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hey guy, this is my second try vector, hope ya not too bad! actually, i don't really like wrote description, i not lazy XP i just don't know what can i comment, well a least i'll explain something.


Q : Do you do something about the glass ?
A : Yep, i just refer to some tutorials and make it better, i already try my best to do it! may be it look a bit weird ^^'

Q : I've compare original scan one, looks like you forgot to vector a lock of hair Click here to view
A : i know, i did not forget! in my humble opinion, it look funny! that's why i erase it!

Q : Hey, i seen a few fuzzed line, ok explain, why >=( ?
A : that's my humble apology, that's one i really can't fix >_< forgive me! *bows*

Anime : Aa! Megami-Sama
Scan : http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/110878/ , submit by tatsuya! (is me ^^v)
Program : Adobe Illustrator CS 2 & Adobe Photoshop CS 2 (Trial Version)
Spend hour : 12~13 hour during a few days!
PSD File-Size : 27.6 MB (28,967,309 bytes)
Layers : 90 + (not include merge)

by the ways, big thank to ShiNN, who help me form the first vector Beat of an Angel, this time i do more careful, anyways, just like usually comment and advise are appreciate always, fav ?! it's not deserve!

Edit 07 June 05 : wallpapers > http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/126718/
Update 09 June 05 : i've follow ying-san tip, and fix the color of the face!

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  1. Aa-chan Jun 03, 2005

    Glad to see it's finished and come out really nicely ^__^ .
    Nice and clean with pretty colours and an excellent scan to vector.
    Great work :D .

  2. Kiako Jun 03, 2005

    good job with the vectoring and you colored her well too. and i gues that the glass looks ok. but you could put some shades on it, so that it would look more like a glass.

  3. boogybro Jun 03, 2005

    Awesome vector.
    Everything looks perfect, and it's soo cleanly done.

    You say this is your second vector? Very impressive.

  4. rythem Jun 03, 2005

    woow~~ *0* very good here tatsu-kun~XD
    very clean n sharp..the colours r very nice ..I must say..its nicer than ur first vector :)
    but yeah..if the glass had more 'shine' it could be more realistic ^^
    very good indeed~~XD hehe +favie ^_^

  5. Kazuya-chan Jun 03, 2005

    korewa korewa korewa , subarashi desu tat-chan , this is so very good , i really like it this is cool !!!!!! i really like it .......

  6. kara Jun 03, 2005

    Ooo wow! I think the glass looks fine... very impressive job *_* The only thing is that the outlines would look nicer if they were smoother... but I don't know if you can do anything about that...

  7. Criox Jun 03, 2005

    This is a good vector indeed! XP It looks so clear! The size it really big hehe! My monitor can't fit it! XD Overall: you done a great job! Excellent! *fav

  8. tareren Jun 03, 2005

    Well, have been waiting for your new submission :) it looks better than your first vector ^^
    and I was going to ask you bout the fuzzed line but you answered it already, so nothing much left to say ^^ well, keep up the good work :)

  9. Midori-chan Jun 03, 2005

    wow! this is so nice!!!!
    bell dandy looks awesome XD
    your vectors are getting better day by day^^
    keep up the good job!! i'm adding this to my fav for sure XD

  10. Lilim Jun 03, 2005

    Exelent job Tatsuya!
    This vector looks really nice.

    For me its +fav. :D

  11. HikyuuTera Jun 03, 2005

    Very good Tatsuya-san you did nice job on this vector.It looks like it was done professionally.

  12. Sugasuga Jun 03, 2005

    Quote by karaOoo wow! I think the glass looks fine... very impressive job *_* The
    only thing is that the outlines would look nicer if they were
    smoother... but I don't know if you can do anything about that...

    i agree with kara, the outlines would be much better if its smoother. is it cuz the scan u used waz huge and therefore, the vector waz reduced and the lines werent as smooth? O.o anyhow, its a great vector, tatsuya-san ^^

  13. DarkMaiden1369 Jun 03, 2005

    looks great^^ I mean the fuzzy lines arent that great but
    still the overall looks kick ass ^^ great job *adds to favs*

  14. miraku-spike Jun 03, 2005

    Oh, so pretty!! I like it. This is a realy great looking wallpaper there! The cloths even suits her very much. This is going in my favs for sure. Keep up the good work!! :D

  15. anji Jun 03, 2005

    A great vector again...
    A lot of details o_o
    Belldandy is really well done. And I think you did pretty well with the effects on the glass too.
    But the borders don't seem to be of the same thickness if you look at the distance of the wine and the border of the glass. It's a detail.
    Anyway good work! XD

  16. Kiku-chan Jun 03, 2005

    Sugoku ii desu!!! I like it a lot :D
    Yappari umaidesune. Watashi mo ganbaranakucha ^_^'
    Great job! Thanks for sharing.

  17. kanopon Jun 03, 2005

    It's nice!! XD I really like Belldandy!
    So I'll add this to favs!!
    Thanks Tatsuya!!

  18. narutofan92 Jun 03, 2005

    Truth be told I"m not even sure what the heck a vector is. Care to explain?
    But anyways, I don't have to know what it is to realize that the image I have in front of me right now is truly extraordinary and I really hope to see more vectors from you.
    The detail on it is so amazing. Thanks for sharing bro.

  19. asianspirit Jun 03, 2005

    great vector, tatsuya!! it looks absolutely wonderfull! it is a well deserved fave, tatsuya! don't be modest. :D

  20. Sunira Jun 03, 2005

    Thank God. I've been trying to extract that scan from the original forever without having it look like crap and hey you went ahead and did all the work! Thanks so much for sharing this!! :)

  21. Holt Jun 03, 2005

    Very clean and high quality. Great work on this.
    Keep it up!

  22. heavens-Dragon Jun 04, 2005

    Yay! It's your Belldandy vector! It's awesome! Really wonderfully done! There are a few fuzzy lines like you mentioned but it still look fantastic! I tried vectoring the other day...really sad attempt LOL but wowies, you're really good at it! I love the clear and solid look! Awesome work! Keep it up!

  23. angelrhea Jun 04, 2005

    wew are these products of vectors? really nice, and neat. i like Belldandy on this one. glad you preserve her beauty in here and her being so nice. congrats on this one mr tatsuya!

  24. aquablue Jun 04, 2005

    Konnichiwa Tatsuya ^^
    i like this Vector, and am very elegant and am graceful.
    That's Great!
    Red wine that I also often drink,the plink plonk also~
    Thank you very much for it :)

    Fav for me.

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