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Ok the wall to mark my 1 year in MT ^_^
Vector work ,most of it so if u wish bigger res just e-mail ^_^
I wanted to use something simple Xd abnd bluey XD yes blue, i like it that way.
I tired to use only blue >.< so each of the color here has a shade of blue
Dedicated to all the poeple I've met in MT ^_^ and to those who know me well >.< and who don't know me ^_^.

And yes i did the grass >.> it's not brush >.< hope this answer people questions >..<
Hope u like it ^_^

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  1. Celessa Retired Moderator Jun 03, 2005

    Incredible wallpaper, Calisqo!

    Wow, the vectors look very great.

    Not only that, I really like the high definition you made from the grass itself. It looks very neat. I will tell you that much. **Nods** So crisp, yet so clean!

    I also really love the way you used the many different shades of blue alongside with the vectors to mesh the wallpaper in very well. The mountains look kind of neat, and the sky is okay, visual-wise.

    Nonetheless, it's very flawless, and sharp. Neat border around the wallpaper, by the way. Interesting concept, indeedy. **Claps** Through and through, great work! Well done, Calisqo! **Salutes**

  2. Evanrued Jun 03, 2005

    This is some piece of work. I really do love the sky, the clouds are quite unique, and really stand out style wise. The mountains look so mystical, and gentle, very good. And the girl, I must say, is aweseme vector work. The contrast between the shades of blue, many, and the one skin tone, I must say blend so well, to a point where flaw doesnt exist. The grass is such an elegant addition, its done so perfectly, and the border with the text at the bottom is said so perfectly. I love the vector work, I love the shades of blue, I love this wall. Excellent work my friend. Its now my new desktop ^^;

  3. rocknroll-isgo Jun 03, 2005

    This is beautiful Calisqo. Crisp and smooth at the same time.. and I love what you've done with the shades of blue. It's just... gorgeous. Don't know what else to say other than it's going on my desktop. Needless to say, a favorite. Keep it up!

    And er, happy MT anniversary! XD

  4. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jun 03, 2005

    Another original and great work Cal,i like those different shades of blue and the grass,i dont have anything more to say,is good to have a new style in MT ^^

  5. soujiokita Jun 03, 2005

    Nice vector you have made there. The blue colors are so pretty, it looks like summer time. The girl looks pretty too. +fav Hope to see more. :)

  6. exentric Jun 03, 2005

    wow calisqo~
    I really love the simpleness of this wallpaper~
    da vector really does looks amazing~
    certainly an amaing wallpaper indeed~ ^_^

  7. Rella Jun 03, 2005

    Wow, nice vector wallpaper! It looks really neat. The words are nice too. Great work! ^^

  8. Tatsuya Jun 03, 2005

    wow, nice vector! it look neat and smooth! good job at all ;) thank for sharing

  9. rythem Jun 03, 2005

    gah!! >.< so pretty cal XD I luv the blue colours .. matching so well together ^^
    the whole piece looks really peaceful~~XD
    very nice one..+favie..great work ^_^

  10. studio Jun 03, 2005

    Really nice wall calisqo. Everything looks wonderfully serene.
    The blue-based theme was a great idea. Besides that, setout is precise and lovely. Great vectoring, luffs it! ^_^

  11. anji Jun 03, 2005

    Oh I really like the grass! So well done!
    You did a great job with colors, cause their all distinct and still work well together.
    A nice blue atmosphere...
    Maybe more layers for the clouds could have been nice, since the grass have so many layers, it should have been great with the clouds too.
    Thanks for sharing, add this to my fav!

  12. DayBreak Jun 03, 2005

    either wall looks great man.
    but i dont know why you hesistated to upload the other wall also XP
    This wall rocks my boxers!

  13. ventures Jun 03, 2005

    this is really good ~~ *_*
    i luv all the shades of blue you used to make this wall ^^
    n there is so much motion n things going in it ~~
    n the white frame gives it a simple n ellegent look ~~
    nice vectoring ^^

  14. tareren Jun 03, 2005

    Well, this is certainly a concept not seen often in MT, with the borders and all :)
    i love the blue colors you used, they blend in nicely XD
    whew, for one reason or another I cant really full view it >< damn ... So from the thumbnail, i think it looks pretty good (i can only see the color theme this way) ..well, I'll be sure to give you a more thourough comment when I can full view it :) and I'll fave it cos of the nice blueeee :)

    am able to full view it ^^ I think it is nic, composition is pretty good, erm, one suggestion, maybe you should put some wind like lines (erm, so that can see there is a breeze?) well, just a suggestion >< Good job btw :)

  15. ramchong Jun 03, 2005

    Originally awesome!! i think this is what you mentioned to me about the art of vectoring!! you rules buddy!!! count my fav!!

  16. Juclesia Jun 03, 2005

    great illustration, and also great style, like the walli XD i like the blue color and the white background with the text, great how you set it.....so hope to see/hear soon from you again.....*happy for sharing it* XD.....so cu

  17. Criox Jun 03, 2005

    Hi Calisqo! ^_^ How ya? Its a good vector from what I can see! Lotsa effort put in! Great vectoring and great mixture of color! Awsome job! *fav* you earned it! ^_^

  18. Eve Jun 03, 2005

    Calisqo!! That's so beautiful!!!! ><

    I'm so impressed by it! The blue. .. and the clearness. ..and the vectoring. . .ahh!

    Happy 1 year in MT! XD

    Awesome work. . .just .. .geh, I'm in awe. And I'm not sucking up, I swear, I just . .. was really amazed. X_x

    . . Of course I'll fave it!! XD

  19. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jun 03, 2005

    Lovely wall Cali, the simplicity and beauty meets the eyes...nothing to say but Great job as usual man! XD

  20. MuZ0NaZ Jun 03, 2005

    i can only say one thing - i am a sucker for these types of walls/vectors >_>

  21. Vinitachi Jun 03, 2005

    Tht some quaility vector wall right there. The hills, grass, sky and the character is very well done. Nice and sharp. Make me feel very relaxed. (Blue my favorite color. ^_^)
    There only one thing that need fixing but it very small. So don't really matter.
    Hmm, been about a month since I changed wall paper. I'll shall be using it. (`-')b
    (Geez... I need a bigger screen resolution than 800x600... Don't want to block the focus part. T_T)

  22. boogybro Jun 03, 2005

    Ahh! You vectored the image I soo desperately wanted a wall... for shame. v___v

    Not only that, you did a wonderful job of it. The character is vectored perfectly and the amount of detail in the grass is breathtaking.

    Though, the original image had a beautiful sky in it, I just wishe you could have done more in that department. Over all, excellent work. +Fave.

  23. Aa-chan Jun 03, 2005

    Unfortunately, I can't download it and get a proper look, but from what I can see, the different shades of blue help to create a depth and the vectoring is very crisp.
    +fav ^^

  24. meteorcloud Jun 03, 2005

    hey calsiqo ^__^
    great wall =D
    sugoi vectoring, hmz...like the blue colour =) but...that withe border....because of that I won't use it as my desktop ^_^"....kinda bright....ow well...but it's a nice job ^__^
    keep it up =D

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