005

    I love it the bg is awsome.I think it would get a 8.5 +faves
    You did great anyone told you otherwise they be lying

  8. faiz138 Jun 05, 2005

    i like it alot, is this the nakaruro from samurai spirit ?!?!! anyway i like the bg too but ahh ummm does she fit on it ahh i guess not. overall it's a lovely wallie :) :D

  9. FR0ST Jun 05, 2005

    Sorry, but I think the scan don't fit the background.
    You should try some other blending modes.

    Don't worry, I know how difficult it is to create abstract / tech - style
    wallies ;)

    Oh, and you finished this all in 5 hours? o_O
    Quite a short time I think, I usually need a day or two until
    the rendering is complete XD

    But in the end it's still a nice wallie :D

  10. Sakura0chan Jun 05, 2005

    Really cool wallpaper!! xd
    i really like the background!! ^__^ Nice job doing it. :)
    Keep up the good work!!!

  11. lapuk Jun 05, 2005

    i like both the scan and bg, but i don't think it didn't go together that well..still an A for effort though..(=

  12. slivermoon Jun 05, 2005

    a really techy bg o_0
    doesn't really seem to match the girl's clothes
    but i guess they work alright
    nice work :) :)

  13. Akaiken Jun 06, 2005

    Oooooooooooohhh... the background is so great!!! But the character isn't suited for that.

    But nice job!

  14. ramchong Jun 07, 2005

    Quote by white-zeroLike diamarr days, the scan and the BG don't go well in here. Try using different colors/blending effects. Try to use some text. It looks empty.

    Above mentioned are also my opinion.... may be change the color of scan to make it more match to the awesome bg...

  15. kara Jun 07, 2005

    Wah! You have to teach me how to do abstract!! *begs* Ehehe.
    Awesome background but I dunno, maybe a purple scheme would suit it better?
    Anyway, great work!

  16. Kiako Jun 07, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the background looks good it i like its color, the deatails are pretty good too., but the green part there, isn't the most fiting one.
    keep it up

  17. redblitzkrieg Jun 30, 2005

    NIce 3d effect. . .

  18. DSL367 Jun 19, 2006

    So cute! Wonder if that's a kimono? If it is, how I'd wish I'll put that 2 my favorites. If I didn't noe if it is or not a kimono at all, then it's a boohoo then...

    Thanx 4 sharing a cute pic!

  19. marmel111180 Feb 14, 2011

    so cute i enjoy looking at this.........thanks...........

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