Rurouni Kenshin Wallpaper: hope:last leaf of autumn

Rurouni Kenshin, Tomoe Yukishiro, Kenshin Himura Wallpaper
Rurouni Kenshin Series,OVA Tomoe Yukishiro Character Kenshin Himura Character

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First things first:

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((Background)) Tomoe and Kenshin... LOL... a scan nobody used :o

((DEDICATION)) it's DMNY and Jyu-Jyu kaa-san's wedding now... and this was a little somthing I wanted to make for them... eternal hope, eternal happiness, eternal life ^^

((Inspiration)) the leaf was an idea from "The Red Tree" a lovely picture book... it was just a symbol of hope...
The back was a photo of a torii (gate) which usually sits in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of like an ocean or big body of water... a spiritual comfort ^^ I was sick of seeing temples... so I thought a torii was more of a fresh idea and it took me a while to change the colour and texture of that =.= So yeah... it's in a body of water if you can see it...
The swirls around the characters symbolises the binding of each other by fate... ^^ So yeah, there ya go XD
((Sources)) scan from albatross1 and the brushes were from Deviantart... if you can see them ^^ Tree from IManimetions... sankyuu!

Please comment etc... I love to get feedback ^^

PS: in response to tareren's enquiry about the grainy scan, I actually made it grainy, because the scan was too smooth... so I had to noise it for the background to match >.<
PPS: Tree fixed. I moved it and forgot the top of the tree *boings head*
PPPS: Tried to fix the texture... but nyah... that's the best I could do

EDIT 10-nov-05: I finally had some time to remove the stupid shadow on the tree and the torii. Also I extracted some parts better and removed the character outer glow :)

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  1. Akaiken Jun 03, 2005

    I like the moon kuro!!! It's great!!! And it's for mate DMNY and Jyu-jyu , eh...

    Nice job kuro. I think I saw your shadow there...

  2. ramchong Jun 03, 2005

    Uh~~! Very touchy.. (shame on me nothing to give DMNY and Jyu-Jyu...) Scenic quite romantic and nice pick on scan as well!! fav on this!!

    p/s: How's your exam kuro!!?? hope everything fine for you!!

  3. Iniquitymaiden Jun 03, 2005

    This is really nice, I like the background its really cool. I also like the stock you have used.

  4. tareren Jun 03, 2005

    Well, I dont think the glow on Kenshin is necessary, and you tried new style now heh ? XD
    and the scan is a bit grainy, maybe you should try to fix it first ^^ nice concept though :) keep up the good work !!

  5. Yuro-okasan Jun 03, 2005

    Nice gift^^And DMNY and Jyu-Jyu definitely like romantic couple wallie.

  6. ayane-heine Jun 03, 2005

    hey kuroimisa.. this wallie is great for oniisan and jyujyu-nesan.. ^^ great job done.. :D

  7. kara Jun 03, 2005

    Hmm... eh... what happened to the top of the tree? It looks like it just got cut off >_> and the texture of the trunk is kinda strange...
    But it has a nice composition and quite fitting for a wedding gift^^
    But nice job anyway^^

    P.S. I thought no more walls till exams were over? XD

  8. serene Jun 03, 2005

    Wuu~ JyuJyu and dmny! ^^ Nice and sho.. romantic XP So so.. magical! Wish I could make wallies like tat >.< And you could put some sakuras on tat tree ^^ it'll look more romantic~ *hee~*

  9. Chibi-Totchi Jun 03, 2005

    Nice..i like it^^

  10. tishdon Jun 03, 2005

    You really have changed your style I really like it. I have to agree with kara about the croping of the tree and especially about the bark it is too grainy, it really stands out. The grainy texture is perfect against the temple? and the grained picture blends brilliantly with everything. Just the small details about the tree and everything would be perfect! Tomoe and Kenshin are such a great couple what a great gift. What a nice person you are kuroisima.

  11. evilsesshomaru Jun 03, 2005

    finally a great wall of RK!! in a good size!!! congratulations ^^ I Love it.. Tomoe is very pretty

    keep up! ^^

    see ya, kisses

  12. sakuralim Jun 03, 2005

    I really like the back sceen
    nice wall ^^
    nice work on it ;)

  13. Jyu-Jyu Jun 03, 2005

    OMG sweetie!! this is so sweet of you!!! and yes definitely loving the early wedding present!! ^_^ *hugs* I LOVE IT !! very good!! ^_^

  14. diamarrr Jun 03, 2005

    wow misamisa ^^ nice job hehe so this is what you're working on ^^ very good *loooks in envy >.<*

  15. Rizy123 Jun 03, 2005

    Mmmmmm one of ma fav animes, so cute ^_^

    *likes the big moon*

  16. miraku-spike Jun 03, 2005

    omg!! What a really sweet looking wallpaper. I even like the background of it also. Great Job. This is going in my favs! Nice colors too. XD

  17. Gohjiro Jun 03, 2005

    wahouuuuuu all the effect in the BG (moon the tree the night etc ... give a strong ambiance it's lyrics poetic intense a great wall wich give a lot 's of pleasur to see for a personn who love the anime (well the oav for the purist ^^)
    Bref c'est du bon !!!!! well it's good !!!

  18. Jheiracks Jun 03, 2005

    WOW! That's so sweet! I love the piece! Very well done! *smiles brightly* Really! I'm so adding this to my favs.

  19. slivermoon Jun 03, 2005

    the whole bg looks very nice
    the temple is especially nice
    whole wally is well done, nice job! ^-^

  20. Teryon Jun 03, 2005

    Ok, THIS is just damn great hon. Certainly is a bit different from thy older works, to be sure ;) Now on to the critiscism..sure, the scan is slightly grainy, but ye work with what you have, Ive used way worse. The only real thing that stands out to me is the tree in front. It..jumps out, dosent fit in quite as well. where its at is fine, and it should be there, but it just..jumps out ;) Sorry I couldnt be more specific, my brain`s trying to reference specific photoshop functions and getting code errors.

  21. angelrhea Jun 04, 2005

    wow very pretty kuro. i like the characters, the bg, the leaves, everything that comprises this wallie. you are so awesome. everything blended together and everything is perfect. im adding it in my fave if you dont mind. congrats on this one.

  22. kheldan Jun 04, 2005

    nice wallpaper!!!
    This pic sums up all the atmosphere about kenshin and the background is wonderful!!!

    congratulations !!!

  23. BossMac Jun 04, 2005

    This looks like the actual artists of RK made it. Is Kuro RK artist?

    Great one. No problems whatsoever, if there is, ignore them this is great!!!

  24. snuffy Jun 05, 2005

    u kno..... the gate realli does seem like its in the middle of nowhere... or maybe.... floatin in midair?? i duno

    i like the moon and the scan.... very nice

    and thats the first time ive seen someone use that kinda texture for a tree... i like it tho


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