Hikaru Utada Wallpaper: U T A D A

Hikaru Utada Wallpaper
Hikaru Utada J-Pop Idol

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Ah... I love this scan of Utada. I was checking my mail... and I got an email, notifying me of her appearance in Interview magazine (I think). I just had to make a wallpaper of it! Her hair is ridiculously big in this, but oh well. She is pretty. I wanted to do a grungy-type thing, and I think it came out pretty well.

Comments and favorites are appreciated!


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  1. toujin1 Jun 02, 2005

    its so strange...i always listen to her but i hardly know what she looks like!! thanks a lot for the scan...and the background is totally funky!now....how about a scan of say....larc en ciel's Hyde...? ;)

  2. mughi Jun 02, 2005

    Actually, I don't know her but if you like her enough to wall it then she must be very good singer/seiyu. I'll admit looking at this wall is different than your other anime related wall but honestly you did good job as usual. You have knack for making your subject look good and it shows here. Thanks much for showing us your latest work. :D

  3. tenchigirl15 Jun 02, 2005

    great wall!! I love her singing!! now I know what she looks like XD she looks sweet! and I love her hair that way. :) great job!! *claps* :D

  4. ayanechan Jun 02, 2005

    lol pooffy hair XD looks like someone misused the hair dryer! XD nyaha! great wallpaper brom! it's not something we get to see everyday :3 and everyone loves utada~~ \o/

  5. Lakail Jun 02, 2005

    I like the scan Brom, but Utada looks like she's from the 80's with that hair.

  6. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jun 02, 2005

    I don't know anything about Uteda, but she's extremely beautiful. Her big hair makes her looks like she's floating in water, and having the aqua blue colour over her skin boosts that idea in my imagination :)

  7. meteorcloud Jun 02, 2005

    O.o....looks creepy xd~!!! brom...what you did to the normal utada XD~!!!
    ow well... the wall looks interesting ^__^ nice things =) keep the works ^_^

  8. Yina Jun 02, 2005

    wow.. the woman has got a great haircut.. ^_^' somehow funky... I like the combination of colours on the bg.. the textures you used look great as well and they fit great to the scan. I like the way how you blend the colours into the scan.. really great job, +fav ^^

  9. Skillzpay Jun 02, 2005

    She almost like vampire-like being desaturated like that lol
    Love the grunge work in the bg and the myriad of colors. I think a darker bg might've been better suited for her though because of her b&w appearance. But again, that's some awesome grunge work :)

  10. Evanrued Jun 03, 2005

    You the scan looks like it would be on the cover of a move, or should I say be the cover of some movie. The background looks quite good, excellent work and blend of color and scan work. Love it ^^;

  11. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Jun 03, 2005

    >.< kyaaak ..

    hikki ish sho pwetty and talented .....

    i <3333 what you did to the col0rs .. and the blending rocckkzz~

  12. Ichiru Jun 03, 2005

    The scan is beautiful as well as the colors. The text works well with the wall. To me the texture looks a bit too rough to me, but it still works well with the scan. Overall a great job with the wall, keep up the great work +fav

  13. euna Retired Moderator Jun 05, 2005

    wow.. nice scan you got there!
    and the colours.. ^^
    very colourful and lively (?!?)
    btw, nice job with the blending and the textures!
    utada looks sorta 'rough' in this wall ^^ which goes well with the scan ^^
    nice job brom!

  14. StarCentury Jun 05, 2005

    o_0 Whoa, a fusion-colored Hikki wallie! Haven't seen that before, very original concept Brom! The grunge reallie works well with the multiple colors, especially with Utada's crazy-looking hairdo, which makes her hot! XD Kudos, Brom!

  15. ZvezdanA Nov 01, 2005

    that`s the coolest celebrity wall i`ve ever seen!
    man,u did a great job!

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