Lagoon Engine Wallpaper: Lagoon Engine: Flight of Fancy

Yukiru Sugisaki, Lagoon Engine, Sakis Snow Herzgil Lagoonaria Wallpaper

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Artist Comment

The bishounen invasion pushes ever onwards with a wallpaper of Sakis from Lagoon Engine Einsatz. The original scan drew me in with his sense of wonder at the bird flying over him, and I really liked how the bird was integrated into the clouds of the sky. Thus, we have Tama's take on sceneric.
I wanted to get a feel of a painting for this wallpaper, thus the entire character was redrawn and repainted using Corel Painter 9. I tried to recreate the original image, so I copied the style of the grass (also painted in Painter) as well as the bird in the sky (yes, Painter yet again!) In fact, the only thing I did in Photoshop (minus my typical color corrections and text at the end) was to make the clouds. I originally was going to paint those, too, but I couldn't get them to look proper after about 2 hours of experimentation, and I knew that judicious use of stock photographs would work out better (plus some smudging and filtering to give it a painted feel instead of a photorealistic feel.)
The text on the original scan read, "sono tori wa... watashi no kokoro wo tondeita" which I've literally translated as "The bird soared through my heart". The title "Flight of Fancy" came about because, well, it's an old phrase, and it seems to fit the wonder of a white bird gliding serenely overhead.
EDIT: The progress of Flight of Fancy:
Beginning of character painting - face, hair and shirt | Text version 1 (font = Lainie)
Character painting - pants, glove
Character painting - sword | Text version 2 (medieval style font)
Character painting - sword
Character painting - cloak part I
Character painting - cloak part II (finish)
Background test - unaltered stock photo and bird shape for testing of text placement | Addition of flying grass blades | Text version 3 (font = Venetian)
Background painting - sky "gradient", the bird | Text version 4 (Japanese text moved to horizontal positioning)
Note: Yeah, it generally takes me 4-5 tries to get the font the way I like it. I absolutely love typography, and am excessively nitpicky on making the text match the image perfectly. I'm shallow like that.
Additional resolutions are now available at DA! Desktop Anime

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  1. ayanechan Jun 01, 2005

    i like the idea of the huge bird behind but i think that it's hard to visualize it as a bird sometimes XD but nice nonetheless :3 the clouds looks a little too round and fluffly for my taste, but that could just be me. everything else looks nice including the typography which looks really clean and official.

  2. jakester Jun 01, 2005

    That is an amazing wallpaper.
    I love the wind effects are nice
    Very well done.

  3. Chopstickz Jun 01, 2005

    the wall looks great, especially the detail on the character but that bird,,,eww,,
    needs more detail to look like a bird, just a white blur in the sky too me ^^:;

  4. rocknroll-isgo Jun 01, 2005

    Beautiful. Don't know what else to say. Though the bird may be a bit large (or vague) for such the other small details... but that just might be my opinion.

    Edit: Oops, that large bird was part of the orginal image. It's just me then. XP

  5. clynelacus Jun 01, 2005

    Quote by jakesterThat is an amazing wallpaper.
    I love the wind effects are nice
    Very well done.

    yes the wind effects are really well done. and i also like the clouds. very simple and yet it works :)

  6. euna Retired Moderator Jun 01, 2005

    oh wow.... this is an awesome wallpaper tama!
    omg omg.. i luv the scan and the vector grass is awesome.. maybe i should try that for my wall...
    and and! the clouds are amazing! how did you do it?
    tama's the greatest! >_<
    Anywayz, wonderful wall as always *5 thumbs up + fav*

  7. candy-chan Retired Moderator Jun 01, 2005

    vury nice indeed. You know the wall does remind me a lot of my sumi keiichi one :D
    Anyways, great composition, the grass (could have used a little more detail, like more leaves) sky and text are top notch, but I have to say the cloud's edges could have used a little more blending work. I like a lot some parts of the scan painting but in my opinion the painted texture that makes transitions between color strokes (mainly on his leaves and lower part of the coat) isn't great, maybe you should have smoothened that out.

  8. kai81220 Jun 01, 2005

    nice wallpaper. simple theme works great for this one. like the fixed scan too. the replications of the grass and sky are also nicely done. good work tama ^^

  9. evilchakra Jun 01, 2005

    great work! take a bow please and pat yourself on the back. in agreement with candy-chan, the grass could use more detail and the clouds a little more blending. i noticed a blue rectangle in the upper right corner or am i mistaken?

  10. zaira Jun 01, 2005

    woooh tama-neko-sama! this wall is great! me love the simple scnerey! i reall do love the cooly scan and the grass was soo cool! i love the simple sky as well!! though the clouds at the left corner looks weird hehe but i guess its just me :D +fav! XD

  11. shinorei Jun 01, 2005

    ooh! ooh! this one is nice~! really...:)
    kind of simple but i wuv the sword..-snatches it away from him-
    -grins evilly- eheheh. in return, i give u a favourite!

  12. kenzuke Jun 01, 2005

    WOw,.. great wall as expected from tama-neko... XD ... not the usual style... but you did an awesome job.. I really like the paited feel to it and the crispness of the character and grass.... hmm.... i noticed some of the black lines are too sharp... anyhow, great job! :)

  13. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jun 01, 2005

    Beautiful artistic talent Tama, the simplicity and paint effect really comes through on this plus the text is just marvelous there...Awesome work as always! :)

  14. Aa-chan Jun 01, 2005

    I like the simple and elegant scene here. There's nothing clogging it up and nothing unnecessary about it. Excellent and a favourite from me ^^ .

  15. Juclesia Jun 01, 2005

    really awsome work....i like it....keep it up....and also a great resulution you have chosen...and really good illustration

  16. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Jun 01, 2005

    <3 the grass and the clouds ....

    makes me feel so nice and calm .....

  17. KevLar Jun 02, 2005

    When i saw this scan i knew it would make a great wallpaper. Thank you for making my expectations come true. *is currently using this*

  18. UndyingShadow Jun 02, 2005

    nice simple looking wall with soft colors. I like the clouds and the sky a lot and you did a nice job with the grass, keeping it simple. nice wall!

  19. bucket-shot Jun 02, 2005

    Whoo.. :D Love the translation to painted style. Ahh, and the gradient shading on his clothes especially. XD Ehehe~<3 Just quietly, your typography's more pro-looking than what they had there (but then again, i've always been biased against weird whippy fonts like that.. ^_^'). Very nice. ;) And a refreshing change from vextures. *sets as desktop wallie*

  20. limes-eye Jun 02, 2005

    This is really nice. It's a pretty simple wall but it looks great! I like the sky and the words look nice! Great job!

  21. MadWiz Jun 05, 2005

    this work is pretty ok.. i don't really like some parts of it :X

    the grass is simple and nice yep~ not really much complains about it
    but the thickness of the outline and stuff.. it doesn't really match the guy's
    its not really that much a problem but i think all should blend in together better..

    the sky is great~ the way the clouds form and that.. bird
    the edges are ok
    but the part at the bottom of the lower wing.. should have a sky colour like those around the edges of the other parts of the bird

    the character is very very nicely done and well detailed.. its a big plus for the whole wallie=p
    though.. the outlines you can see the pixels

    the title is quite good too.. the font is pretty nice and teh position there is pretty nicely put.. those japanese words are better there than in the WIPs too

  22. Boyish123 Sep 04, 2005


  23. errel Sep 08, 2005

    Magnificent picture (I like the effects with wind ^^), very complete explanation. I adore. :D
    +fav ^^

  24. kira3000 Sep 08, 2005

    cool wallpaper dude i really like them
    good job----------------------------

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