Air Wallpaper: dreaming girl

Key (Studio), Air, Misuzu Kamio Wallpaper
Key (Studio) Studio Air Series,Visual Novel Misuzu Kamio Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

uhm jeah a girl who's dreaming by the sea. well enjoy it:)

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  1. hatsukanezumi Jun 02, 2005

    It's wanderful!!! I really like it ;D Great little it fits the wallie ;D fav

  2. mizu-megami Jun 02, 2005

    well thank you:)
    I wish I could make some more walls but photo shop doesnt work any more on my pc :( got to ask my dad to instal it again XP

  3. Kiako Jun 02, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the background is nice and i like the girl in the front, she is very rpetty

  4. fawna-chan Jun 02, 2005

    wow! i love the background and the girl looks so nice, with her staring out in space. thanks so much for the great wallpaper...

  5. SilentMasamune Jun 03, 2005

    The wallpaper is quite blurry, and I think it requires some sharpening, and after sharpening, if there is graininess, you should clean it up a bit. The stars do not give an implication of an actual night sky, and they are similar in size, opacity, and angle. There are some tutorials at http://www.good-tutorials.com that help to produce starfields; just search for "star" at the site. The sea doesn't fade into the background well, nor does the background fade into the horizon well; you might want to adjust the way both fade, such as making the water fade to a darker color and the sky fade to a very dark blue. In addition to the water not fading properly, the horizon seems far too close to the land in which the girl is sitting on. I would recommend transforming the layer, using the perspective transformation to place the top of the water more in the distance and the bottom of the water closer, as if the viewers are looking into the horizon; in short, you're making the bottom of the water wider than the top. Keep practicing.

  6. RurouniSpritz Jun 03, 2005

    I love that picture.
    Unfortuantely, I don't really like the background too much - it's too hard a blue.

    Also, the stars don't really do it for me...they're a bit too uniform, and I don't think the overall effect is that nice.

    Still, not bad ^^;

  7. aznwtydragon Jun 08, 2005

    this is the best recent wallie ^^........i think this the wallie is perfect.........I like the colours
    hope to c more......+Fav

  8. mizu-megami Jun 08, 2005

    Quote by aznwtydragonthis is the best recent wallie ^^........i think this the wallie is perfect.........I like the colours
    hope to c more......+Fav well thanks a lot i'm happy to hear that bye bye

  9. magicalsunshine Aug 09, 2005

    the girl is really nice but i don't really like the back ground because the water is to blue and the stone where shi is sitting on is a little strange. keep practicing cya

  10. xmuzai Aug 16, 2005

    this is so beautiful! great job on it. ;D did you get the girl image from boyis..?

  11. d3vl0u5 Aug 19, 2005

    wOow great wallpaper ! d title really matches d pic hehe gOod job ! *favs* [ J a g W a s H e r e ]

  12. noadreamer Sep 01, 2005

    I really like this wall! I like the way things sparkle around her. You did a very good job on this wall. ^_^

  13. cherry-tree Sep 04, 2005

    i think the water is too light it doesn't fit the rest of the wall. the rest is okay i think.
    but i see you're became better at making walls^^

  14. dakoreanhamster Nov 26, 2005

    wow, i wanna do what she's doing! hahaha i love the background

  15. nikorai Nov 28, 2005

    wowowow. this wall looks extremely cute. im serious.

  16. abelini4 Mute Member Sep 13, 2009

    beautifull ^_^...

  17. Starblaze Dec 17, 2009

    This looks so dreamy. Very nice

  18. glts Mute Member Apr 21, 2010

    Marvelous wallpapers & gorgeous work, it really nice theme for my desktop. Thank you :)

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