Tenjou Tenge Wallpaper: Summer Heat

Oh! Great, Tenjou Tenge, Maya Natsume Wallpaper
Oh! Great Mangaka Tenjou Tenge Series Maya Natsume Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This was a quickie. Basically just to practice with painting and smudging images. (...and to procrastinate on studying for finals. heh.) Anyway, nothing fancy or sentimental, just sort of "Hey it's June -- summertime! W00t!"

And yes, I know it's bright. No, I'm not changing it. I swear you people are obsessed with dark walls!

Original scan: Bomb a Head by patience

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  1. kaidou Jun 02, 2005

    Reminds me of the DVD cover of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".....I like it. .................................

  2. kiri-chan Jun 02, 2005

    From now on, I'm always going to come to you for original wallpapers. This one rocks!

  3. evilchakra Jun 02, 2005

    hehehe, how much more if you spent 4 hours? great work girl, keep it up!:) and i really love what you did with the shades, the reflection is awesome. it's nice also to see a work with that kind of theme, summer. it can be infectious you know? two thumbs up!:D

  4. Koujisama Jun 02, 2005

    Nice summer wallpaper just great ^_^ fantastic work on this wall
    Anyway great sunglasses :)

  5. gadgetgirl16 Jun 02, 2005

    nice! thats a perfict summer wallpaper.....great job ^_~

  6. Sunira Jun 02, 2005

    Yeah, what is everybody's problem with light walls? :D
    The wall itself is really nice but you can compress it more without visually recognizeable quality loss and make it a lot smaller. :}

    Great idea though!

  7. ultimaslair Jun 02, 2005

    That's a cool wall. I like it. The perspective is nice, it's unique. Right up close to the face. I like the reflection in the glasses, great work comparing it to the original scan.

  8. Tank Jun 02, 2005

    holy , that is a very good wallpaper right there
    favorite for me
    very original , love the whole wall
    glasses are that big?

  9. toujin1 Jun 02, 2005

    wow cool!! now this is different...and i love those glasses!! this is one of the most original walls here, but i kinda noticed that this is just ur style...always eye catching and different! great work my friend!

  10. EternaLumination Jun 02, 2005

    Great wallpaper for a great season. Looks quite relaxing, and I think the reflection in the sunglasses was a great idea.

  11. breadcrust Banned Member Jun 02, 2005

    its not really my style of wallpaper, but I have its quite a different (and interesting) type of wall, and say its done very well. even tho its not a fav of mine, i think its great work. :-)

  12. kara Jun 02, 2005

    Woah this is great! Bright is good, I like bright wallies...
    Meh, it's summer for lot of people here ne? Pity it's winter where I live... >.< Oh well, I can feel warm looking at this wallie. Thanks for sharing^^

  13. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jun 02, 2005

    Pretty sweet job, the reflections are great and the contrasts between the dark and light places make this wall the greatest...Great job as usual girl!! :)

  14. FALH Jun 02, 2005

    very nice job, i love your idear for this wall ^^

    keep up the good job


  15. xiaku Jun 02, 2005

    perfect summer wallie.
    i'm loving those shades. <3
    great job!

  16. Aa-chan Jun 02, 2005

    It's such a neat style and perspective and better still, it's the right size! XD
    +fav from me

  17. StoicDan Jun 02, 2005

    Since I have to write 64 characters I'll make it long. freakin' swwweeeeeeeeeeettttttt!!!!! I don't think it's too bright. But one thing is for sure. It's TOO awesome! Adds to favorites.

  18. Gansolo Jun 02, 2005

    Really a good wall, great work.

    3 hours of the best work I see.


  19. calisqo Jun 03, 2005

    the layout is unique >.>
    Saying that, i'm impressed with the choice of subject.
    Very nice, work.
    overall i like the concept ,

  20. kanopon Jun 03, 2005

    O.O looks real cool!
    like a rock star or something....

  21. ang168 Jun 07, 2005

    I love it!!! >_< The concept is so simple, yet it's so eye-catchy at the same time. Thanks so much!

  22. SputnikXII Jun 09, 2005

    Quote by kaidouReminds me of the DVD cover of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".....I like it. .................................

    ^^^thats a weird movie

    haha well, very cool wall, the aviatars r dominating the world! gj on it tho. looks better than original :)

  23. southedge Jun 14, 2005

    hehehe...... nice sunglass !!!!! ^^

    It´s Shin ? ^^ I like this pic!!

  24. kai81220 Jun 26, 2005

    a real simple work here. but the bg scene is definitely a work of art. the scan edges could be a little less sharp though cause it stands out a bit from the bg and it keeps it from looking like one peice. even though its original ^^

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