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Hark the beseiged city of the lost!
The weeping grunge kingdom has fallen...
Where the age of barbirus speak,
The tide of red flags litter the battle grounds!
No more are we the outcasts by "GOD"
For thy minons are at my hands command!
Scar the stones to dust...
Set a flame the benevolent into the fires!
Turn their city streets to a sea of red!
For it is written in the prophecy that one day will come;
where the created must kill the creator...
Does one have faith in the divine?
Only when the heart of gods can defeat such a thing
For this was before the end of time
Now it is just a memory.

Dedicated to the Grunge Family group

This is for a "walling contest" for the Grunge Family group I made for my Army we were suppose to have and also made after Grunge-side mysteriously dissapeared but nonetheless the whole wall was all made from my biased opiion to some actions taken so its mostly about a small quantity of anger but renewal into my own perceptions.

I MADE IT into a style depicting the japanese era, where ancient samurai warriors would run through the battle field with flags mounted on their back thus the tred rectanngles all around the scene with black dots all around, there are falling Teddy mechas, Teddy bear minions, a gigantic Ship on the top left of the wall and ME ofcourse (the Uber Evil kind... XD ) on the bottom left side of the wall....It took me a lot of time putting all those red dots and red greys on there all with an airbrush dammit!!! >_<

So all in all theres about 67 layers and took my less than 8 1/2 hours to make it baby!
Hope you like it yall! XD

*Edit*: Fixed text on the top, thanks Jasmine! :P

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  1. jasmine Retired Moderator Jun 05, 2005

    cool. you are becoming more and more obssessed XP everything looks neet apart (yes i am gonna criticize you, kill me XP) that text in the upper-right corner. it awfully stands out. does not fit the bg and just destroys the overall apocalyptic kind of feeling :P

  2. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jun 05, 2005

    *giggles* This obsession with destructive and redioactie teddy bears is starting to scare me ;)

    Jasmine's right about the text in the corner. It makes it look more like a postcard, than the march of a never-ending post-apocalyptic onslaught of killer bears ;)

    Seriously, I love the sprayed texture it has... And the scene over-all sends a chill of terror down my back *runs off to bedroom & locks all plushy toys away*

  3. kenzuke Jun 05, 2005

    Yep, your obsessed alright..... XD *runs away*

    ... now, those teddies are creeping me out..... nicely done dude!. :)

    ...@_@... 8 hours to make this?.... wow,.... i'm evious of yer free time... >_> *goes back to walling*

  4. ramchong Jun 05, 2005

    i think i'm going to make the blue mighty barbie army to against you... Wu~HaHaHaHA~~!

  5. rythem Jun 05, 2005

    *shudders* scary teddy army >.< lol
    anyways..it looks cool! XD hahaha
    the colours r nicely matched to fit the teddybears situation.. >.> (does that makes sense? ) XD

  6. Akaiken Jun 05, 2005

    You have an army of teddy bears? CooL!!! I like it especially the background. It's full of flames!!!

    I'll sing this and it's dedicated to your wall...

    May tatlong bears sa loob ng isang bahay,
    Si Papa Bear, si Mama Bear, si Baby Bear...
    Si Papa Bear ay malakas, si Mama Bear ay maganda, si Baby Bear ay napakaliksi!
    Tingnan n'yo, tingnan n'yo, ang saya nila!!!

  7. jasmine Retired Moderator Jun 05, 2005

    good :] you changed it. thus i can fav it XP gotta got to know your opponent before starting to develop a weapon that will destroy him XD

  8. DarkCrimson Jun 05, 2005

    *hahahahaha* XP XP XP Very funny Wall from you.
    You really Obsesst with Teddy Bears hu....... ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
    Woha thats one army you have there.*shivers*
    I love your Wall Oracle-san.Also very stylish Background.
    Add it to my Favs for sure.Thanks for sharing^^

  9. meteorcloud Jun 05, 2005

    xd~!!! your teddy bear army rulez xD~!!!
    nice wall, like the fire and the effects=) hmz...better tell me where you get your inspiration from xD
    nice job^_^

  10. DarkVirus Jun 05, 2005

    More teddybear madeness!!!! When will the suffering end?! XO LOL

    good job on the wall OA, hope to see more of ur teddybear walls :)

  11. Kiako Jun 05, 2005

    nice wallpaper,
    the fire effect is great
    i like the ideea for it XD your teddybear walls are very good^^
    keep it up

  12. white-zero Jun 05, 2005

    One word; OWNED


  13. Midori-chan Jun 05, 2005

    o_0 wow...what a huge army of teddies!! they look scary...ehehe^^" just kidding.
    yup, you're right^^ it does looks like the japanese ancient era samurais^^ cute~
    i like the burning fires on the bg^^ great job OA-san^^

  14. DarkEVO Jun 05, 2005

    Nice apocalyptic wallpaper. But bears...?!
    Looks good and everything. I like it.
    Keep it up. +Fav.

  15. Susan-chan Jun 05, 2005

    hehehehe^^ whata funny wally:D in my opinion.....(because of the tedys i think:D)
    nice effects everywhere:)

  16. toxictea23 Jun 05, 2005

    hahhahahah *pats oracle on the back*
    AHAHAHH oracle and his sense of humour..
    The teddy Army..
    *points at the whole world*

  17. Eve Jun 05, 2005

    The Red teddybear army? That's so adorable. . .yet. .. the wall looks so evil and firey. I love the quality! And you always make those breath-taking effects!

    It's dark. . .mysterious. . .like hell. x_x

    Of course I'll fave this one too. Awesome job on it! ^^

  18. rocknroll-isgo Jun 05, 2005

    Hmm... this new obsession of yours is becoming suspicious. Either you just have too much time on yours hands or I should avoid toy stores at all costs. <_< ... >_> Excuse me while I go turn my teddy bears around so that they aren't looking at me... *is officially paranoid*

    PS - fantastic wall (as always)... the blur is very effective.

  19. DayBreak Jun 05, 2005

    haha... alot of samurai teddy bears.
    But unfortunatly, Its no match for my Nightmares! HA!
    it simply that Nightmare looks more badarse! *runs*

  20. UndyingShadow Jun 05, 2005

    lol I really like your original work Oracle, and this is a great idea. hahaha a Teddy Bear Army is a cool idea.

  21. sukie Jun 05, 2005

    ..this looks sooooooooo cool
    and super cute...great work oa!!!!!!!!1

  22. AnimexXxHolic009 Jun 05, 2005

    lol! dissy ish funny in way! r teddybear armie going to attack MT?_?hmm.oh wellsh! *adds to fav*^-^

  23. studio Jun 06, 2005

    Very sweet. XD
    Teddies on the march hey? Very amusing. Nice effects, great wall. ^_^

  24. Barbara Jun 06, 2005

    Teddy bear is nice but teddy bear army is even nicer. Good job Mr OA, adding to favs XD

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