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SNK, Samurai Spirits, Nakoruru Wallpaper
SNK Studio Samurai Spirits Game Nakoruru Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well I re uploaded it again. I'll make this short. Grunging, textures and using shinta's brushes and the scan's flowers and a Carnelian scan. More resoltion at imanimetions soon.

Tomorrow is my birthday so this is my early B day gift!!

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  1. SilentMasamune Jun 03, 2005

    T_T How could you remove that first one? It was good, but I guess the speed interfered with everything last night. Anyway, everything is great. The colors match very well, and the many brushes you used with the texture of the wall are great. Very nice job.

  2. Evanrued Jun 03, 2005

    Wow, really lovely background Ded! I love all the effects and tints. Color is excellent, and the scan really suits it. Too wonderful Ded! Hope to see more! XD enjoy your early b-day present >.>

  3. KorganoS Jun 03, 2005

    Happy Birthday Deddie xd
    i hope you happiness always :)
    anyways,.... this is a very sweet wallpaper of Nakoruru (I like Rimururu better tho... ^_^' but nvm)
    you said it's from Carnelian, yet it's in Suzuhira Hiro category? o_0

  4. kenzuke Jun 03, 2005

    Grunge eh? as expected from the princess.... XD
    Nicely done ded! :)

    ps: Advance happy B-day!

    ___//,, //__//\\_ || ))_|| ))_\\//_
    __ // "//__//" \\_ ||__ ||___||__
    ___|| ))_,,,,_|| \\__//\\__\\//__
    ___|| ))_' ' '_|| //_ //"\\__ ||___
    __________ (...) ___________
    ___________ |______________
    ___________| |_____________
    ___________| |_____________
    __ ;| ~*~*~*~*~**~*|;___

    ...hehe a recycled imaginary cake... XD

  5. Teresa Jun 03, 2005

    The background is really pretty, girl's cute too, but maybe you blurred her face a little much. I would love it if it's clearer. Anyways, still really good. Added to favs. :)

  6. ShiNN Jun 03, 2005

    lol, happy birthday!

    The wall is nice, it's the typical grunge wallpaper but it's well done, props for that ^_^. My veeeery insignificant complaint is that the text layout of your signature could have been better... I dun like it a lot and it's palced too high. But I'm being nitpicky, so you don't really have to be bothered for that, hehe.

  7. Electrastar Jun 03, 2005

    Happy Birthday :D
    really love this wallpaper. The redish rusty colors look great and Nakoruru looks so innoncent in it. Great work.

  8. papyworld Jun 03, 2005

    very nice wallpaper ^_^ and the character is not from carnelian ; that's a doujin from suzuhira hiro. i really think your bg fits the scan very well. That's a great theme. it's fun how it looks unorganized and organized at the same time. We have an impression of chaos with all these lines but we see some order in it with the leave's brushes. There are really great effects. I think you made a great job and such wallpaper would suits well on every desktop ^_^
    that's a +fav for me; you really made the scan a new atmosphere.

  9. meteorcloud Jun 03, 2005

    oh...happy B-day ^____^~!!!
    hope you'll get a nice B-day, well...this is a nice wall ^__^
    like the grundgy background, matching well with the scan =)
    great job ^___^ have a nice B-day ~!

  10. skysong Jun 03, 2005

    lol i guess the other one had to be removed. oh well, i'll try and remember what i said XD
    This wall is so pretty! I love the bg, all of the colors go well with the scan, and i love the flowers and leaves that are there. The scan you used is so cute, and its very clear and clean. Great job, thanks for sharing! +fav :)

  11. calisqo Jun 03, 2005

    0-0 so this is the undownloadable wall isn't it >.<
    i must say i'm impressed witht eh bg >.<
    ONe glance , and i know it's a good grunge >.>
    Not sure about the scan , feel she's too clean for this grunge >.>
    Oh weel, I still like the bg , so i think u did a good job.
    Cos it's not a boutt he scan ^_^, it's about the bg ^____^

  12. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jun 03, 2005

    Happy advance B-day Ded! nice to se your happy and uploading for the longest time, the image is so clean and the grunge flows with this one ...Lovely work as always and the petals are beautiful! :)

  13. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jun 03, 2005

    Happy birthday Princess ^^,is good to have a new wall from u,so bad that when u upload it for the first time we have that thumbnail problem,anyway,back to the wall.

    I like the background,the grunge in the back fit with the character,those petals and flowers make it look very nice ^^ not all the grunge is dark.

    Maybe i agree with ShiNN about your signature in the wall ^^U +fav

  14. Rella Jun 03, 2005

    Wow, this looks awesome! I really like the colors and the scan too! Good work with the background! ^^

  15. Kazuya-chan Jun 04, 2005

    great wallpapers , that background is awesme , this wallpapers i will FAV it , that scan i like it , and good work with the background !

  16. shinta Jun 04, 2005

    Waaarrrkkk! Its ded's B-day! Wheeeeee! Which means I gotta update! Nyarharhar! =3
    Anywho, nice wallpaper! Autumn colors and brushes do fit the character a lot! =D

  17. Kiako Jun 05, 2005

    nice wallpaper,
    the girl is very beauitful, and i like the background, it is very suiting with its colors.
    keep it up

  18. StarCentury Jun 05, 2005

    Holy crap! It's deddy's birthday and I totally forgot to give her sumthing! >.> Bad, star-kun! Anyhoo, I like how U grunged the whole BG with leaves and text for brushes, makes it feel like feudal Japan imo! Also, Nakoruru is really pretty and her colors blend well, too! (*gives deddy the thumbs up*) Way to go, and a super happy kick-ass birthday to U too, deddy! XD

  19. YugureKaze Jun 09, 2005

    oh...so you put this up on your b-day...
    at least i said happy b-day to you in the chatroom right?
    i love the bg, it looks great
    Nakoruru looks very cute as well
    wonderful work!

  20. XDE Mute Member Jul 15, 2005

    I Like This Wallpaper, She Looks Cute In The Non-wrong Way, I Really Like This Wall It's Pretty Nice. :)

  21. DSL367 Jun 19, 2006

    CUTE! Who's Nakoruru? She's cute, somehow by juz looking at the pic! Thanx 4 sharing...

  22. houzuki Jan 21, 2007

    she is cute :)
    thx for sharing XD

  23. panzerrunner Feb 09, 2007

    How the background can be so cool? Nice design!

  24. marmel111180 Feb 14, 2011

    nice wall cute too...........

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