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hehe another naruto sketch i made... it features Haruno Sakura.
Most of my friends said they dont like her coz shes weak, useless etc...
but i told them that she Overwhelmingly POWERFUL in the recent Naruto manga,
making her one of my fav shinobis ^^ plus she soo kawaii hehe

soooo i tot making this doujin. ^^ hope ya like this
note: I'll CG this one soon ^^

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  1. ayanechan Jun 03, 2005

    *cries* crash, dear friend, i ENVY your drawing skills T.T the sketch looks really nice! ya should've put her into her new clothes though XP lol can't wait for the cg-ed version! :3

  2. ShiNN Jun 03, 2005

    Damn, my new boss is really good at drawing doujins... o_o. Very nice job, I am looking forward for the cg-ed version \( ^-^)/

  3. audeaya Jun 03, 2005

    your fanart is so pretty, nice and cool!!!!:)
    my favorite character XD !!!!
    my sakura that I love too much OX

  4. meteorcloud Jun 03, 2005

    ...crash's doujins are really awesome XD~!!!
    great work on this one ^__^, can't wait for the coloured version ^_^
    keep it up crash =)

  5. ramchong Jun 03, 2005

    Crash!! can i address you the doujinshi "sifu"... Sifu = master!!

  6. eclair-chan Jun 03, 2005

    wow I dont know what to say this is so cool I love your art skills awsome I like add to favs :D

  7. Sugasuga Jun 03, 2005

    wowza, ameeeeezing Sakura doujinshi o___o;; its juss awesum. kawaii desu X3 can't wait till the CGed version so i can fav it ^_~

  8. KorganoS Jun 03, 2005

    Holy jeebus... o_0 never too amazed with Naruto, but your drawing of Sakura really made her my new idol XD

  9. mariska Jun 03, 2005

    wow! you sure know how to draw! I love it! I wish I could draw like that!

  10. calisqo Jun 03, 2005

    nice work , great movement details.
    Expression and preciseness >.<
    Really nice.
    I like the simple shades in it ^_^.
    Looks awesome ^____^

  11. harakiri Jun 03, 2005

    Quite simple but nice. I think her legs are a bit too short in relation to the torso but it is from you so people will not complain xD

  12. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jun 03, 2005

    Woah! awesome workage man, the sketch lines and beauty makes this wall such a beauty!
    Lovely work man! :)

  13. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jun 03, 2005

    As usual,a very clean job,the sketch lines and the expression of her,amazing,i cant wait for a colored version ^^U

  14. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 03, 2005

    Wow! Very nicely done! Sakura-chan has started to grow on me ^^
    The outline is fabulous, nice and clean. Great position too!
    Excellent job and a fav for sure!

  15. Haia Jun 03, 2005

    This is one helluva doujinshi Crash-kun!!! You are very talented indeed...she looks absolutely stunning!!! Thankie so much for sharing this wonderful art with us!!! I'll be soooo looking forward to the cg-ed version of this!!! >.< +favie

  16. bevy-chan Jun 03, 2005

    NIce!!! I love your sketch!!!! Looks really good!!!! you should draw another Sakura picture!!!!!

  17. Norimune Jun 03, 2005

    she looks lovely... as always...
    wonderfully drawed... as always...
    I'll add it to my favourites... as always...
    :) :) :)

  18. Yumi-Chan Jun 04, 2005

    gotta admit, she reallly looks exactly like sakura!
    very nicely sketched, crash!! ^___^ i like it so much xd
    i too can't wait for the CG-ed version ^^ i bet it'll look great ;)

  19. angelrhea Jun 04, 2005

    gee, you are really good in making sketches. i envy you a lot. it really looks so cute and so realistic. congrats on this one friend.

  20. Sira Jun 04, 2005

    Un amigo se volver aloco la verla porque sta enamorada de ella, que bien dibujas, la facciones y todo

  21. kyubinaruto Jun 04, 2005

    Quote by ramchongCrash!! can i address you the doujinshi "sifu"... Sifu = master!!

    Crash-kun! Let me worship you too! *kneels and bow* You're really good at drawing >< and CGing!
    I have no slightest idea on how to T_T

  22. asta Jun 04, 2005

    Wow! very cool and cute doujin! me likes! no i love it! It's so cute! ^_^ my classmates also thgought of her as a weak ninja but she's very strong! and I found a site that has a thread and it features a question who is the most stupid character in Naruto and do you know who are on the first and second place? Naruto and sakura! They are so mean >=(

    So... Sakura was not perfect. She's had her share of flaws, her share of weaknesses. But she was able to overcome them, to become stronger than anybody had ever expected her to become. A very human character, and a very admirable one because of that.

    anyway cant wait till you CG the doujin :)

  23. Gats Banned Member Jun 04, 2005

    she's cute but she never does something in the manga. It's too bad.

  24. boei Jun 04, 2005

    A very clean job done...
    Very nice form and shading!
    However im thinking that some of the shading is a bit too dark relative to the overall bright composition, giving it a bit of this sense of unrealness...
    However apart from the very small flaw i jus said, i think this is a Fantastic job. Definite fav

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