D.N.Angel Wallpaper: [S E A R C H I N G...]

Yukiru Sugisaki, Xebec, D.N.Angel, Dark Mousy Wallpaper
Yukiru Sugisaki Mangaka Xebec Studio D.N.Angel Series Dark Mousy Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

okay i'm having second thoughts about this... my head is still brain damaged XP
i should be studying, but all my assignments have used up all my brain power
so this is my "break"
i haven't the slighest clue on whats wrong with it, if anyone can help me on that then go ahead give all the critiques u want o_0
right now, too brain damaged to say anything else, enjoy it, if it annoys u comment and i'll see about it. scan found on MT, too many grunge brushes to remember the links.

[EDIT] i think i know why every one thinks that Dark's legs look mutated, its b/c he's kneeling XP

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  1. Hikarigi Jun 04, 2005

    I love this wallie!!!! It's very beauty!!! Add to my fav's!!!!

    It0s a great job! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

  2. soujiokita Jun 04, 2005

    Wow! This is soooo nice! The scna looks so pretty! I lve the grungeness and the abstractness of this wall! Definitely a fav! XD

  3. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jun 04, 2005

    it's lovely.. I don't know if there is anything wrong with it... but it certainly is fresh... and i like the scratchy idea... it's good... O_O !

  4. Kazuya-chan Jun 04, 2005

    awesome , that background and that scan is really awesome , but i like this wallpapers , my FAV will more good wallpapers agian ...!

  5. Kiako Jun 04, 2005

    it looks nice even if it is a bit too white for my taste.
    anyway the ideea for it is good^^
    keep it up

  6. Sailoruranus Jun 04, 2005

    I love the layout and effect. It is really special.

  7. meteorcloud Jun 04, 2005

    hmzz...interessting....funny grundge, well...it looks kinda messy ^_^"... and the lower part is so bright ...so you can't see the details.....better fill it up =) anda...those green colours dun really matxh well with the blue and withe ^_^".... but ow well.. keep the works ^_^

  8. kai81220 Jun 05, 2005

    i think its a very original idea there ^^ i like how the bg just kinda fades while the scan still is still there. the harshness of the white works great, contrasts nicely with all the other colors. but one small thing, why does the scan look a bit mutilated at the bottom, is he missing his legs or the rest of his body o_0 the font can also be different cause this one feels strange..... XD
    anyway, nice one here. it deserve fav =P

  9. MagicianFairy Jun 05, 2005

    i like the soft colors you used, but i dont understand it, jejejje^^

  10. chibi-lizard Jun 07, 2005

    O.O whoa !! very grungie XD

    the lower part of the wall looks a lil bright and a lil empty .. maybe cause of the colors. and it made dark's leg doesn't look to blend with the bg. the lower part of the scan look hard and crisp while the bg looks soft. maybe you could try adjusting that part.

    the rest ish ok ^_^' keep it up :D

  11. blue-cookie Jun 07, 2005

    Cool wallpaper, but the emptiness at the bottom of the wallpaper seems a bit out of place.
    Very blank and bland... Maybe you might like to include somethings like... Hmm...
    I can't think of anything yet, maybe some filters or textures that can blend into the wallpaper?

    Well, nevertheless, it's cool!!! :D

  12. toujin1 Jun 07, 2005

    really really nice! i love those blended light colors...i think the whole thing is just so peaceful! and so sorry about the late comment!

  13. Frosty Jun 08, 2005

    hehe, not bad,
    looks very abtract-ish but hmm... I think u way over did on the brush on this one.
    its blocking the image a little too much, maybe u should make the image faded alittle bit on the parts thats over the image so it will look like a nice grunge work. ;)
    still u did a nice job on it. ^^
    good work. ^^
    *9.35 and Grade AA* for a nice looking job. ;)

  14. groovybluesgirl Jun 10, 2005

    Whooo... Very nicely done . This wallpaper has a very tranquil feel.
    Good job with the brushes also. Keep up the good work! +fav

  15. Athrun Jun 10, 2005

    Hmm, well I like the first half of it, before it gets to the trees. First half = looks good. Second half is kinda messy. >>; Sorry.

  16. YugureKaze Jun 10, 2005

    Nice wall
    dark looks cool in this white grunge
    and yeah i think so too...his legs look weird..like they were partially cut of or something...
    none the less it is very nice work! ^_^

  17. phamthuha Oct 12, 2005

    The bg is a little mess up but really cool!! I do love it, thanks so much Silvermoon OX

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