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Kanan, Broccoli, Madhouse, Galaxy Angel, Milfeulle Sakuraba Wallpaper
Kanan Mangaka Broccoli Studio Madhouse Studio Galaxy Angel Series,Game Milfeulle Sakuraba Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Okay, Euna ish still alive so don't think I'm dead! XD

Layers: 68
Folders: 8 I think...
Time spent: 2 months (there was about a 6 week of not touching PS in between XD XD XD)

Scan: From AnimePA - thanks Nuri!
Clouds Brush: RebelKitty (sorry, I can't find the link to the page u_u)

Well, probably one of the best I've done. It was suppose to be ready for Saki's b-day which was 13th May, but I got too busy and couldn't. I was then gonna do it for my own 1st walling anniversary (yes, 20 May 2004 was the day Euna made her first ever wallpaper which is no longer on MT =D)... So anywayz, didn't get to make it in time anyway, but this wall is dedicated to Saki depite the fact that it's late ^^

The whole bg was drawn on PS7. I used the scan and a stock as a basis of the house, cathedral and a couple of the trees but they were never used - I just used them for the general shape ^^

Still lots of stuff to fix like, the scan (at first I was going to vector it and then decided it wasn't gonna turn out well and used my super duper quick scan cleap up method - takes 5 mins! XD)... and... there's apparently something on the right top corner so I'll have a look at it later, and... oh yeah... the house and the cathedral colour's kinda bad <_<
I'll try and fix them soon (i always say this and forget it).

Anywayz, I think that's about it... mmm....
Oh, Thanks to all those people who have added comments and/or faved this. I really appreciate it. If you rip this, I'll come and get you! XD

More resolutions soon available at Antique. Fairy Tales (once saki's done with the new layout ^^)

EDIT: the little glitch on the top right corner removed (in 3 secs with a smudge tool - can you tell? XD)

Aspiring Mafia Plug:

Member: kara
Wall: Eternity
Reason: It's really cute and I simply just luv the colours ^^


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  1. Leena Jun 03, 2005

    yeah, i have been waiting for this. the picture blends with the background nicely. the background is awesome. I love it. Going to my favourites.

  2. LucyXlostangelwings Jun 03, 2005

    Whaaaooo, Euna's new wallie is here...finally!! Hehe, I've seen it already but the final result is awesome! Hey! I've seen that Cathedral! (on the news one day. >_< ) Wow, hand drawn? Must have taken you a long time. Well, it really has paid off, cause you have succeeded with a fabulous wallie! XD
    I like this scan...the character is so kawaii. :nya: The whole setting reminds me of Christchurch...hmmm, even more so now that you mentioned you used it as a guide for the background.
    I'm happy seeing a wall like this because it's got such bright and pretty colours!
    Wonderful work Euna-chan! ;)
    *clicks faviees*

  3. suntiger Jun 03, 2005

    wow this looks really nice.. I've seen this scan floating around a few times, but never really thought to put mifuelle in some type of party using this scan.

    definately a fave from me :3

  4. kenzuke Jun 03, 2005

    WOW! It finally arrived!.... hmmm... wow, hand drawn? Good job! I'm proud of you! .. XD
    Nice theme! good thing its not the usual thrend concept... >_>.... hmmm... there's something floating in the air on the upper right part.... and I noticed that the scan is grainier than the bg.... oh, well.. It's not that noticable anyway......

    It's still going to my favs! :) Keep it up... i hope... XD

  5. Criox Jun 03, 2005

    Totally awsome! Euna great job! XO I love the building at the back of her! Really wubs it! The scan well clean! Everything looks so cool! Haven't seen since wallies nowadays! This wallie rocks! Oh...ya almost forgot, the fence behide her looks very pretty! Overall 10 stars for it! *fav!

  6. ramchong Jun 03, 2005

    Sweety! You earn my favie juz the efforts and the beauty you made into the bg!! Oh~~! i hope i can addin more favies for your scan, tree, building, tables... fine! in this comment you got more than 10 favs from me!! Hehe~~! but in realistic count my only fav!!!

  7. Oshii-Rion Jun 03, 2005

    Looks so sweet! xd
    i love this wall! X3
    Add to fav! :)

  8. crewcifix Jun 03, 2005

    i simply love it and i really see the composition here. good job as always+fav. =)

    hopefullly my connection permits me to fave still. >_>

  9. Aa-chan Jun 03, 2005

    A lively and pretty scene you've created and the character looks wonderful. Excellent work :D .

  10. Tatsuya Jun 03, 2005

    i remember i've seen this scan somewhere, though i think the winebottle and the scan need to clean a bit, coz i seen a few grainy/fuzzed on her hair! good job otherwise! in my humble opinion

  11. rythem Jun 03, 2005

    wow~very nice euna ^_^ I really like the bg..goes well with the happy chara XD
    though the castle looks a bit too 3d..o__o lol
    the extraction is good..but I see some parts r odd..
    everything else is great ^_^ +favie

  12. Athrun Jun 03, 2005

    Woo! I was really impressed from the full view. :P It's just simply amazing, well. Except for that castle. >>; Didn't really like that. But everything else is awesome, I love it!

  13. kara Jun 03, 2005

    Wow you made the whole background? It looks really great! I really love the house and the trees @_@ So good....

  14. Kazuya-chan Jun 03, 2005

    not bad , i like this , but i think remember i've seen this scan somewhere,but i want to said sorry it because i forget where , anyway i like it thanks !

  15. Kagally Jun 03, 2005

    +Wow! It is so beautiful...
    +The charat looks so kawaii... Wow the backgrond looks so cool..
    +Nice Wall

  16. Midori-chan Jun 03, 2005

    wow! i like the bg you made a lot! the scenery is fantastic!
    and the scan is cute too^^ keep it up! hope you'll be back soon ya! ^^

  17. Sugasuga Jun 03, 2005

    wow, veri lovely scenery u made euna ^^ thou, the wine bottles r a bit grainy on the table and the glasses next ta it look kinda odd O_o also, the scan is a bit grainy, but its alrite. great work :D

  18. Eve Jun 03, 2005

    Ahh, this is a really cool wall. 68 layers?! Wow. ^^

    Incredible work on the detail. You never cease to amaze me, really. ^^;;

    The colors are so vivid and the scan really suits the background, and vice versa, of course!


  19. DarkVirus Jun 03, 2005

    The wall looks really nice and pretty....
    Nice job on the wall eunasahng... :)

  20. Yumi-Chan Jun 03, 2005

    it looks good euna.. ^_^ u did everything on the bg? that's great! :D
    especially the buildings ;) they rocked..
    the sky too, very nice and blue ^_^ the party seems like was fun XD wahaha
    keep it up euna :D

  21. Tias Jun 03, 2005

    hand drawn? o_0 .......well wow XD i am not good at drawing....thats a gret scan? or wallpaper^^

  22. boei Jun 03, 2005

    it looks pretty much like you jus took e whole thing out of the video or sth
    cos the bg u drawn is so damn gd...
    I love milfuelle(sp?)!!

  23. ayanechan Jun 03, 2005

    The Milfeulle scan looks a little grainy but the houses and overall bg looks great. I have no idea why but I love the shades of the trees! XP great job Euna! :3

  24. bromithia Retired Moderator Jun 03, 2005

    The backround looks pretty good.. besides some pieces of the house that need work, but it isn't too bad. The one thing I think needs more work than everything else is the characters edges. If you ever go back to work on it, you should retrace her or something. But, overall this isa great wallpaper from you Euna! I think it's your best work so far :)

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